Putin Challenges “Dead End” Biden To Talk, But Warns Him: “I Wouldn’t Put This Off For Too Long”

Putin Challenges “Dead End” Biden To Talk, But Warns Him: “I Wouldn’t Put This Off For Too Long”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers


19 March, 2021


An interesting new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today whose transcript shows Security Council Members still considering the option to launch a nuclear first strike against the United States to remove from power Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden and restore President Donald Trump to the office stolen from him, says that before any final decisions are made on such a course of action, President Putin has given a directive to the Foreign Ministry offering talks to Biden either today or Monday, but warned him: “I wouldn’t put this off for too long”—and is an offer wherein President Putin is challenging Biden to an urgent live broadcast debate, with his stating: “I would like to suggest to President Biden that we continue our discussion, but on the condition that we actually do it live, without any delays, directly in an open, live discussion…I think it would be interesting for the people of Russia and the people of the United States and many other countries”. 

An urgent challenge quickly joined by Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explaining to the world how close to nuclear war Russia and the United States are, with her stating: “This Russian card, in fact, an anti-Russian one, which they have so long played inside their own country to fool the American people and, in fact, to mock the American people, has resulted in a stalemate…As far as US politicians’ mode of conduct is concerned, I believe one has to state that they have steered bilateral relations with Russia and their own ideology into a dead end”—that was quickly followed by Federation Council deputy speaker Konstantin Kosachev stating about Biden outrageously calling President Putin a “killer with no soul”, “Such remarks cannot be tolerated under any circumstances and will inevitably rise tensions between our countries…The recall of the Russian ambassador to US for consultations is a prompt, adequate and the only sensible response in such a situation”, and his then correctly warning: “I suspect that if the US fails to provide an explanation and apology, it won’t end there”.

A warning that itself was quickly followed by Communist Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi inviting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to urgent talks in Beijing—and came after China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi erupted in fury yesterday against Biden and his socialists during their country’s first meeting with the Americans in Alaska, and stated: “I don’t think the overwhelming majority of countries in the world would recognize the universal values advocated by the United States, or that the opinions of the United States could represent international public opinion…And those countries would not recognize that the rules made by a small number of people would serve as the basis for the international order”.

Sees this being a statement of truth, as the “small number of people” in the United States seeking to impose their will on the entire world is seeking a return to the “Hope and Change” era of President Obama, who bombed seven countries in six years and whose administration aided in the overthrow of a democratic government in Ukraine—that’s most critical to notice because Biden has been flooding Ukraine with hundreds of millions of dollars so they can reignite a war against Russia.

A war former Ukrainian president Leonid Kravchuk warns is soon coming, as he believes Ukraine will be invaded by Russia as Moscow seeks to solve Crimea’s water-supply problem—though in factual reality, there is no “water problem” in Crimea, as Ukraine’s deliberate blocking of water to this region is defined under international law as an act of genocide—and though this “small group of people” are seeking to ignite a war using Crimea as their cause célèbre [a controversial issue that attracts a great deal of public attention], the true reality is best described in the just published articles like “‘It’s Unrecognizable’: Booming Crimea Better Off In Russia As Moscow Pours In Cash, Says Ally Of Ukrainian President Zelensky” and “Seven Years After Crimea Rejoined Russia, Western Leaders Are Fooling Themselves If They Hope Peninsula Can Ever Return To Ukraine”.

At the gala show on the occasion of the 7th Anniversary of Crimea’s reunification with Russia last evening, President Putin followed his live television debate challenge to Biden by noting that Crimea is the holiest land in all of Russia, and in reciting true history stated: “If you take a big map, Crimea and Sevastopol will look on it like a tiny spot…But we are talking about the restoration of historical justice, we are talking about the importance of this land for our people…There, on that land, in Korsun and Kherson, Prince Vladimir and his troops took baptism…This means that this is a sacred place, the center of our spiritual unity, which eventually formed the basis of the Russian nation and an integral centralized Russian state…In 1853-1856 during an invasion by foreign hordes and in 1941-1945 during the war with Nazi Germany every inch of that soil was soaked with the blood of Russian and Soviet soldiers”.

If the American people knew the truth that Biden and his “small number of people” are attempting to ignite a war against the holiest region in all of Russia, then one would logically think they’d be preparing for the nuclear war catastrophe about to befall them—but they aren’t, and is why the White House says Biden “is too busy” to have a live unscripted debate with President Putin so they will never know the truth—and while viewing everything, more than explains why North Korea has rejected any contact with Biden and his “lunatic theories.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

Strategic nuclear strikes by Russia on an already bitterly divided United States could allow the American people to stamp out the socialist threat facing them.  


