Reports in New Zealand of covid patients being euthanised in hospitals

Reports in New Zealand of covid patients being euthanised in hospitals



the Daily Telegraph,

31 July, 2022


Campbell read J’s message in a video posted to his YouTube channel, where he has 2.4 million subscribers.

Campbell told viewers that while he could not verify what J said, he could only relate their experience, and the fact J would have this perception ‘disturbed’ him. ‘If it’s reality it disturbs me even more, but as I say, I can’t adjudicate on that.’ Campbell invited viewers in New Zealand to comment about similar experiences, which we have published below.

In the message, J said:

‘My father died in New Zealand 2 weeks ago with COVID because they euthanised him.

‘The death rates are higher because they’re killing the elderly in hospital. We knew this would happen after euthanasia was legalised.

‘The number of deaths is insane right now. The cemeteries are at capacity. When we buried dad there were three other funerals at the same time. Even undertakers, grave diggers, admitted things are crazy right now.

‘They put dad in isolation for 11 days where I was banned from seeing him, he was locked in a room and neglected and starved, when he came out he [had] lost 11kgs in 11 days and was so weak he caught pneumonia from hospital then got worse.

The medical care J’s father received following the pneumonia diagnosis was substandard, with her father being kept in bed the whole time and on a catheter – both practises Dr. Campbell said were inappropriate and likely to result in a serious deterioration of the man’s health.

‘When they got him so weak and sick they gave him Midazolam which is a euthanasia drug and finished him off. I’m opening an enquiry because this happened to my friend’s mother too.’

‘If this is J’s perception, it is deeply, deeply disturbing,’ said Campbell.

The world was first alerted to the involuntary euthanasia of elderly patients in the early stages of the pandemic in the UK by funeral director John O’Looney in a video with Australian freedom activist Max Igan, which went viral.

The video below is from CoronavirusPlushie’s Rumble channel, which also contains additional clips on the Midazolam controversy.


Kiwis responded to Campbell’s request for comment, only a small number of which we reproduce below with user names removed. Dr. Campbell’s original video with user comments is published on YouTube. Users took the opportunity to describe to Dr. Campbell about the shocking state of the New Zealand health system:

