Report from the Gulag

Report from the Gulag

This is the story of a couple of ordinary (but extraordinary) New Zealanders returning home to visit their family. Armed with a medical mask exemption they got through Perth airport and even the flight home without any questions being asked but as soon as they hit the quarantine facility in Auckland they were treated as criminals and the further things went the worse it got until they they were kept prisoner in their own room.

We have always had these sorts of people (previously they seemed to inhabit Christchurch airport which had its fair share of nazis as described here.

The difference here is that they have been given official sanction while our PM exhorts us to “be kind”. This leads to a situation where common decency and empathy is becoming the exception rather than the rule.

I remember that even under 60 years of the Soviet regime there were people who went “nudge…wink” and adopted a humanitarian response on the side.

Not, I fear, in New Zealand.

The growing gulag culture that is permeating the MIQ disgrace

I have over the last few days had the honour of helping two New Zealanders deal with a very difficult and dehumanising experience in an MIQ facility in Auckland. This interview brings into focus the iron curtain that has descended around our once free nation and the growing gulag culture that is permeating the MIQ disgrace. This is their story….

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