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Nevertheless, the essence of what Judy Mikovits says is there.


Stew Peters

Judy Mikovits, so much for making the time for us to be here today. We appreciate it.

Judy Mikovits

It’s nice to be back to thank you, of course.

Stew Peters

So I mean, you were early on in this whole thing and I gotta be honest with you, as this thrown-in host of a show. I get red pilled here every day I’ve learned a lot. It’s like warp speed learning, forgive the pun. But the evidence to me is irrefutable and overwhelming.

Now about your claims.

What do you think are the key pieces of evidence that prove that this was a criminal plot the whole way through?

Judy Mikovits

Well, the key pieces of evidence are several Journal of Virology papers –  first in 2004 showing that they cloned SARS-Covid-2 that SARS -Covid-2 to and this is a paper by Moore (who is the first author) and they cloned SARS Cove to and and it contains part HIV GP-120, which I said on the Epoch Times show that Joshua Phillips presented, April 8 of 2020. It also shows that xMRV envelope spike proteins Ansichten, which is is the deadly component of snake venom, and it also is part SARS raised receptor binding domain. Well, this paper was published in 2004.

And shortly thereafter, a group (with Read as the first author) in Journal of Virology cloned the pandemic strain of influenza A right out of dead corpses they dug up from Alaska 2004.

Again, our military cloned the pandemic influenza, and then in 2011, there is a Journal of Virology paper, October 2011.

It was submitted shortly after I was fired and jailed. And it was published in January of 2012, and it says meta -genomic analysis of viruses from bat fecal samples reveal many novel viruses from insects Boris (?) bats in China and Zheng li she is the last author. And in in those viruses are sheep viruses, parvoviruses baculoviruses, which is what we make some vaccines in, retroviruses. It says right there, feline panleukemia virus, Moloney murine mouse leukemia virus .

That’s what XMRV means,  Xenotropic Murine Leukemia virus and you go to the other, the supplemental figures where they said other retroviruses at the bottom of this paper and it says Xenotropic M ULV-related virus VP -62, the infectious molecular clone that the government admitted was recombinant and said that the virus is we isolated from people with diseases, with myalgic encephalomyelitis which Tony Fauci renamed to chronic fatigue syndrome.

And my studies between 2009 publication of that science paper and 2011 showed ,multiple cancers,

neuro- immune disease, PTSD, Gulf War, autism, multiple sclerosis from the expression of that XMRV point.

So right there two decades ago, we isolated the virus from the people who got the disease, and now they’re being experimented on again, and we’re being led to believe any of these.- in fact, that’s what the title of the paper said – novel viruses.

They’re not novel.

They’ve been in our laboratories for three decades.

I did the work, I made the cell lines, I made the clones.

When we isolated them from human diseases. they said they weren’t isolates,

We were wrong in those two years when the blood supply had been contaminated for 30 years, because Tony Fauci said only gay men IV drug users and and prostitutes could get HIV while nurses, women, children, transplant victims, Arthur Ash, Ryan White.

We all remember this.

The plandemic or COVID-19 and the bio-weapon that was weaponized they call the vaccine; it was humanised between 2004 and 2011. And today, in that bat cave since I’ve been silent,

since our law, our labs were locked down and all the data was removed.

They thought they removed all the data.

Our book Plague of Corruption shows you we weren’t intimidated by their threats and they carried out their threats.

We have all the sample; we have the proof; we have the cell lines in the freezer.

Every one of these viruses were known in 2010.

And that was the big reason for silencing us.

This is murder, premeditated murder.

That’s what I’ll present. I’ll show you the evidence, the 2020 paper of Suramin. In January, 2020, an antidote for Zika, an antidote for Ebola an antidote for HIV, an antidote – 100 year old medicinal chemistry, double blind, placebo controlled study done in 2015, where kids with autism got their life back, their voice back and Bayer Monsanto took it away from everyone.

