Responses to the “shit-eating grin woman”

Responses to the “shit-eating grin woman”

Some people will be rejoicing.

Speaking for myself, my anger at this tyrant is at an all-time high.

Paul Joseph Watson’s words are perfect.

The nerve of this woman

Shit-eating woman has been taken down a peg or two

Of all the things that has been written this piece by Lynda Wharton resonates more than anything.

Please don't ever forget them news


“It’s time to safely turn the page on our Covid-19 management, and live without the extraordinary measures we have previously used,” Ardern said.

“Finally, rather than feeling that Covid dictates what happens to us, our lives, and our futures, we take back control.”

And with the utterance of those two sentences written no doubt by a parliamentary speech writer, New Zealanders pull the curtain across the Human Rights abomination that was the New Zealand Covid Response.


I awoke with a gnawing heaviness in my belly.

It took me a few hours to understand the blocked feeling in my gut, and the sensation of tears brimming just behind my eyes.

Then I got it.

I am feeling anger and grief for the thousands of New Zealanders who have become a part of my life in the past 18 months, those who shared their pain with me.

The vaccine injured

The vaccine bereaved families who have lost a mum, dad, child, brother or sister after their (possibly mandated) Covid injection.

The mandated out who have suffered professional and personal abuse, lost their careers, their professional esteem, their income….and their trust in the system.

The families who lost a loved one during lockdowns, and experienced the excrutiating pain of virtual imprisonment at home while a loved one died alone, frightened, in a hospital or rest home.

The Kiwis stranded abroad who were unable to get a quarantine room to return home for the death of a loved one or the birth of a child.

The New Zealanders (including me) who have been deemed the black sheep and cut off from family because of our decision to refuse the injection.

The mothers with adult children who will no longer speak to them because of the vaccine divide. The adult children with mothers and fathers who have shunned them for the same reason.

The teachers who were marched off the premises with nothing more than a box of personal possessions, and a warning that if they returned they would be charged with trespassing. Their crime? Refusing the injection. For that they lost their job and were refused the chance to even say goodbye to their beloved students.

The families where both mum and dad refused the injection, perhaps based on pre-existing medical conditions and a personal risk/benefit analysis. They lost their jobs. They lost their homes. Mortgages foreclosed.

The grandparents who for months were banned from seeing grandchildren because of their unvaccinated status.

The teenagers and children who lost their sport clubs, their team memberships, their ability to sit drivers licences, their ability to enter a library or a cinema. Their complete alienation and isolation as a result of their unvaccinated status.

The elderly living in retirement villages, who for months were forbidden from entering any communal space, and were virtual prisoners in their apartments, because of their vaccine status.

The patients who visited doctors and were “seen” in back alleys next to rubbish bins as they were deemed too high a risk to enter the building. Even with no covid symptoms and a negative PCR test. Virtual lepers because they refused the injection.

The doctors, nurses, surgeons, teachers, police, military (and more) who were severely injured or nearly died from their first shot and were refused an exemption from further doses.

The mandated who collapsed with severe Anaphylaxis from a dose….and then were refused exemptions, instead being instructed to take their next dose in ED with a resuscitation team and a crash cart by their side.

The teenagers who were crippled by Myocarditis and refused exemptions. Instead they were left with ongoing health problems, a potential shortening of their life… and kicked out of their Universities, training insitutitions and jobs.

The pregnant mothers who delivered their babies wearing a mask and surrounded by vaccinated staff wearing PPE equipment. Their partner allowed to stay for only a couple of hours before being removed from the premises.

The thousands of New Zealanders who have not received the medical care they needed due to staff mandates, chronic understaffing and a refusal to safely return unvaccinated skilled staff to the medical field, even with PPE and negative tests.

Thousands of years of medical and teaching skills removed from our community due to medical mandates. Surgeons, Psychologist, Psychiatrists, Pathologists, Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Aged Carerers and more.


Many suicides.

