Purportedly, a voice from inside Russia

Purportedly, a voice from inside Russia

I am bringing this video to your attention made by a Russian American living in Moscow who feels free enough, it seems, under the “tyrant”, Putin to make his videos on YOU TUBE without having to watch his back – does that say something?

He seems to be too well informed to be just another apolitical Russian.

I suggest listening and tell me if he is bringing another point-of-view, or is he, as the Saker might say, a representative of the Fifth Column.


Inside Russia

I would like to offer my own reflections based partially on my experience of long ago.

There is, still this day, a wide section of Russian society that thinks that western streets are paved with gold and people in the West are so much freer than in Russia.

That may have been true once.

When Konstantin says that people are criminalised for having views other than the official view is that not how things have been for the last 2 years? 

When I use the internet the censorship is so bad that I find myself using the Russian Yandex, which up to now does not censor.

I can find anything there. 

Konstantin is freely giving his opinions on You Tube and seemingly the Russian authorities are allowing him to do that despite reports of draconian media censorship over the past days. 

If I try to express MY opinion I am immediately relegated to the status on non-person.

However, I will admit that something is going on and it doesn’t make sense.

On cue, I found the following comment:

” I am a Russian immigrant living in Canada. Moved here when I was 12. I have many friends and family still living in Russia. I have been in contact with them in regards to the recent news of Putins mobilization. They are telling me, the west media is not being accurate. This is a full scale mobilization not a partial mobilization. Everyone is being called up and it is very hard to leave Russia currently. Lots of military activity I’m being told and lots of police on the streets. Sounds like things are heating up”

Unlike Konstantin, I do not think that the Russian leadership just “chose” to invade a brother country.

They really are fighting for their existence.  Russia has a long history of authoritarian traditions (and much worse). In fact, outside of the past 30 years they have known nothing else.

So, perhaps we can expect they might, in a moment of great threat to their very existence (something Konstantin refuses to see), they might go back to such a time-honoured tradition?

Think about how many stupid, brainwashed people there are in the West, especially among the “thinking classes”.

Why would Russia be any different?

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