The other key piece of evidence in this plandemic, when people started claiming religious exemptions, because of the use of aborted fetal cell lines, in vaccines in all vaccines for 40 years against our God. We were told that Bayer-Monsanto put out an ad test station to their platform to their employees that said, “we understand you have a problem with the use of aborted fetal cell lines in the development and research and production of vaccines”, the COVID vaccine will therefore a test that you don’t have a problem with the fact that we use aborted fetal cell lines in every one of these products, Peptobismol,ivermectin, every kind of blood pressure medicine, and it said not limited to Tylenol.

The form is amazing, that’s what I’m presenting this week in the task force and have presented over the last three months and year, as you know, aborted fetal cell lines have sin sittin (?) from other animals, which will cause auto-inflammatory disease.

So they actually put the peptide component of snake venom which humans ever have a protection from their own God-given human endogenous retrovirus

If you inject and bypass the innate immune response, you will develop autoimmune auto-inflammatory disease and cancer.

And there’s three decades of work showing that since it in gene alone, and in the sperm, in the egg, and every cell of the body- changes everything – cancer.

Express it in the wrong tissue at the wrong time, and you get disease – foreign disease from other animals, loaded in all vaccines.

It’s been there, we’ve noted in vaccine core,

I’ve testified I’ve shown the evidence of injured and shown the cytokine storms, the exact same mechanism as COVID

This is the it’s irrefutable. It’s published.

It’s in their own journals, just as I showed in the very beginning. April 8 was a full month before pandemic Mikki Willis produced in Plandemic was it was May 4 – April 8, was that Epoch Times show. And it showed you right there, from Fort Dietrich, funded by NAID ,Tony Fauci in 2015. when it was illegal to do these gain-of-function studies, shipped the cell line containing all those precursors I just read to you from 2011 paper with China – shipped it to China in the labs and continued humanizing and weaponizing, changing that monkey SARS Cov-2 to with simian (?) immune deficiency virus to a human immune deficiency virus.

And we all know that now.

And we all know that from Luc (Montagnier’s) work in the early work that showed there were variants that had HIV, so SARS Covid-2 to is not a coronavirus. It’s a para-retrovirus, therefore, therefore, all bets are off, and they knew they knew well, who they were trying to kill – the people with cancer.

We see the diseases we’ve seen the diseases.

That was our work, from 2009 – 11 when it was clear, because of Tony Fauci.

He’s a fraud.

40 years ago, women and children were infected with XMRV’s with other retroviruses that were diseased-associated.

So, the game was to kill them and they have the same disease, cytokine storm as the virus that was released on Sierra Leone, the ebola virus – all of these viruses in the cell lines are in the shots, every single shot is GMO.

Every single shot is a bioweapon patentable gain-of-function study since 1986 and none have been tested.

And we see the injury and the goal is premeditated murder, because in 2009, if you can find a way to make a vaccine safer in 2009 when we published our paper and said you can never use the cell lines again to manufacture vaccines.

So instead of doing the right thing at the July 22 invitation-only meeting the whole government went and said, “what do we do about this problem”? It was more than just our paper. Cancer, cancer, cancer. People would coming up with evidence of infection associated with this with the explosion of disease in our country.

And that’s the reason because they were liable in 2009.

So take old data even with the with the National Vaccine and Compensation Program because they never did a single safety study.

And that’s what we know Del Bigtree, the Informed Consent Action Network, Children’s Health Defense , Bobby Kennedy, Aaron Siri at the end of 2019 caught them Freedom of Information Act for years.

No, never did the studies required by law, not a single one.

Every single person who was injured by any vaccine is is now awarded, or should be awarded damages.

The government is liable.

They were responsible.

They failed in their duty and this is is the reason for the plandemic – control us all, kill us cremate, destroy the evidence.

That’s why I said we have the cell lines.

We have freezers full of them. 

We didn’t commit the federal crime of throwing data away as principal investigators. We said this in the last chapter of our book, Plague of Corruption.