  • Businesses lost.
  • Mortgages called in.
  • Husbands leaving wives.
  • Wives leaving husbands.
  • Teens plunged into depression and suicidality.
  • Vaccine broken and injured.
  • Vaccine bereaved.
  • Poverty. Isolation. Fear. Derision. Separation.Castigation.

Today many New Zealanders will sip their lattes and for the first time leave their masks in the car.

For them it is OVER. Covid is OVER.

My day will continue just as it has every day for the past 18 months.

I will receive emails from Covid vaccine injured New Zealanders seeking help and hope.

I’ll follow the chat threads of the groups I’m in where real New Zealanders seek and find comfort from other Kiwi’s who “understand” their pain and suffering.

Many who I now consider personal friends, will today simply try to survive yet another day in a torturous hell they never asked for…and were never warned about, before they rolled up their sleeve and took one for the team.

The amazing, courageous men and women who today will just try to make it through to bed time, doing battle with pain, exhaustion, depression, neurological disorders, cardiac dysfunction and more.

The wounded soldiers labelled “necessary collateral damage” by a high profile media personality; and a senior journalist in our leading newspaper.

As masks are discarded and workplaces open up to all Kiwis, not just those who complied with a medical order, please don’t forget those who are changed, perhaps forever.

As New Zealanders are invited to “take back control over covid”, not everyone has the physical, mental or emotional ability to do exactly this.

We are surrounded by “the broken”.

They may be invisible to you….but I promise you they are there.

Please never forget.

Lynda Wharton started a social media community called The Health Forum NZ, 18 months ago. At its peak her facebook group had almost 60,000 members. Many of them New Zealanders harmed by our covid response, mandates, and vaccine injury (before deplatforming by Facebook).

You can find The Health Forum NZ at:

If you want to share your story through The Health Forum media, or you seek help related to vaccine harm, please email Lynda at

Liz Gunn hits the nail on the head with this compilation. Forgiveness comes with repentance. There will be no repentance from this narcissist tyrant.

Messages For Jacinda [Open Captions]

From the doctors that were mandated out of their jobs and still have a conscience


What Ardern, and her enablers, have achieved is not tens of thousands of lives saved, but a nation divided and a hardened foe. The more the government denigrated those with differing views as filth, the more they coalesced around freedom of information and individual choice; the same concept the Prime Minister is trying to hide behind

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) congratulates all those who, under often under extremely dire circumstances, held the line. They have their health, which sadly not everyone coerced into taking the clearly rushed and experimental injection, still has. We thank those who supported us quietly and loudly and we thank the army of volunteers without whom we would not have reached as many New Zealanders as we have.

Increasing evidence points to not only negative vaccine efficacy, but also to damage to naturally acquired immunity. Not only does this adversely affect the individual, it negatively affects the community, as herd immunity cannot thus develop. Children, for whom covid is, in the vast majority, a trivial disease, were asked to protect their grandparents and family; some are now suffering possibly irrecoverable cardiac damage. Early treatment and naturally-developed herd immunity were ignored, both of which would likely render acute covid in- fection a mild disease and protect against “long Covid”. What became of New Zealand under Ardern?

When will we be seeing apologies from Drs Curtis Walker, Nikki Turner and Brian Betty? We have not seen an acknowledgement from any health authority or the “leader” of the nation, that mistakes were made and that perhaps they should have looked at more information than just that provided by Pfizer, who is of course, immune from product liability, although not from criminal prosecution.

Has the government learnt anything? The doctors at NZDSOS have learnt a lot over the last eighteen months, including to not blindly follow the guidelines handed down by possibly compromised health organisations and the maker of the jab. It is falling on tax payers, not Pfizer, to support those few whom ACC deem have been injured by Comirnaty.

More concerningly, has the government backed down to regroup and do it all again, bound by the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty of the World Health Organisation? Or are they responding to the polls, realising they are in trouble, so are sweeping mountains of evidence of harm under the carpet and clearing the decks for a change in strategy?

