Putin ‘s total conflict with NATO

Putin ‘s total conflict with NATO

Signal B. Putin total conflict with NATO – “the time has Come for the Russian Empire No. 2 – we Will take new lands,” he said to the people, and the Generals!

“Who follow the anti-Russian policy will lose lands,” said











War News 247,

21 March, 2021


Article: Vasilis Kapoulas

Russia is willing to attack Ukraine and take it all the way. Mr Putin has spoken publicly about the re-establishment of the “Russian Empire No 2” and the re-establishment of territories from neighbouring countries.

There is a winning psychology and a ready-made plan on the part of Russia.

Perhaps the crisis in Ukraine is ultimately engineered to strike NATO in a privileged field for Russia, in the Black Sea.

He was very clear and revealing of what he said to the Russian people and his officers.

“We took Crimea in 2014. Now what are we going to get?”

With this phrase, Russian media are preparing the Russian people for the reconstitution of the Russian Empire as they say.

” V. Putin, goes to spend the weekend lake Taig (the dense forest of coniferoustrees – p.p.). The last time Putin went on such a vacation, Russia joined Crimea.

Now what will Putin’s gift be?

The same thing happened in 2014. At the time, the interruptions of the Russian leader and the Minister of Defence, Sergei Shoigu, coincided with the unrest in Ukraine and the union with Crimea.

That’s exactly what happened. Putin and Shoigu were back together on vacation there.

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The Putin statement that troubles…

“The restoration of Russia as a single centralised state has been a milestone for the last two decades!

In 1990 the country approached a dangerous line beyond what was expected.

Rehabilitation without exaggeration thanks to the hard work, patience, courage of our people, our people, ordinary people and our soldiers who successfully faced all the challenges e.g. terrorism in the North Caucasus. We have restored the country, the social sphere, the incomes and the well-off of our people.

The return of Crimea and Sevastopol is certainly a fact of historical importance withoutexaggeration.

“Putin proclaimed the Russian Empire 2” – Russian analysis

“What President Putin did on March 18th on “Crimea’s Union Day with Russia” was to divide history into “before” and “after.”

Vladimir Vladimirovich did nothing less and nothing more than proclaim a new Empire.

Putin has done nothing by accident in his life since becoming russia’s leader. When he says something, when and why it matters.

Putin’s statement to the Russian people

First, Russia donated vast territories to neighbouring countries that became independent after the collapse of the USSR. “We were ready to live under this realitywith our brothers and agree on the new borders” Putin said. He immediatelyraised a “but…”

Secondly, and more importantly, no one has the right to use these gifts given by Russia against it in order to harm our country.

I hope this sounds!”

That’s what Putin said on Russia’s Union Day with Crimea.

Putin spoke clearly about the territories of neighbouring countries provided by Russia and not just Ukraine.

“These countries cannot pursue anti-Russian policy”Putin said.


All post-Soviet republics as of this moment do not have the right to follow anti-Russian policy.

If they do, there will be consequences that are very clear. They will lead to new “Crimeas” to be joined by Russia

The ruler beats the drums of war!

“We are not you, we are not like you, the West, we are different”stressed Putin

Putin in his speech quotedGumilyov’s “passiontheory saying that the Russian people are young, passionate and have a life ahead of them”

The message was clear to Biden:

“The Russian people are young, they are not old, they are not dying and they have a life ahead of them. The opposite is happening in the West and in the EU.”

“We shouldn’t be ashamed of what we did. The Union of Crimea with Russia is a day of glory. We are not Europe, we do not intend to be ashamed anymore, we are Russians and we are proud because that is very good.”

That was the meaning of Vladimir Vladimirovich’s words – addressed inside and outside the country. In fact, Putin proclaimed a new empire, described its limits and said what the Russians are and what they are NOT. And he challenged the old empire.

All that the old Russian empire was afraid to accept.”


The US and Ukraine are to study Putin’s speech on March 18. She’s terribly revealing about what’s coming.

Watch the video of the Crimea celebrations.

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