One last story I should tell you – they thought we were going to cremate everything. They thought we were like criminal William Thompson and we put evidence in his safe to destroy the lives of millions of black children and people of color with his with the CDC fraud and MMR and autism.

They thought they got away with that. But we obey only one God and it’s not Tony Fauci. 

Stew Peters

Wow. God bless you. How did Tony Fauci get all of this power?

Judy Mikovits

That’s described in in our in our book, Ending Plague where Dr. Rosetti,his contemporary, showed you from the beginning…

Unfortunately, Fauci got all of this power by similar crimes going all the way back to the gain-of-function studies that were HIV – because HIV was not what Luc Montagnier isolated.

It was called LAV lymphadenopathy virus.

So Bob Gallo and Tony Fauci conspired. The Ricoh )?) started all the way back in in the early 80’s as I tell you, in Plandemic.

I was the technician doing those isolations.

The electron micrographs don’t lie.

HIV never was LAV.

So you remember then the president of France and Ronald Reagan fought over the novel virus. Well, we all now appreciate you can’t patent novel viruses.

So. Bob Gallo and Tony Fauci conspired – they, they drove grants towards patents around T cells, like interleukin-2 – this is all the whole, when the by Dole Act allowed government workers to patent they do have patents towards their clones, their HIV’ s which the human immunodeficiency virus never was isolated from a human.

That’s an infectious molecular clone, like the P 62.

And so they’ve been gaining this power by driving patents, conspiring with Big Pharma – that 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Act was November 14 of 1986.

So that’s when , there was no liability whatsoever.

So they just ramped it up, experimented on the most vulnerable: we saw exactly the injuries.

When you change a few base pairs.- they knew exactly what we do with with they’ve got the phylogenetic trees, we isolated the recombinant viruses, the natural isolates from the vulnerable, – the nurses, the doctors, the children, the babies who got the disease, and they showed their experiments were working only they had one problem that people had neuro immune diseases like Parkinson’s, like ALS, like Alzheimer’s, like autism, and they don’t die, and they can’t work and they live these horrific lives in pain – like things you’ve never seen before. And we’re seeing them now.

Stew Peters

And this is intentional. They did this on purpose.

Tony Fauci is a psychopath, a sociopathic serial killer.

I said at AFPac at the America first Political Action Conference, I asked “why is this guy still walking around a free man and not hanging from the end of a noose somewhere” and everybody went nuts. They thought that was hyperbolic. There is a precedent for prosecuting crimes against humanity. And there’s overwhelming evidence to suggest that Tony Fauci should be indicted and tried and if found guilty fried. Do you agree with that?

Judy Mikovits

I agree with that.

And it should have been done with HIV AIDS. There was overwhelming evidence that he drove HIV-AIDS, overwhelming as when it’s the group’s act up the political. I mean, what I witnessed those 22 years I worked at the National Cancer Institute, and then back in industry in Pharma in Upohn, when you see the collusion in GMO’s, they knew as they drove glyphosate and Roundup, poisoning of our food and our soil.

They knew the synergies they were getting with activating these viruses so animals (our food supply), would be sicker and sicker. And we’d be transmitting these not only through our food, but through, you know, the shots and the blood supply of people giving blood they denied.

I mean, the misogyny …what he did

You know, there’s there’s just no question about what they did.

It’s all of them at the top – Deborah Birx. Robert Redfield – they did an experimental HIV vaccine in the 90s on the military, on Blacks, on the vulnerable.

Now they’re telling the military, that the military, if they’re HIV-positive, they can’t serve in in positions of power. I saw that run across the bottom of the TV screen the other night.

Well, of course, you’re HIV positive!.

You just injected it in every single COVID shot, and the people that were injected and tested in the 90’s with the Birx – Redfield vaccine – those are the people that drove the plandemic.

Those are the people that stood next to President Trump.

