News from Ukraine and Donbass – 11 April, 2021

News from Ukraine and Donbass – 11 April, 2021

Peskov announced the disclosure of the details of the organization of Putin’s message on April 12

Песков анонсировал раскрытие деталей организации послания Путина 12 апреля


11 April, 2021


The Kremlin will answer some organizational questions regarding the holding of the message of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on Monday, April 12. This was announced by the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

General meeting: what parliamentarians expect from the President’s message
The State Duma and the Federation Council are counting on solving the issue of indexing pensions and announcing new support measures

The spokesman for the head of state indicated that all the details of the event will be known on Monday, April 12, which was a response to a request from TASS to comment on the information that the event will be held in the Moscow Manege.

Also on April 12, journalists will be accredited to cover the event.

Earlier, on April 11, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov said that the message to the Federal Assembly would touch upon issues of support measures and ways out of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

He also added that it is still difficult to answer the question regarding the duration of the post-cobalt recovery period.

Peskov announced the disclosure of the details of the organization of Putin’s message on April 12

WarNews 24/7,

11 April, 2021


Article writer: Vassilis Kapoulas

Russian President Vladimir Putin has already prepared a speech broadcast by Russian media, implying that it concerns Ukraine.

The speech will be delivered on April 21 to the Russian Parliament and the Russian people, and the legislatures will meet immediately afterwards. The last point is problematic.

There are 3 possibilities: Either Russia is bluffing and the issue is not related to Ukraine (small chances) or an alliance with Donbass will be announced or Russian military intervention, something that will trigger developments.

Let’s see what exactly the Russians are transmitting because this is an extremely worrying development at the moment, in photos presented by WarNews247, as the Caspian Fleet crosses the Volga and Don rivers to enter the Sea of ​​Azov and the Black Sea.

Russia has formed a strong amphibious force on the “sides” of Ukraine. The photos show the transport of five amphibious class 11770 Serna.

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Russia ready to land: Transports the Caspian Fleet to the Black Sea – “Knives on the sides” of Ukraine! (video)

Speech by V. Putin – What the Russian media broadcast

“Putin intends to deliver a speech on April 21.

The Federal Council has already convened as it awaits “urgent orders” from the president that should be implemented immediately.

Mr Putin will brief Russia ‘s two houses of parliament, the Duma and the lower house, on Wednesday (April 21st).

His speech has already been prepared as it is “related to the current conflict situation that prevails worldwide”.

Russian media comment that Putin may launch a direct provocation against US President Joe Biden and his support for Ukraine


“The legislatures will meet extraordinarily immediately after”

Well-known Valentina Matviyenko states that Putin’s speech:

“It will give directions for the future. This is a message of a new era. I would say that a new system is being coordinated. It focuses on the great challenges and defines the center of gravity giving immediate orders

That is why we have already decided to convene the Federal Council immediately after Putin’s speech and the next day we will have the first Plenary Session as the orders of our president will require immediate action by lawmakers.

“Putin’s speech will be a milestone.”

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Presentation to Putin: “Give an immediate order to launch an attack – NATO forces are developing in Ukraine – Donbass will not stand” (video)

US threats against Russia: “You will pay for it”

The US Secretary of State, A. Blinken, stated:

“We warn Russia about Ukraine. President Biden has sent very clear warnings on this issue. If Russia acts recklessly or engages in aggressive activities against Ukraine, this will have consequences

As we speak at this time, I must tell you that I have real concerns about Russia’s actions on the border with Ukraine. There are more Russian forces gathering on these borders at any time since 2014, when Russia first invaded. That is why we are in close contact and coordination with our allies in Europe. “

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See pictures from the transport of the Caspian Fleet

“Donetsk will make a request to Putin” – Ukrainians steal bills on union with Russia

According to Ukrainians, Donetsk and Lugansk will make a formal request to Putin either for military assistance or for union with Russia.

Maybe that is the reason for Putin’s sermon

There are 3 points:

  • Immediate military assistance to Donbas
  • Acceptance of Donbass as part of Russia
  • Recognition of Donbass independence and Friendship and Cooperation Agreement with Russia.

The latter has little chance as 600,000 citizens have obtained Russian passports.

This information has also been transmitted to the countries cooperating with the Ukrainians through diplomatic channels and communication lines of the secret services.

We had mentioned in a previous article that ” Putin had accepted a proposal for immediate military assistance to Donbass.”  It seems that the time has come.

Ukrainian media report that the country’s services managed to obtain 3 drafts prepared by the so-called “Foreign Minister of Donbass” and concern the official request to Russia. All three have been signed by Donetsk leader Denis Pushylin.