Given that members of parliament are trained to avoid providing information via Official In- formation Acts (OIA) requests, we may never know the answers to these questions. Maybe it doesn’t really matter as our children and grandchildren will be paying for this cataclysm with their health and their taxes, enslaved until these harms are redressed and those responsible held accountable. NZDSOS continues to support and treat those injured by Ardern’s injections, while we explore and fight for an equitable and fit-for-purpose health system. We continue to raise awareness of threats to our sovereignty by un-elected organisations such as the World Health Organisation and the World Economic Forum. We continue to support doctors persecuted for standing up for the right of patient’s individual choice in choosing their method of prevention and treatment of all infectious and other diseases.

As the group who have called the covid situation correctly since the beginning, NZDSOS calls for an urgent discussion with the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health and the Medical Council of New Zealand to develop full information for those considering prevention for covid and other viral illnesses, valid treatment for those injured and dropping of all charges by the Medical Council against doctors who asked questions, prescribed safe early treatment and advised caution

From Voices for Freedom who have borne the brunt of a government- led smear campaign

COVID traffic light news

The ‘Traffic Light System’ (TLS) ended at midnight last night.

Mask recommendations and mandates are ditchedexcept in healthcare settings and aged care facilities.

Government injection mandates will end in two weeks on 26 September but employers get to decide whether they keep restrictions in place.

Household contacts of positive COVID-19 cases are no longer required to isolate for a week. Seven-day isolation is still required for all positive COVID-19 cases.

There are no more vaccination requirements for overseas travellers and aircrew.


The Prime Minister noted in her prepared speech yesterday that she was concerned about people’s mental health, stating, “I don’t want people’s wellbeing to be the price of Covid.

Well, it’s a bit late for that, Jacinda.

Our PM failed to acknowledge that her 24/7 stream of fear-inducing Covid-response propaganda directed at the NZ public has driven the country’s collective mental health to new lows.

Social media platforms are filled with desperate people fearing the worst when the masks come off today.

Mandates divided us. They destroyed dreams, livelihoods, families, friendships, futures, and lives.

Critical sectors, industries, and businesses have been dealt blow after blow. Many are on their knees and they’ve just received yet another thump in the form of an impromptu public holiday – buying votes with other people’s money.

Meanwhile, seemingly oblivious to the blatant hypocrisy, Jacinda kept a straight face from the ‘Podium Of Truth’ as she said in respect of the ongoing wearing of masks: “We all just need to respect everyone’s individual decisions.


Are we happy our Dear Leader has finally read the room, noted the dissent, and seen sense? Yes.

Is there serious damage that still needs to be recognised, addressed, and remedied? Also yes. If that’s even possible.

Do we believe this about-turn had anything to do with evidence? Jacinda’s cabinet roundly ignored the evidence for the past two years, so why would they start paying attention now…

This was never about health – it has always been political.


The shift we have witnessed over the past few weeks culminating in yesterday’s announcement is because of people like you:

  • Freedom lovers who continued to stand up and speak out no matter the cost.
  • Courageous people who stood resolute in their principles, unafraid to exercise their rights and ask the tricky questions. Those who saw through the lies right from the start and those who have recently awakened to the madness.
  • Otherwise quiet Kiwis who dialed up the volume to challenge the nonsense even when their voices wobbled.
  • Folk who refused to cover their faces – in the shops, at the supermarkets, in schools, at medical centres, on buses and trains, in their airports, and on planes.
  • People who refused to buy into the hype, choosing instead to retain their humanity and connection with those around them.
  • Those who kept reading, thinking, and questioning the official narrative.
  • The kind-hearted who supported one another with compassion, openness and acceptance through some of the hardest times of our lives.
  • The determined New Zealanders who shunned the medical apartheid, got creative and found new ways to meet their needs, organise, and connect.
  • People who support organisations like ours to bring people together, challenge the status quo, and educate the public on issues of importance.
  • VFF supporters who, week after week, stood on roadsides smiling and holding signs and helped to fund and hand-deliver 5 million flyers, including our recent mask campaign.
  • Movements like ours, whose numbers continue to grow and swell to a size that Jacinda can no longer ignore.