And then Robert Redfield comes out after Biden gets in office and said, “Yes, of course, it’s a bio weapon, and we made it in the lab”. So what happened?

Stew Peters:

Did they do Trump or I mean, I mean, who all is involved with this?Judy Mikovits

Judy Mikovits

Every level of the FDA, the highest levels of the CDC, FDA, EPA, Big Pharma, and they know what they’re doing.

I mean, they know that this is what the result is going to be and they do it anyway.

So why is nobody is saying “I just can’t deal with this anymore. I can’t take this I have to speak out”.

I think I think the murders of Timothy Cunningham, Jeffrey Bradstreet, many, many others, the incarceration of me. I mean that in my life, this has been 13 years. I never got I never got one thing back. I’ve never worked. I lost $10 million. I fought everything. We lost half our family.

Sound like COVID?

Yeah, nobody will stand up there by colleagues sad or want to see my mug shot on the cover of Science. The Journals are criminal fraud.

We know that from Tessa Laurie.

We know that from ivermectin.

Laurie, the PhD that exposed the criminal fraud in the journal. They held secret meetings to say, oh, “let’s publish faster”.

And what they’re doing now is they’re publishing faster.

And it’s a lie.

And they’re teaching our doctors lies.

It’s not our doctors fault.

They don’t know ivermectin is a pure nergic modulator.

The drug companies have been lying forever.

These things are essential medicines. They’re fabulous medicines. And we could heal all of this. If we put all of these criminals where they belong and reorganize and bring back honesty and integrity in these institutions that are supposed to be protecting our public.

Stew Peters

Yeah, well, where they belong, if they’re guilty of these crimes is six feet under, cremated themselves. These people deserve a bullet in the head. I mean, they’re doing this to kids. These shots have now been emergency use authorised to kids down to six months old, and they know what they’re doing.

So there was never a leak. There was never a bat or a pangolin. The wet market had nothing to do with any of this that was a complete lie, the media ran with it.

The goal here is to permanently incapacitate to handicap to lead miserable lives for people to end their lives early and to kill them and to create an infertility pandemic where nobody can have babies anymore to reduce the nuclear family structure size, to depopulate the world to 500 million that means that you have to kill like 7.5 billion people to destroy the United States military, to destroy global militaries to completely take over the West to have complete subservience total control, total domination, but what is the motivating the underlying motivator?

What is it that is motivating this this plan? What what do they hope to achieve to gain from all of this? Is this a demonic thing? Is this a satanic thing?

What is it that is that is moving all of these people to go along with this mass murder this genocide of sorts?

Judy Mikovits

Yeah, it’s a cult called scientism.

That’s what Patrick wood taught me.

When I met Patrick Wood, a few weeks ago in this taskforce, or a month ago or so now, I was just blown away.

Oh my God. It’s right there on the screen.

You worship Tony Fauci.

This is totally satanic.

It’s against God.

And right now it’s trillions, because liability for all they injured then they’re liable for its trillions.

In our first book, the foreword of plague is a disease able to affect the economy and nations, they don’t die. I don’t think a bullet in the head is good enough. I think some of these shots would would do quite well in the old people as as they can’t sit in a room with the light with the sound with a blanket hovering over their skin, the pain so bad with diapers on like, these kids have lived, but not able to scream, digging holes in their arms from the itch from the pain.

What I’ve seen – those AIDS patients who as I said, in that movie I held in my arms while they died there was HIV in Michigan.

And we were told not to touch them as they experimented on the gays.

I mean, as they experimented on innocent people, and they knew it.

So now the big goal is their trillions of dollars.

We balanced the budget immediately, if we took the money, think about how much they just made in patents on their fraudulent PCR tests made up to kill the very people they knew, the HIV infected, any vaccination will increase the expression of the mRNA of HIV and spread it through the body of the more than 6 million in this country.

And God only knows, when we did our study 17 million worldwide. And it doesn’t just kill them that the damages for generations.