All three variants of the document have the same preamble. In it, Pushylin thanked Putin for ” sympathy for the fate of the people of Donbass and invaluable assistance to our survival under pressure from the Kiev authorities since 2014.”

He also called on the Russian president to recognize the documents issued to residents of “Republics” and to give them the opportunity to become Russian citizens as they are people who feel Russian in spirit and consider their main goal to be members of Russia’s socio-political and cultural space. ”.

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It also states that:

“The Minsk agreements, according to existing documents, have never prevented Ukraine from violating them. Ukraine receives strong support from the United States and other Western countries in violation of international agreements and commitments.

“It has decided to use force to resolve the conflict on our soil.”

“I call on Putin to provide military assistance to end hostilities and aggression in Ukraine. This will prevent losses among citizens and the destruction of infrastructure.

The second document states:

“I ask you to accept us in the Russian Federation and to become part of our great, strong and historic homeland, Russia. This will of ours has been ratified in the referendum on May 11, 2014 “.

The third document states:

“I urge you to recognize Donbass as an independent Democratic Welfare State governed by the letter of the law. We wish the conclusion of a Friendship and Cooperation Agreement between Donbass and Russia as well as your assistance in the field of defense “.

Donetsk: Violent clashes – An ambulance and a gas station – Movement of Polish forces – They are afraid of movement from Kaliningrad and Transnistria! (video)

The Russians broke the security perimeter and recorded the movements of the Ukrainians in Mariupol

WarNews 24/7,

11 April, 2021


Intense military mobility is recorded both in Poland on the border with Kaliningrad and in Transnistria with transfers of Russian forces. It seems that there are even extreme scenarios that predict a Russian advance towards Odessa and Kaliningrad.

That is why there is a movement of Polish forces to the “Swallow Corridor”, a strip that separates Belarus from the besieged Kaliningrad.

Video that saw the light of day shows a military ambulance going to pick up wounded people who had been shot by gunfire. As it became known, there is another dead Ukrainian, also from sleep.

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Rapid escalation: Ukraine one step ahead of NATO in violation of Alliance – Russian forces in Transnistria targeting Odessa (video)

Donetsk: There are NATO officers on the line of contact

Donetsk reports that NATO officers are already training Ukrainian snipers

“Ukrainians are being trained in a camp near Mariupol. Our services have collected information stating that the training is conducted under the guidance of NATO officers.

The training is based on the new American weapons that the Ukrainians received from the USA and concern Barrett sniper rifles 

“Some of our forces passed by and recorded their positions near Mariupol”.

Watch the video


Poland is moving forces to the east of the country

“Poland is strengthening its forces on the border with Belarus. According to reports, in the eastern part of the country in the city of Biala Podlaska, a new motorized Battalion capable of covering the “dangerous Belarusian direction” towards the Suwalki Corridor is being created.

A new camp has been located in the area of ​​the old air base in Biala Podlaska, which operated from 1945 to 2002.

The Motorized Battalion will belong to the 1st Armored Brigade while Poland will increase the number of its troops to 200,000 soldiers

See on the map the “Suvalki Corridor”

At 13 km from the Ukrainian border the Russian forces in Transnistria

As WarNews247 first revealed the day before yesterday, there is a movement of Russian forces in Transnistria in the direction of the Ukrainian border and targeting Odessa.

Ukrainians say they have been effectively surrounded by Russian forces from Crimea and Donetsk – Russian border

It is now known that Russian forces are located 13 km from the Transnistrian-Ukrainian border.

Thus, the Ukrainian forces are surrounded by the South and the West, while from the east there are the Donetsk-Lugansk forces and opposite Mariupol the Russian amphibious forces.

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T-90 against M2 Bradley and FV101 Scorpion in Ukraine – Dramatic appeal of Merkel to Putin: “Please stop…” – Moscow responded with Iskander!

Watch video. The Russians claim that these show a movement of Polish forces.

Scenarios for Ukraine in case of war in Donbass named

Названы сценарии для Украины в случае войны на Донбассе

Scenarios for Ukraine in the event of a war in Donbass named | Russian spring

Russkaya Vesna,

11 April, 2020

In the event of a resumption of the armed conflict in Donbass, further events in Ukraine may develop according to two scenarios.

This point of view was voiced by the Polish political scientist Maciej Wisniewski.

“An armed conflict in Ukraine, even a local one, will lead either to its disintegration or to a change of power, which will subsequently cooperate with Russia,” he said on the air of NTV.

