Reflections on Omicron as a bioweapon

Reflections on Omicron as a bioweapon

Omicron as a Bioweapon: Thoughts and Implications

Igor Chudov

Almost three weeks ago, on Dec 2, I wrote an article “URGENT — Omicron “variant” likely to be man-made”. I purposely left that article untouched even after new information appeared, that made the conclusion that I came to even more obvious.

Very smart and important people such as Eugyppius, also came to this conclusion. A Twitter user Yury Deigin also shed a lot of light on this issue.

I would like to avoid rehashing “lab origin” arguments here, and you can review the three above links for more details and look at Yuri’s picture below.

Omicron has no recent ancestor. Its most recent ancestor existed in the beginning of year 2020 and went extinct. The weirdness of this is similar to a young man who is alive today and is proven genetically to be a biological son of George Washington: you know that something very special is going on.


However, having come to a conclusion that Omicron is a result of intentional development (though possibly released accidentally), we need to think it through.

Omicron could be released as

  • An intentional release of this specific variant along the lines of Bill Gates’ suggestion that “we need a better way of doing vaccines”.
  • An unintentional release of a biologic vaccine prototype or whatever else that was not intended for release (which is one of the things that Eugyppius mentioned)
  • An intentional release of a bioweapon.
Japan Unit 731, WWII Bioweapon Lab

A lot of people talk about the first two possibilities. Typically they would say something like “Omicron is a perfect accidental vaccine”, or “Omicron is an unintentionally released vaccine prototype”. They could easily be right. I hope that they are right.

Instead, I would like to concentrate on the thought that Omicron is a bioweapon. This is not because this is necessarily the likeliest hypothesis. It is impossible to even guess what is the “likelier” hypothesis. There is too much that we do not know. What we need to do, instead of guessing probabilities, is outline the possibilities. No proof exists that Omicron is a bioweapon. We are just speculating.

My main reason for writing about the possibility that Omicron is a bioweapon is because this has not been covered enough and it deserves to be covered.

A perfect biological weapon would be:

  • Spreading so fast as to make it unstoppable
  • Appear mild for long enough time, that stopping it (at enormous social cost) would not seem worthwhile
  • Make any vaccination program be too late in time to prevent damage
  • Damage or kill a specific group of people, for example based on ethnicity, or vaccination status
  • OR:
  • Cause social upheaval for a short time in the target country in order to, for example, execute a quick military action
  • Make money in capital markets
  • Achieve some other goal that I did not think about
  • A bioweapon may easily have a goal other than actual killing of the target population. An example could be making the population infertile, in order to reduce humanity’s CO2 footprint. The possibilities are endless.

Biological weapons are not new at all. Smallpox was used intentionally to cause depopulation of Native Americans in at least some instances. Plague infested corpses were thrown over fortress walls to cause disease or frighten defenders. Nazis used typhus to disorganize or slow down Red Army advance. The Japanese used and developed bioweapons to depopulate China.

What is novel to the late 20th-21st century is the ability to intentionally develop virii and genetic modeling.

Anyway, we see that

  • Omicron was lab-developed
  • It is spreading unusually rapidly
  • It appears mild
  • It targets certain groups (we know it targets the vaccinated)

All of this is suggestive of a bioweapon potential. The most important hallmark of Omicron is that it preferentially infects the vaccinated. Why? When we discuss natural virii, we like to talk about ADE (see above link). But when we talk about lab made virii, any preferential infection may be intended by the virus developer.

Some indications that Omicron was made to infect the West, are signals about hospitalizations and deaths that come from Denmark and UK:

UK Death Rate Seems too High

Omicron seems to spread faster in the West than it did in South Africa. It also appears to be less mild than Delta based on Denmark and UK data. I covered Denmark in my previous posts, but some UK data appears especially concerning, subject to the usual doubts about data quality and reporting honesty.

The UK hospitalization rate, calculated based on today’s hospitalizations (129) to cumulative cases up to 6 days ago (5,346 cases), yields 2.4%, or same as in Denmark. It is nice that hospitalization rate estimate across two separate countries comes out so similar. Subject to many disclaimers, these quick calculations allow us to perform apples-to-apples comparison between Delta and Omicron, rather than getting a “true” hospitalization rate.