  • In NZ I know a case where an elderly woman who was in hospital after suffering major vaccination side effects was left for four days without food and little water, and the bell to call staff was switched off at night. Her daughters worked out what was happening and have filed a complaint. We should be questioning the health department in NZ. There is also a Freedom Nurses organization, 500 nurses who are not allowed to work as they are unvaccinated. Something is very wrong in the proud country of NZ, perhaps related to the lack of empathy shown by the PM and government towards those who are suffering in any was as a result of their policies.
  • Hello from New Zealand. I’m a retired RN. Staff shortages are dire in NZ and the workforce is exhausted. In normal pre covid times we were often short staffed and it’s now worse. It’s not helped by staff vaccine mandates intensified with boosters accounting for some of the shortages. Our nurses union strongly supports the mandates though surveys show more than half the NZ population supports stopping the mandates. I think they’re are no longer justified. Another factor is restrictions of travel as working travelers are normally part of the workforce. Morale is low and working conditions poor so I’m guessing that general attrition is high. Isolation from visitors is no longer a policy unless the visitor refuses to wear a mask. Masks indoors are still mandated in NZ and I normally refuse to wear one but I would relent if I wanted to visit a loved one. We have strictly voluntary euthanasia but I do not consider it valid consent when a patient might be miserable or depressed related to isolation from visitors. Midazolam is used for a variety of reasons including distress so can’t be sure euthanasia was enacted in this case. Again distress could have been alleviated by high priority being given to bringing in loved ones. The panic-demic as I call it in NZ persists. The hospitalization and death numbers are spurious as they include all positive cases regardless of any other primary causes. The population is slowly waking up to understanding that covid policies often do more harm than good.
  • John, with regards to your mail from NZ person (my condolences to him and his family) there are very similar stories from Australia. I know of a newly graduated MD working in a hospital in Australia (I’d prefer to not say where) who told me he woke up to something wasn’t 100% right when he was told NOT to resuscitate COVID positive patients. He was at a complete loss and I guess it was a wake up moment for him. Sadly after working for only two years and many more years study he decided to thrown in his profession as he is that dismayed by what he is seeing in our hospitals. He is not young and this was a wind change of sorts for himself, so to give up on the career at not a young age speaks volumes. The medical industry is in complete disarray and may never recover. Something needs to change.
  • For the first time ever I am one of these parents not immunizing since the covid vaccines. I am the daughter of a registered Nurse. I grew up thinking people that are doing what I am doing were ‘special’ and not in a nice way. I am lucky enough to live in the western world. New Zealand to be exact! Shocking right. The way the prime minister and her side kicks have treated us is disgusting. The NZ government are so much worse than anyone realises. I feel for Jay. I feel for everyone who knows what’s happening around them and can’t do anything to help. My Son is 11 years old and hasn’t even had to have antibiotics yet. He had covid 19 whatever that even means anymore. We already had a Nursing and teacher shortage.
  • Jay’s story sounds exactly like my mother, she caught covid in hospital was locked in a room for 3 wks, half starved, she had a cather in, was in pain with it, no one washed her hair for three weeks she was just left in that room with the door locked, she developed a leg clot after too from been in bed so much. I think our elderly have been treated appalling during this pandemic
  • A friend of the family of a workmate of mine works in the Emergency Department (A&E) at the local hospital (Dunedin, NZ).
    Recently 8 more ED staff were sacked because of mandates… In a hospital already desperately short. They were ‘fully vaccinated’ but refused the booster, having had to deal with the influx of people with certain conditions known to be caused by it and in many cases having had a recent infection of C19. The friend of the family has informed her management that she won’t be taking it either, so within a few months she will be out as well.
  • I’m a New Zealander, I can tell you our health system is under severe strain, some say it is at crisis point. We have a severe shortage of healthcare workers: a pre-existing situation made worse by staff sickness and the necessity of isolating. In addition, there are over 500 nurses who are excluded from work as they have refused COVID vaccines. I don’t know the number of allied healthcare workers such as nurse aides, doctors etc who are similarly excluded but if we extrapolate from the nursing figures it paints a grim picture. We had over 2 years to prepare for the inevitable but there was an inexcusable lack of planning, as if we would continue to be untouched by the pandemic. I am taking even more precautions than usual to avoid winter illnesses as I know I can no longer safely rely on hospital based care.
  • In NZ, my mothers friend is needing a heart bypass, however due to how poorly run our health system is they have told him he cannot have it as hes too old and will have to accept he will die younger. The evil women in charge won’t let unvaccinated health workers back yet they now require health workers with covid but who feel ok to carry on working.
  • As a Kiwi we have murder victims counted as deaths. I also have a family friend who’s sister died and riddled with cancer. She passed away during the period of being tested positive with c19. Official 1st cause of death was stated as c19. If ur human u can see how bad her cancer was. She was very sick all the time and in hospital to see her last days out. The family are fighting to have cause of death altered to cancer but the officials will not listen or change.
  • Hi John, I am in New Zealand and wish to make the following comment regarding hospitalizations here. We are certainly not given the impression from the media of a critical situation in our hospitals. I have not personally experienced any issues in the area of New Zealand that I reside in. However, I can agree that the mandates did have an effect on the Hospital staffing due to staff not willing to be subject to an unproven vaccine. As it has turned out, we can now see that mandates did more harm than good. I am shocked to here from your channel of this incident in New Zealand. I am also aware that this information will never make it into the media. Thank you for your channel. Stay safe and stay away from any further vaccination.
  • NZ – gosh, what a mess!! I work in private homes caring for the elderly. Myself and the other in home nursing carers are seeing exactly what has been described. In our death notices in our newspapers the elderly are sadly featuring highly. We have Hundreds of nurses willing and able to work but they aren’t allowed to if they chose not to be vaccinated 2 yrs ago. We all know that at this point in time those vaccinations are currently not relevant so the question has to be asked ‘Why are these desperately needed/ life saving nurses not able to help.
  • We are in NZ, my good friend who is 56 was offered the end of life treatment activity encouraged it by his doctor. Whilist he has heart issues his faith is keeping him positive and 18 months still alive. I have no faith in our government and the WHO criminals who are in my opinion killing people. We are not treated and are in perfect health, yet people who are strangely falling ill, still getting covid no lesser than what we had recently. Apparently we are 96% jabbed in NZ so please explain why are people dying here of so called Covid? Why are some experiencing adverse effects and continue to have issues?
  • Hi John, I am from New Zealand. The story you relayed is not suprising and sadly believable. Our country is being driven by ideology that ignores reality and those in power are very reluctant to back down.

On Allegations of Involuntary State Euthanasia Using Midazolam

We speak to Freelance Investigative Journalist Jacqui Deevoy, Health Scientist Dr Kevin Corbett Phd, Retired Nurse Celia Jones who is a witness and widow to Brian Boulton, Practising Nurse Elena Anamaria who is a witness and widow to Stuart Nisbet and Medical Researcher Stuart Wilkie.

A Good Death? The Midazolam Murders (A Documentary from

Each year, tens of thousands of elderly and terminally ill patients are quietly euthanised in NHS facilities. In hospitals, care homes and hospices, behind closed doors, their deaths are hastened in what appears to be a caring and humane way. But how has this practice of euthanasia – illegal in the UK and carrying a life prison sentence – become so widespread and acceptable? And why are people who are nowhere near the end of their lives being given killer ‘cocktails’ of drugs that are used in many US states for executions?


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