Many have that uneasy feeling that this is not over. So long as the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 is still in place, it can’t be. The current situation warrants the dumping of the restrictions but apparently not the removal of the ‘emergency’ legislation. That would be a sensible step too far.

The power’s been cut to the traffic lights and there’s a cop en route to the scene with his white gloves ready for point duty.

Where will New Zealand’s attention be directed next? Might it be ‘climate change’ restrictions? Perhaps the energy crisis? The ‘need’ for digital ID and currency? Food shortages? Gaslighting over explosive inflation?


But one thing’s for sure, in order to remove ourselves from this endless game we need to get stronger – as individuals, families, and communities. We need to Rebuild Free and never allow ourselves to be vulnerable to tyrannical leaders, restrictions, laws, and manufactured social pressure ever again.

Alia x

Voices For Freedom

This article has been republished with the kind permission of Voices For Freedom. For more information about VFF, visit their website. The original article is posted on their website here. For more information about ‘Rebuild Free’, visit

And from the redoubtable Guy Hatchard

mRNA Vaccine news



Covid restrictions are largely coming to an end in New Zealand. Thank you for some sanity. Never before have novel medical concepts been so intertwined with naive political allegiances and never before have careerist medical professionals been able to exercise total control over politicians. Good riddance. 

Does this draw the curtains on the pandemic and have we learnt the right lessons? Not yet.


When Jacinda Ardern announced the end of restrictions yesterday at a press briefing she was asked about our record high rates of excess deaths, but she ducked the question and changed the subject. Mainstream media needs to push harder on this line of questioning and Jacinda is not the only person they should be asking.

She was also asked by some worried and fawning journalist when we would all be able to get our next booster. Her lightning reply showed just how much the truth is beginning to dawn: “there will be very few needing to go that way”.

The double speak on boosters, even in scientific journals, is wonderfully scary to behold. A research letter published September 8 2022 in JAMA Network Open illustrates the point. A study of risk factors for death after Omicron Covid-19 infection found that the elderly were most at risk to die after receiving a booster. The double speak comes in the conclusion: the elderly should be prioritised for further booster doses. I don’t need to explain how distressing and sad this is, do I?

The author’s analysis of UK ONS data on 19 million people only covered deaths attributed to Covid, it didn’t cover all cause deaths. A look at the same ONS data shows unequivocally that boosting is a risk factor not just for Covid death but substantially for any death. 50% of people are boosted in the UK but they account for 86% of all cause deaths. Boosting is a double whammy.

No wonder Jacinda said very few will need another booster, she knows. I wrote to her a few weeks ago with the statistics and her office replied in double quick time—we’ve asked Ayesha Verril to look into it. The penny has dropped, but it is probably too early for governments to publicly admit they have been duped by biotech vaccine fanatics intent on maintaining the government funding gravy train. 


Tens of thousands adversely affected by unnecessary vaccine mandates and those injured by vaccines have been ignored and left behind. This has been an exercise in intolerance and an abrogation of medical ethics. They have been ignored and rejected. The level of vaccination adverse effects reported to CARM has run at fifty times the rates pre-pandemic. This called out loudly for prospective studies of injury. These were rejected by government and medical professionals alike. 

But a recent prospective study of 300 students in Thailand reveals a horror story—almost a third of mRNA vaccine recipients experience cardiac effects. The long term consequences remain unknown. 

paper published yesterday, authored by some of the world’s top scientists at among others Oxford, Johns Hopkins and Harvard Universities, presents a risk-benefit analysis of boosters and mandates for university students. 

It finds that for every one hospitalisation prevented by Covid vaccination, there are between 18 to 98 serious adverse events. 

It concludes that Covid vaccine mandates applied to university students are unethical. They have created unjustified and alarming social and medical harms. 

