Questions asked about pets and the vaccination

Questions asked about pets and the vaccination

The following is taken from a thread from Facebook that was sent to me.

Via Facebook

Sally Hull asked a question .

I am hoping this post will be allowed.
Yesterday, my dog Levi went to the vet for a few stitches. After he was done, I went to pick him up, and he was on the table starting to seize. My 3 year old Border Collie died in my arms.
All of the techs and vets are jabbed.
I need to know…
Has anyone else seen anything like this with their animals after being touched by jabbed people?
Please…I need to know.
Charlene Guerard

My cat died monday. His organs shut down and he seize uncontrollably. He was 4. He was my baby, the best animal I’ve ever had the pleasure of raising. He was rescued from under a trailer , to small to feed on his own. I never thought it end like. No one vaccinated touched him and we are not either. I believe shedding killed my cat. I work in automotive. 95% of the work force is vaccinated in my shop. I feel as if I brought home this shit and it’s all my fault. I miss my baby.
May be an image of cat and indoor
Hil Warta

If we don’t stop these vaccinations we will all be dead but that was their plan from the start.
My dog died a week after going for a check up had a clear bill of health but two week later she exploded and filled with fluids, she suffered so but we were told she had a tumour behind her heart and she went down hill so fast . That was April 7 2021
May be an image of dog and text that says "28of61 Darla Waite Apr want to thank the McKnight 24 hour veterinary clin... Eva Bent and 6 others Like 14 Comments Comment Share"

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  1. This was posted on Twitter from the Spanish Foreign Ministry. In Shanghai, the authorities are doing antibody tests on foreigners who have been vaccinated and if they are above a certain level, they are forcibly hospitalised. Here’s the link, and the translation (Via Yandex Translate) is below it.

    In the last few weeks, and without any official communication on the part of the chinese authorities, foreign residents in China and vaccinated with the china vaccine or vaccines foreign, and/or having overcome the COVID 19 in previous months and vaccinated later, they are still hospitalized, non-consensual or voluntary, for 3 or 4 days to arrival to the R. P. China.

    At the airport on arrival they are given blood tests and if the antibody test is higher than a figure established by the health authorities, as a result of vaccination, they are made to sign some documents in Chinese without translation into English and admitted to a hospital.

    In the hospital they are given more blood and PCR tests, as well as chest MRI and some additional invasive tests, the results of which are neither copied nor reported. They only ask for cooperation for 3 or 4 days.

    In the hospital, you have to pay for toilet paper, towels, any sanitary products you need, as well as bottled water, only through WeChat. They do not accept payment in cash or by credit card.

    The Foreign Office of the Shanghai Municipality does not respond to the Notes Verbales it receives, nor does it provide a telephone response, as usual.

    Neither the people admitted nor the Consulates General in Shanghai have been informed of this surprising and unethical practice nor of the minimum level of antibodies set. Nor is it known how such persons are selected.

    If you are going to return to P. R. China in the next few weeks, the Consulate General asks you to take into account all this information, do not sign documents that you do not understand, use a translator on your mobile to understand what you are signing and take a photo before handing them over, as they will not give you a copy.

    This Consulate General, the Embassy in Beijing and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the European Union Delegation in Beijing, are taking steps to stop this practice immediately.​

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