Omicron seems to cause a surprisingly large number of deaths in the UK. As of today, the UK reported 14 deaths. While 14 deaths out of 45,000 infections seems like very little, note that Covid deaths historically lag infections by two-three weeks. A week ago, the UK had 4,700 cases. There is less data for the previous week, but assuming that two weeks from now there were 470 cases, the death rate is 3%.

Very obviously, it is overwhelmingly likely that Omicron is not as deadly as this simplistic calculation shows:

  • Some deaths may be deaths “with Omicron”, for example a car crash victim could be delivered to an emergency room, be tested positive for Omicron, and die of injuries. Without clarification from British authorities, we would not know for sure.
  • Some deaths may lag cases by less than two weeks, and explosive growth of Omicron may distort the percentage calculation that I used with a two week lag.
  • British authorities may purposely overreport deaths to “drive up vaccinations”.
  • As I explained previously, CFR can only be determined with a cohort study, where they take a large number of patients and see how they do 28 days later and how many get hospitalized or die.

Yet, these numbers tell us that we should pay close attention to death reporting. It could be that Omicron was “designed to infect the West”.

Signs of Being a Bioweapon

There are several things that we, Internet enabled open minded people, can do to see if Omicron may be a bioweapon:

  • Look for disparate effect on different ethnic groups. For example, compare White case fatality rates with those of Asian or African persons.
  • Compare vaccinated fatality rates to unvaccinated
  • Look for delayed effects. For example, do recently recovered Omicron patients in Africa seem to be developing unusual symptoms weeks after “recovery”? Is the death curve farther behind the cases curve for Omicron, compared with Delta?
  • What groups are preferentially exposed to Omicron?
  • Does Omicron damage organs where immediate damage is not visible, but harmful in the long run, like the pancreas?

Food for Thought

If Omicron is a product of a mad scientist, the scientist needs to have a wealthy mad backer. Who could it be? (we can kind of guess).

What seems like a nefarious goal to you, may seem like a humanity saving idea to someone else. For example, let’s consider for a minute that someone decides to release a virus to reduce our population in half. This idea is abhorrent to you and certainly to me, but to someone it may amount to “saving our planet from the global warming”.

Consider for a minute, if a “destroy the world” button existed and was certainly known to work, for example by activating a nuclear arsenal. Would you press that button? I know I would not, and you would not either. But I also know enough to imagine many crazy people to whom it would seem to be a great idea, to destroy the world and die gloriously along with everyone else. It is totally crazy, but there are crazy people out there. Some might have billions of dollars, have a depopulation fetish, and sponsor biological labs.

To be sure, as of now, omicron does not seem to be a tool of depopulation. The objective of this article is not to convince you that something crazy is definitely happening. My objective is to show you that crazy things occasionally do happen and we need to be on lookout and that it is a possibility, not yet excluded by evidence.

Deadly Omicron and Antivax Thought

To many antivaxxers, “mild Omicron” is a salvation and a way to end the insanity of forced vaccinations with dangerous non-working vaccines. It is kind of like a fairy tale ending to a nightmarish horror story, where a white knight, or a natural coincidence, makes a miracle virus that infects everyone, nobody dies, Covid vax becomes a piece of history, only for the humanity to live happily thereafter.

I want that to happen!

But I also recognize that fairy tale endings sometimes do not happen. Even if Omicron ends up as severe as Delta, infecting everyone who is susceptible, kills some persons, and burns out in two months, that would ALSO be a validation of just about all true concepts that we antivaxxers have been discussing. We would validate that

  • A single epitope vaccine is a terrible idea
  • That targeted protection with natural immunity would have been better
  • Vaccinating through a pandemic is a bad idea
  • That the unvaccinated, instead of being hospital-clogging ignorant miscreants, will be the last people standing in a pandemic to help out the sick
  • Vaccination with the bad vaccine, did not save any lives at all

Am I playing into Hands of Lockdown Advocates?

I hope not. A lockdown would not help contain Omicron. No public health authorities read my messages. I am just a little guy sharing my thoughts with you and other subscribers, as if we were having tea and cookies and taking turns to speak our thoughts.

Let us know what you think and tell me what I got wrong!

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