Regarding Dr. Robert Malone

Regarding Dr. Robert Malone

There appears to be some animus between those who work for Stew Peters and Dr. Malone.

I never take a side but would be the first to admit that ego and professional jealousy can make people act in a qustionable manner.

This is Karen Kingston.

Big Pharma and Biotech Can Not ‘Elect’ to Be Above the Law, Despite What Experts Say

When we trust someone, we believe what they say because we put our trust in the person and not in evidence or facts.

Karen Kingston,

29 October, 2022


When an individual has a tremendous amount of credibility due to their impressive credentials and a ‘celebrity-like status,’ they automatically earn the public’s trust. Trust is an emotionally based belief, not an intellectually based belief. When we trust someone, we believe what they say because we put our trust in the person and not in evidence or facts.

The level of level of trust the public has in someone is based on the person’s credibility. The more credentials and celebrity status a person has, the more credibility they have and the more that person is trusted. This means they can say almost anything and not be questioned or criticized.

When we trust someone, not only do we believe what they say, we develop an emotional bond to them. Often, we view a trusted person as someone who is personally defending or protecting us. At a subconscious level, the emotional bond could be similar to the way a child trusts their mom or dad to protect and defend them.

This is (in part) why it is very difficult, if not impossible, for someone with little credibility to question or criticize someone with high credibility without being attacked or annihilated.

On October 27, 2022, Dr. Robert Malone published a Substack article entitled, mRNA Vaccines and EUA. In paragraph three (3) of the article, Dr. Malone claims, “All of the mRNA vaccine doses administered in the United States (to both citizens and military personnel) have been provided under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)…”

Dr. Malone continues to write that, “the firms (PFIZER/BioNTech) have elected to not manufacture, distribute, or market these licensed products in the United States.” 

In the context of the pharma industry Dr. Malone’s written statements are considered false claims. In the context of American’s retaliatory legal rights and the EUA immunity that PFIZER/BioNTech want us to believe they still have, Dr. Malone’s written claims are deceptive.

Dr. Malone’s false statements confirm what PFIZER wants us to believe, that we have no power to take civil and criminal actions against the Big Pharma Giant and their biotech partners.

“These products (PFIZER mRNA vaccines) remain experimental, and are only to be used for a limited amount of time during an ongoing emergency.”  – Dr. Robert Malone, Vaccines and EUA, October 27, 2022

In regards to the US Military, PFIZER manufactured and shipped FDA-approved COMIRNATY to the US military in June of this year. I cover the FDA/PFIZER and government documents, photographs of the FDA- approved COMIRNATY vials that were shipped to his military base, and audio-video footage of a soldier’s testimony holding the COMIRNATY vials on Brannon Howse on June 29, 2022, and in this article.

I published a draft letter detailing some of PFIZER’s violations under the FD&C Act, and an article on October 25, 2022, detailing some of PFIZER’s criminal violationsDr. Malone wrote his Substack article defending PFIZER’s EUA immunity on October 26, 2022, the very next day.

On October 12, 2022, I published an article detailing PFIZER’s manufacturing, distribution and marketing of their FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines. PFIZER/BioNTech have the COMIRNATY website marketing their FDA-approved mRNA COVID-19 vaccines to children 12 years of age and older and adults residing in the United States.

Dr. Malone’s written written claim that PFIZER has “elected to not engage in marketing,” is the most egregious, blatant gaslighting of the U.S. consumer market, I have ever witnessed in my 25 years of working in the pharma/biotech industry.

I can not emphasize this enough, PFIZER’s EUA shield was broken on August 23, 2021 because the FDA approved PFIZER’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccines AND because PFIZER immediately engaged in interstate distribution and marketing of their FDA-approved COMIRNATY per the BLA’s statement that there would be an issuance of a ‘Dear Healthcare Worker,’ letter.

By de facto, PFIZER engaged in interstate commerce and marketing of an FDA-approved product through the issuance of this letter, thereby terminating the EUA liability shield for PFIZER.