According to this report, in the just published article “Putin Humiliated Biden in Moscow Meeting”, former Obama-era White House stenographer Mike McCormick reveals: “I documented what happened at Joe Biden’s one and only meeting with Vladimir Putin in my book Joe Biden Unauthorized…I can attest that the title of my chapter on the incident – Bitch Slapped in Moscow – is the actual truth…Biden got bitch slapped, and he’s pretending he didn’t”—a truth known by Security Council Chairman Dmitry Medvedev, who in remembering his own dealings with Biden said: “It seems that time hasn’t been kind to him…I can only quote Freud: ‘Nothing in life is more expensive than illness and stupidity’”—and also known by United Russia party leader Andrei Turchak, who described Biden’s vile remarks about President Putin as a reflection of “the US political marasmus (severe malnutrition) and its leader’s dementia”,

Near exactly coinciding with these observations, this report notes, Biden delivered an incoherent 10-minute speech with creepy handler Kamala Harris in the background that only 1,000 tuned in to watch live—an incoherent rambling wherein Biden dementedly referred to socialist leader Kamala as “President Harris”—that was immediately followed by many in the White House press corps asking “Is Dementia Contagious?”—and was asked after Biden’s spokeswoman Jen Psaki slipped up and publically acknowledged that the surge in illegal migrants at the US-Mexican border is a crisis—which in reality it is, and as evidenced by the over 14,000 illegal migrant children Biden has thrown into adult prison cells because there’s no where else to put them

Continuing to sound warnings about Biden’s dementia and his socialist Deep State handlers before they plunge America into a nuclear war abyss, this report details, are two of that nation’s most esteemed investigative journalists, Matt Taibbi and Pulitzer Prize winner Glenn Greenwald—with Taibbi having just published his warning article “A Brief List Of Official Russia Claims That Proved To Be Bogus” exposing the leftist mainstream propaganda media lies about President Putin and Russia—that was followed by Greenwald publishing his warning article “Journalists, Illustrating How They Operate, Yesterday Spread a Significant Lie All Over Twitter”, wherein he documented how the leftist mainstream propaganda media was blatantly lying about Russia having interfered in the 2020 election—that Greenwald joined with his withering Tweet that says: “If you think the real power centers in the US are the Proud Boys, 4Chan & Boogaloos rather than the CIA, FBI, NSA, Wall Street and Silicon Valley, and spend most of your time battling the former while serving the latter as stenographers, your journalism is definitely shit”.

Because truthful and honest journalists like Taibbi and Greenwald refuse to submit and bow down to Biden’s warmongering socialist police state, this report continues, they and other such truth tellers have gathered themselves together at the free speech journalist site Substack, whose motto is “Take Back Your Mind”—which explains why neither Biden nor his leftist mainstream media lap dogs don’t even try to confront the truths being told on Substack, and have instead launched an all-out war against this free speech journalist site—a war best described in the article “Why Journalists Hate Substack”, that ends by fearfully noting:  

If past is any prologue, the point at which Substack will be most susceptible to demands for censorship is the point at which there’s a protracted campaign waged by ‘prestige’ media (New York Times, The Atlantic, CNN, etc.) to demand such censorship, lest Substack be accused of complicity in the infliction of “harm” or “violence” against vulnerable communities. That’s how earlier censorship initiatives targeting YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have taken shape. My impression is that the people who run Substack are committed on principle to resisting these demands, and let’s hope that continues. But who knows.

Because when the media industry is increasingly operating under a framework whereby my mere writing of this post could be construed as “harassment” or even “violence” because I’ve obliquely criticized some journos, all bets are off.


As war tensions escalate over “killer-gate” to the point that Russia was the only nation that refused to send its top UN representative to talks with socialist leader Biden yesterday, electing instead to dispatch a junior envoy, this report concludes, it bears noticing this occurred on the same day it was reported that CNN has lost about a million nightly viewers on average since President Trump left the White House, and this leftist network is drawing nearly 50% fewer viewers in the key 24-54 age group—also sees this occurring on the same day President Trump released a new photo of himself after losing 24-pounds and looking prepared for battle while standing next to a prominently displayed model of the new Air Force One that will be ready in 2024—which can lead to the logical conclusion that if Russia does have to use military force to put President Trump back into power, this would not only be met with cheers from over half the American people, but also CNN.

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