Reflections on the situation in the Middle East

Reflections on the situation in the Middle East

I started having some thoughts about the situation in Gaza. I got to thinking that Hamas will keep Israel busy shooting down Hamas’s relatively insignificant missiles and by so doing deplete their own Iron Dome missiles.  There are already some signs that that might be happening.

MIght a tactic be for Hezbollah and Iran to hold back with the powerful stuff until Israel is sufficiently weakened. 

To confirm my thoughts, Hal Turner came up with his own thoughts….

The United States of America is now in severe danger.  We’re actually unable to fill all the missile tubes in our own Navy because we’re so short on them; and we cannot make more, fast enough to defend our own land.

Think of the last two World Wars. There was no known start date like a football game. The start of both was only known in hindsight.

Hamas now have to go ‘all in’ as they know that they face annihilation by the IDF. Hezbollah (Iran) no doubt will do the same knowing this is their best chance ever in achieving their aim of wiping out Israel.

Rumours abound that Hezbollah will declare war on Friday. Yemen have already done so. How long before Jordan, Syria and Egypt join the mess? Maybe even Turkey?

USA are of course ‘joined at the hip’ with Israel. UK too. So both nations will be dragged in to protect Israel which will lead to Russia, China and others (Pakistan, Iran etc…) getting involved.

And China will surely use the crisis to open op a Pacific front by invading Taiwan and maybe the Phillipines too. The USA are going to be very stretched to cover all three fronts effectively – Russia/Ukraine, Israel/Arab and China/Taiwan.

Meanwhile, there are other flashpoints that don’t even get any coverage anymore but are just as dangerous – Serbia/Kosovo, Armenia/Azerbaijan and North/South Korea to name just three that are either at war, or on the verge of one.

Undoubtedly we are already in WW3.

It’s just going to get worse.

As it gets worse, a cold, hard reality is going to become crystal clear: We don’t have enough missiles to defend ourselves, and we CANNOT make more, fast enough.

A Reader of this website, and listener to my radio show, has shared the following:

  1. The facility that produces standard missiles like the sm2 sm3 and sm6 that are used for counter ballistic missile defense was not too far from my old house and I know people who worked there. The “Trump Military Buildup” didn’t even get the navy back to a point where they had enough missiles to fill every single Vertical Launch System (VLS) cell in our entire combat-coded fleet at the same time.As of the last couple years, that has meant that as ships come in off a patrol at sea their missiles are unloaded and transferred to the ships about to head out because there’s not enough missiles to just leave the ships loaded.

    3. That production plant run by Northrop can either produce ATACM’s OR standard missiles in a given multi-month production run, but NOT BOTH!
    WHY? Because there’s only enough autoclaves to run land attack or naval missile production because both lines share the same autoclaves.

  2. Now idk about you but I seem to remember another of our “allies” burning through a whole fuck ton of our land attack missiles requiring us to buy more for the last two years…think: Ukraine.
    4. The Northrop facility has had multiple Chinese spy arrests and 2 separate sabotage incidents all of which has stopped production and caused delays each time in the last 2 years.

    5. When Trump entered office and “started rebuilding our war stocks” we were so low on key missiles like standards sm2, sm3, sm6,  that the navy wasn’t even going to be able to do test and practice fires had Trump not forced through the money to pay for more production because the navy was below it’s congressional and legally mandated minimum war stock inventory levels.

    6. What this means is Trump got us back up to barely legal bare minimum levels before COVID hit.  Then when COVID hit, it screwed up production again.

    What the 6 points above point you to is the understanding that, yes those 50 warships presently in the Mediterranean Sea probably sailed to the Middle East with full missile loads, but every time they’re forced to expend them there’s an extremely good chance we don’t actually have more to replace them. Especially not without robbing them from other theaters opening us up to vulnerability elsewhere in the world.

    Between Ukraine and everyone in the Middle East screaming for us to send them more PATRIOT missiles, etc., which we were already so desperately short on that we pushed off Taiwan’s Order out to 2028 already… What do you think we actually have left here at home and or at any other hot spots globally?

    Put simply, every time we expend missiles knocking down Houthi missiles fired from Yemen, or send more missile batteries to the Middle East we come closer and closer to the Continental US being completely undefended.

    If you just zoom out and look at this entire situation from the 30,000 foot view, it’s blindingly obvious that the BRICS alliance (including several nations we’re sending patriot batteries to in the ME) are very deliberately spreading us thin and getting us to expose our soft underbelly.

    This is not a good situation and it could get a whole bunch worse very quickly.      We are perilously close to being UNABLE to defend our own land.

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