On November 11, 2021, Edward Szall reported on a military lawsuit on the Stew Peters Show, in which he obtained a copy of the Dear Healthcare Provider Letter and BLA-compliant lots (FDA-approved COMIRNATY).

In December of 2021, I worked with an analyst from Elsevier to document the adverse events caused by PFIZER’s FDA-approved COMIRNATY by lot number.

As of December 2021, there were 197 reported deaths, 395 disabilities, 1,666 hospitalizations, and 889 life-threatening events in the VAERS database caused by COMIRNATY. This is more than enough evidence to terminate the FDA-approval and recall all of PFIZER’s mRNA vaccines, both EUA and FDA-approved, under the FD&C Act and EUA laws.

PFIZER, as well as organizations and individuals who are contracted to act on behalf of PFIZER, engaging in ‘deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce (EUA vaccine sales),’ can also be charged and prosecuted under the laws of the Federal Trade Commissions Act.

The most common question I am asked when providing evidence that contradicts a trusted expert’s claims is, “Have you spoken to that person?”

To be fair, Dr. Malone and I have not spoken to each other. I made efforts to reach out to him after he posted a link in my Gettr feed ‘calling me a troll.’ (He posted a link to a video he made calling people who criticize his statements trolls.)

I did receive two phone calls this week from two separate colleagues of Dr. Malone who work closely with him. To summarize the gist of both the calls, I was told that I don’t know what I’m talking about and advised to no longer put forth scientific or legal documents that contradict what Dr. Malone or other experts are saying. If I continue to do so, my credibility will be destroyed and no one will believe me, or the documents I present.

That was the gist of the conversation. Personally, I would have preferred if the calls were to arrange for Dr. Malone and I to talk with one another, but that didn’t happen.

I forgive these individuals for their fear-based reaction when confronted with the truth. ‘Shooting the messenger’ is a normal reaction when an individual or group of individuals feel threatened.

Many scientific, legal, and medical experts who have spoken out against the COVID-19 mandates and vaccines have risen to a celebrity-like status. It is human nature to be fearful of losing that status.

In genuine efforts to help others, many people can get wrapped up in the fame and influence they acquire along the way and forget the true purpose of why they started speaking out in the first place. One’s concerns; can and often will, change from serving others to serving self.

I pray that these individuals, Dr. Malone included, understand how to love and serve God first so that they may love and serve humanity through God’s love. Any fear about making honest mistakes and the public not trusting you anymore goes away when you put your trust in God.

To those reading this article, I don’t ask that you believe me. I ask that you believe in yourself and know that you have the intelligence and discernment to recognize the truth when presented with evidence and facts.

My point is, beliefs, in the forms of words and ideas, are the most powerful weapons we have against the enemies who want to destroy America and humanity. If we continue to blindly trust individuals who make deceptive statements and empty promises, then the future of America and our children will be a very a bleak dystopian world of unending perverse experimentations and technology-enforced human enslavement.

The most powerful action you can take right now is to know and share the TRUTH.

2 Thessalonians 2: 9-10

“He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.”

The Kingston Report. TRUTH WINS.

COVID-19 Declared War on Humanity

Millions of lives have been lost, not due to a virus, but due to COVID-19 government policies and medical counter measures. Propaganda, policies and products have done irreparable harm to the nations of humanity, our communities, and our children. 

No war in the history of mankind has produced the catastrophic level of lost lives, economic harm, and global destruction of freedom as the COVID-19 War on Humanity. It’s time we reunite and take down COVID-19.

They are quite justifiably upset with this from one of the worst publications out there, the Daily Beast.

Inside the Anti-Vaxxer Civil War

The rift started over a supposed exposé called “Watch the Water” and has graduated to accusations that one anti-vaxxer was working with the CIA.