The expert also added that Kiev will lose a full-scale war anyway.

“There is no doubt about it,” Vishnevsky emphasized.


Dissenting views from America

The view from Steve Pieczennik

This guy held on to the notion that covid was serious far longer than I did

U.S. and NATO Backing Literal NAZIS in Ukraine!

The ugly truth about the situation between Russia and Ukraine has come out in all its outrageous sickness: Ukraine has gone NAZI which is why two eastern states are trying to leave for Russia, and the Ukrainian Capital of Kiev refuses to let them go.  Russia is trying to defend the departing states from the NAZIS in Kiev!

The video below shows a Ukrainian soldier firing his machine gun against the (breakaway) state militia of Donetsk early Sunday, and he is doing so with the NAZI FLAG flying above his firing position.

Russia conducts full-spectrum rehearsals for war (OPEN THREAD #10)

Vineyard of the Saker,

11 April, 2021


Dear friends,

This is going to be the last, tenth, open thread on the topic of the escalation in the eastern Ukraine (unless, of course, the attack actually happens, at which point I will probably reopen an open thread again).

The latest news from Russia: Defense Minister Shoigu has indicated that every single military district is currently running readiness exercises which include a total of 4’000 (that is four thousand!) separate exercises on a total of 101 different military training grounds.  Oh, and while the exercises conducted in April by Russia were scheduled before the Ukronazi mobilization, these latest ones are “unannounced readiness exercises”.  Finally, there is some evidence that the troops which were deployed in April have not returned back to their barracks.  The Russian strategic deterrence forces also recently executed large scale readiness exercises.

In the meantime, NATO is engaged in its own war rehearsal, “Defender Europe 2021” or a total of 40’000 soldiers, including 20’000 US personnel (it is unclear how many transgenders that includes).   To evaluate this move, please keep in mind that the arrival of Russian hypersonic standoff weapons weapons (land, sea and air based) means that in case of real war the US would not have the means to resupply US/NATO forces in Europe.  Conversely, if the US/NATO wanted to prepare for an attack on Russia, or to “defend” Banderastan, they would need months to redeploy the necessary forces and means to Europe.

At this point, everybody has heard about the rumor that the US is sending five ships into the Black Sea to show support for the Urkonazis and deter Russia.  Since I debunked this nonsense many times, I asked my friend Andrei Martyanov to write his own commentary about this absolutely idiotic move.  He did some, quite convincingly, here in this column (please comment about his article in the comments section below it, not here).  I am deeply grateful to Andrei for his time and expertise.

Finally, on the political level, everybody is talking to everybody else, too many official phone calls to list them all, nevermind the behind the scenes unofficial ones.  Let’s hope that this continues, because as long as they are talking there is still a chance to avoid a catastrophe.

In 1985, the singer Sting released his famous song “The Russians“.  In this, truly quite beautiful, song Sting expresses the following hope “Believe me when I say to you, I hope the Russians love their children too“.  In 1985 I was only 22, but I remember thinking “folks in the West wonder whether we love our children too – how weird, as if we were some kind of different species and not quite human”.  Of course, by “The Russians” Sting primarily meant the gerontocrats in the Kremlin but, still, his choice of words really felt weird to me, especially against the background of all the stupid myths and clichés which most westerners believe about the Russians and Russia in the first place.

Now, over three decades later, I don’t wonder if the “westerners love their children too”, but I do wonder if they realize that they are quite literally putting their children, and the entire planet, at risk and for absolutely no valid reason except a passionate, yet dull, hatred of everything Russian.  Considering the deafening silence in the western legacy Ziomedia, I have to say that no, very few westerner do realize how dangerous the current situation is, that is, far, far more dangerous than the Cuban Missile crisis: then the media was full of reports and discussions; today – all we hear is a neverending stream moronic “Woke” bullshit about “White privilege”, “systemic racism” and how great anything and everything black (no matter how vulgar and fake) is.

The simple truth is that the USA cannot commit cultural suicide and turn into a country of “wiggers” while, at the same time, expecting to be taken seriously, especially in Zone B.  And yet, with “Biden” in power, this is exactly what is taking place, and knowing the hate-filled psychotype of the folks running “Biden” invariably display, I am afraid that they are much more interested in “woking” the USA than to preserve world peace.

It is a sweet karmic justice that the Ukraine wanted to become like the West but that, in the end (maybe even literally!), it is the West which became very much like the Ukronazi-run Ukraine: ideology über alles!

God help us all!

Kind regards

The Saker


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