You should be worried about the serious flow on health issues associated with mRNA vaccination, but perhaps you should be less worried about long Covid than first thought. A study entitled “Associations of Depression, Anxiety, Worry, Perceived Stress, and Loneliness Prior to Infection With Risk of Post–COVID-19 Conditions” has found that the more you worry the more likely you are to report that you suffer from long Covid. So stoking the Covid fear factor actually increases the risks. Another lesson to learn.


Our current rate of cancer incidence is unknown, but, if overseas VAERS data can be trusted, it will be increasing dramatically. Figures are not being shared with the public. They should be.

Vaccination status is not recorded on death certificates, a prerequisite for causal research. Why not? We wrote to the government in August on this issue.

Sudden death has been normalised in the media and no one appears to be asking the difficult questions. They need to be asked, read here for a discussion.

The government has left it up to employers to decide whether they should continue to discriminate against the unvaccinated but studies in Qatar show that the unvaccinated enjoy 97.5% protection against reinfection. They should get their jobs back. But employers are still being daily spooked by misleading Covid vaccine advertising.


People who worry about grim sounding Covid statistics should know that pandemic payments to hospitals, doctors, and other government departments only drive Covid statistics up. It’s simple economics. In the USA, hospitals receive a 20% increase in the Medicare payment rate for every patient diagnosed with Covid. Maximising Covid has become a medical business model and a strategy to buy political support.

Anil Makam, MD, MAS, is an academic hospital medicine physician and a health services researcher at UCSF Department of Medicine. His research is at the intersection of geriatrics, hospital medicine, and post-acute care, specifically focusing on the role of long-term acute care hospitals (LTACs). He tweets (for the benefit of those still trying to exaggerate Covid), in the whole of the 2022 Omicron era I have only seen one case of Covid pneumonia….Good news severe Covid is gone.

Here in NZ, the plethora of special Covid payments and incentives needs to stop now. Covid costs (including advertising and media payouts) have topped $70 billion (50% of the annual government revenue) and it’s all borrowed money. The Covid industry has all but taken over the nation. Long ago it detached itself from primary Covid data sources on safety and gained almost unstoppable momentum by waving unsubstantiated fear flags everywhere. 


Savvy commentators are not fooled by repeated attempts to reassure the public that they should ‘blame a bat’, bats are innocent. Read this eight step explanation on Twitter from Richard H. Ebright, it’s short and to the point. He is on the Board of Governors and Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers University and Laboratory Director at the Waksman Institute of Microbiology.

There is more to say on this. Covid-19 was circulating worldwide way before the official pandemic start date in early 2020. Blood samples from France and Italy taken during September to December 2019 contain Covid-19 antibodies. This further undermines the timeline of the natural origin hypothesis and places the pandemic start closer to known respiratory illness episodes among staff at the Wuhan Lab.

If you want a glimpse into a lab horror story, watch The Anthrax Attacks documentary on Netflix. As far back as the 1990’s researchers were busy weaponizing deadly pathogens in a supposed attempt to develop vaccines. This was occuring in military laboratories in the USA, and if you think that this wasn’t and isn’t going on in military circles all round the world, think again.

The full horror of this kind of research surfaced during the pandemic. Genetic sequences are highly mobile, cannot be contained, and are passed on to subsequent generations. 

If you think we can exit the pandemic without banning risky biotechnology research and covert bioweapon programmes, you’re mad.

There is a long list here that government policy needs to acknowledge and take account of. It is not enough to exit the pandemic by stopping restrictions. Public perceptions and strong divisive opinions have been created that don’t match Covid science publishing. It is time to redress injustice, correct the public record, and face up to continuing health challenges.

The government may find it hard to stop the runaway gravy train, the misinformation, and the fear mongering they initiated and encouraged. It has taken on a life of its own, but it must be countered, stopped, and dismantled. 

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website:

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

Let’s see if the government-inspired witch hunt will quietly disappear or if we can see more slurs on good people by

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