Dr. Robert Malone became a star among COVID-19 vaccine skeptics last December when he appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Even among opponents of the vaccine, Malone stood out for his claim that the responses to the virus were driven by a phenomenon he called “mass formation psychosis”—essentially, the idea that society had been hypnotized during the pandemic.

The Rogan appearance turned Malone into perhaps the most visible vaccine critic in the country, and it sparked controversy for Rogan’s employer, Spotify. After the episode, musician Neil Young pulled his music from the streaming giant.

Despite Malone’s popularity with anti-vaccine activists, he’s still managed to piss off many of the biggest anti-vax conspiracy theorists over his refusal to back their nuttiest suppositions. Two of the loudest voices in that community—right-wing shock jock Stew Peters, and pro-Trump personality Dr. Jane Ruby—have settled on the story that Malone is actually working with the CIA.

The rift appears to have started after Peters produced a supposed exposé called “Watch the Water.” Borrowing themes from Dr. Strangelove’s conspiracy-addled general, Peters’ film baselessly alleges that snake venom has somehow been planted in the nation’s water supply and within COVID-19 vaccines to inject recipients with satanic DNA.

Malone was quick to denounce the film. He said Peters’ theory lacks any scientific evidence and is flat-out wrong. Malone has even described Peters as a “conspiracy theorist”—fighting words in the anti-vax community.

And so, Peters has been punching backIn recent weeks, the far-right radio host has begun telling a story about a time Malone supposedly made contact with ex-CIA official Michael Callahan. According to Peters, Callahan called Malone on Jan. 4, 2020—from Wuhan, China Callahan “warned” Malone that he “had to get [his] team spun up” to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

“I have been sustaining just continuous attacks from the conspiracy theorists. Stew is just one of them,” he told The Daily Beast. However, when it comes to the CIA agent accusations, Malone said those statements from Peters’ are “unfounded” and “not grounded in reality.

“I don’t think Stew would know a real CIA agent if it bit him,” he said.

While the name-calling and insults have grown more intense recently, Malone insists that Peters remains committed to “bending facts” and “distorting reality” while calling Peters’ past life as a bounty hunter questionable.

In a Telegram post recently, Peters constructed another attack line. Peters questioned why Malone isn’t “in the lab trying to concoct an antidote, to the thing that you have created, that you know acknowledge is killing—fill in the blank number of people around the world?”

In response to the allegations, Malone hired Steven Biss, a popular defamation attorney for right-wing figures like former Rep. Devin Nunes. In a Sept. 26 letter to Ruby and two allied conspiracy theorists, Biss demanded retractions of claims like Ruby’s allegation that Malone’s “connections…are 100% CIA.” Biss also requested an unspecified financial payment to Malone in the letter to make up for the deep-state insinuations. If the accusations aren’t pulled back by the end of October, Biss warned in the letter, Malone will sue.

Biss, who has struggled with several of his lawsuits filed on behalf of conservative figures, is already suing one media outlet on Malone’s behalf. In August, Biss filed a complaint suing The Washington Post for more than $50 million over a January article about Malone’s vaccine claims.

Ruby didn’t return The Daily Beast’s request for comment.

I wouldn’t either!

In his interview Br. Alexi Bugnolo made some very interesting comments about what Dr. Malone apparently revealed.

This is what he said about “controlled opposition”

“They have a hierarchy of truths that must be suppressed some at the highest red alert level, you can’t go there. And that if you go there, they will come after you”…..

….”If you started to betray them, you would be dead before you did it.

“So they do however, permit divergence from the narrative, they do permit. And they want operators and pawns on the table, who will take up the opposition narrative 80% 90%.

“But never the part that is most sensitive.

If you touch the sensitive truth, then you will be zapped”

Dr. Malone let the cat out of the bag

Brother Alexi Bugnolo raises very important questions and asks did ROBERT MALONE let the cat out of the bag? How can a vaccine contain gain of function? How can a vaccine be contagious? What were they really working on in the Wuhan lab? The answers to these questions will astound!

These are his comments to Dr. Jane Ruby

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