Responses to Dr.Bryan Ardis’ snake venom theory

Responses to Dr.Bryan Ardis’ snake venom theory

This video of Dr.Jane Ruby and her initial response to Dr.Bryan Ardis’ theories resonated with me. She counsels taking the time for everything to settle and not to make up one’s mind until one is able to evaluate all the evidence

The opposite of that is personified by the reaction of Clif High. These comments are from his Telegram channel

SO….ANYONE thinking that Aridis knows his shit is wrong. Ardis now claims they are dumping mRNA from snakes into the water system, he is backing off the venom itself being dumped. Still is absolute BULLSHIT! Look at how much trouble BIG PHARMA has to go though JUST to keep the mRNA alive long enough to inject you. They have to cool it to like -80 degrees!  NO FUCKING WAY that mRNA will survive in city water supplies, or any water, at any temperature. PLUS mRNA cannot be absorbed through the gut. it MUST be injected. PLUS the mRNA from snakes would NOT be uptaken by human body. They are completely incompatible.

After that initial response he became even more extreme

Well, so all the Water (being watched) Under the Bridge over these last couple of days has surely made it impossible to interview with Mike Adams or Stew Peters. Ever. They both live on sensationalism. Just not my style. Mike is irresponsible. I don’t roll that way.  His language is offensive to me.  All of Stew Peters presentations are furious linguistic pressurizing pumps that exhaust the systems of the viewers without leaving any intellectual gain. IMO Stew Peters is dangerous to collective rational thinking. What is damning IMO is  that i think it is a deliberate tactic being employed by him rather than merely a personality defect. So, basically, they can go pound sand.


Interesting just how frequently Stew Peters invokes ‘satan’ by sigils & his hand gestures. IMO this fellow is a practiced spell caster.


i am now wondering, after the flurry of videos that Ardis & Stew have done to pimp their anti-venom, just how close Stew & Ardis have gotten to the line for Interstate Wire Fraud that can be reported to the FTC?


By my reading of this situation, IF Stew has any financial interest in the supplements, or was paid to produce the video, it is an info-mercial that is being touted as real news. This crosses 3 lines in the FTC thinking about fraud. One for sure thing is that Stew has to identify that he is paid/compensated. Otherwise it is clearly a case of deliberate fraud.   FTC likes those as they get plenty of headlines….   NOW, riddle me this: How long will it take for a prosecutor wishing to make a reputation  to  piggy back on the viral nature of this video by citing everyone involved with Conspiracy To Commit (Wire Fraud)?  i am thinking, given how good a job the Shill Crew did with their pimping, that it will take about 2 more days before there is an officialdom investigation.

Yesterday, Jeff Rense and Erica Khan came up with the following

Snake venom in your tap water… or the latest disinformation psyop

Whatever the truth (or otherwise) of the theories I have a few words to describe their reaction:

Contempt prior to investigation

It escapes me how people can react with instant reactions like that when they can hardly have had time to get through the three hours of interviews and the cited material.

It reminds me of the person objecting to material I posted about people lighting fires in the US.

He opined: “we do not NEED this for our cause”. 

He never once asked if it was true or not.

There are, however, people who are more open-minded who know far more than Jeff Rense or Clif High, like Mike Yeadon.

“Another interview with Dr Ardis & venoms. If there really is no connection, there are a helluva lot of coincidences.

One key missing piece was alignment of spike protein with any portion of venom from King cobra or Krait.

There are already plenty of signifiers of evil that I wouldn’t be at all surprised in the venom angle was accurate.

Best wishes


I think he gets it where lesser people don’t.

New Zealand’s Guy Hatchard seems to do as well.

An article in Scientific American back in January 2020 reported:

“Snakes—the Chinese krait and the Chinese cobra—may be the original source of the newly discovered coronavirus that has triggered an outbreak of a deadly infectious respiratory illness in China this winter.”

The article originated from a Chinese authored paper published in the Journal of Medical Virology on 22 January 2020 entitled Cross-species transmission of the newly identified coronavirus 2019-nCoV and said:

Our findings suggest that 2019-nCoV has most similar genetic information with bat coronavirus and most similar codon usage bias with snake.

The essence of the article was the supposition that Covid-19 made its way from snakes to bats and then to the Wuhan wet market, expressed as follows:

“An origin-unknown homologous recombination may have occurred within the spike glycoprotein of the 2019-nCoV….The squared euclidean distance indicates that the 2019-nCoV and snakes from China have the highest similarity in synonymous codon usage bias compared to those of bat, bird, Marmota, human, Manis, and hedgehog”

This idea subsequently gained little traction, because of the improbability of such a train of interspecies transfer, and because public discussion of its conclusions was vigorously suppressed by fact checkers.

The suggestion of the authors to do more research disappeared from view. It has been largely forgotten until now.

Were Some of These Recombined Genetic Sequences From Snakes?

Recent discussion of the origin of the Covid-19 spike protein has suggested that it could be the result of recombinant techniques in the laboratory which joined a number of genetic sequences together as part of research to develop deadly pathogens, and then investigate possible cures.

A paper published in F1000Research entitled Toxin-like peptides in plasma, urine, and faecal samples from COVID-19 patients in April 2020 concluded that:

“The presence of toxin-like peptides…suggests a possible association between COVID-19 disease and the release in the body of (oligo-)peptides almost identical to toxic components of venoms from animals….The presence of these peptides opens new scenarios on the aetiology of the COVID-19 clinical symptoms observed up to now, including neurological manifestations.”

What are Some of the Neurological Effects of Snake Venom?

A study published in 2002 entitled Cardiac Involvement in Snake Bite” reports:

“Myocardial involvement is seen on occasions and may rarely contribute to morbidity and mortality. ECG changes are usually transient but when persistent they are attributed to direct myocardial damage due to the toxin.”

Other reported neurological effects of snake bite include:

  • pro and anticoagulant activity leading to ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke,
  • muscle paralysis through inhibition of neuromuscular transmission leading to respiratory failure.

All of these neurological, thrombotic, and cardiac effects are similar to reported adverse effects of both Covid infection and mRNA vaccination.

Is Covid-19 a Recombination of a Virus and a Toxin?

mRNA vaccines specifically train the human physiology to produce the suspect spike protein. Did this expose vaccine recipients to a toxin? It appears this might be the case.

In which case, the essential design of the mRNA vaccine would have been a grave error. It was training the physiology to produce a toxin.

These discussions are speculative. We now know that early genetic sequences of Covid-19 appear to have been suppressed by NIH on the instructions of the Wuhan Virology Lab.

Was the genetic similarity between snake genetics and Covid-19 too explosive to admit, whether they came from snakes or not? Certainly, this possibility should have been investigated vigorously.

It might have led to an understanding of the origins of Covid, but more importantly, it might have led to more effective treatments for Covid.

It might also have shed light on the source of the wide range of neurotoxic effects of both Covid and mRNA vaccination.

Whatever the eventual conclusion of further investigative research: biotechnology experimentation to research and develop pathogens and toxins must stop now. It amounts to a ticking time bomb

One thought on “Responses to Dr.Bryan Ardis’ snake venom theory

  1. At this point I dont trust the test kits, used to boost case numbers. The nuisances of this mass genocide are really diversions and divisive. I think people need to stand firm and take no shots, or no more shots.

    To quote Dr Vernon Coleman:
    “And for those of us trying to win a war and save lives, it really doesn’t matter a toss whether you believe the alleged disease is caused by a virus, an exosome or a 5G mast.”

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