So they know it, you know, it doesn’t seem like enough people right now, if it’s just that 10 to 17 million that in that you’ve already injected. But when the evidence goes away, no more cremation, just as Dr. Henry Eli showed the fraudulent death certificates.

This is a hate crime against Christians.

If we declare our national our natural immunity, we’re we’re taken into those death camps called hospitals, denied any kind of treatment and murdered and called COVID to drive an agenda.

This is against God, this is a hate crime in America.

This is the worst kind of racism anywhere.

Stew Peters

And the complicency of the media is actually really shocking to me as well. I mean, you look it doesn’t, it didn’t take me a whole lot of work to secure an interview with you. I can sit down and talk to you anybody can. Would you deny or turned down an interview with Sean Hannity?

Judy Mikovits

I never…

Stew Peters

Of course he wouldn’t have ever denied an interview. Of course, they don’t want to speak to you.

And they want to continue to lie and it didn’t take me a whole lot to figure out what the hell is really going on here.

These people know.

Sean Hannity knows.

All of Fox News knows the producers there know.

Their management knows.

Paul Ryan knows sits on the board over there,

Newsmax knows, ODM knows, CNN knows, MSNBC, NBC, The New York Times the Post, all of them know.

Great, and every single one of them should be held accountable. So let’s talk about accountability. Do you have any hope for that?

Judy Mikovits

Not with what I’m seeing today. I always have hope. And I know that in the the end God wins and I know they’ll all be held accountable.

Stew Peters

Ultimate accountability. Yes, absolutely. Praise Jesus for that.

Judy Mikovits

That’s all that matters to me.

My entire goal is healing. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt.

That’s what I do.

I’m a biochemist who makes drugs out of plants and energy healing.

I’ve seen those miracles of healing those people I told you about.

That’s my focus.

Anyone who will listen and turn back and turn totally away from them. 

And Bayer Monsanto told you they poisoned every one of the products with the component of safe snake venom called XM TV and ? they’ve poisoned Pepto Bismol they poisoned preparation, they poisoned everything.

They poisoned our food supply.

They told you is your problem, the purity of the body?

Are you going to bow down to us because we put those aborted foetal cell lines and those monkey cell lines just as I showed you – they’re in bat caves in China, and they’ve been there for a decade.

So you’ll get your monkeypox and everything else, everyone until you wake up.

But you turn around and we can heal.

We’ve healed, we’ve shown you the mechanisms.

We’ve got the plants, we’ve got the healing, we’ve got the honest people worldwide.

You never have to worry about one of these things again.

If we turn away from them, we can get our country back.

That’s where it belongs with We the People.

Every one of us needs to speak the truth in love, forgive ourselves and forgive each other.

We’ve all been conned.

For 40 years we’ve looked down on somebody else and blame them for their illness and we know this.

Oh, you’re a cigarette smoker. You’re fat. You’re a drinker. You know, it’s always your fault.

God doesn’t make mistakes.

They’re poisoning our food.

The FDA is supposed to keep our food safe.

Bobby Kennedy won a case for one of billions of dollars for Roundup glyphosate, causing cancer five years ago – double blind, placebo controlled study for sermon in autism five years ago, seven years ago.

Nothing’s been done.

Since when does it happen?

Our food is poisoned. It’s their job to keep it safe.

But all we have to do is turn around because we can live well.

I’m infected with every one of those things, and I’ll never get disease.

We are not our infections.

We are not in clean.

The unvaccinated the naturally-immune God given immunity is all we need. And we don’t have to declare ourselves so unclean and worship at the feet of Tony Fauci.

And we won’t bow down.

And I’m happy this is what I do everywhere is tell you how to stay well.

And I can show you those miracles, those people that simply trust God and eat well clean, no more GMO in your world.

You’ll live a life like you’ve never experienced in not only happiness, but in health.

Stay healthy. Walk away, get the answers.

See the evidence, hear the truth and the truth of the path to truth. 

Stew Peters

… I just want to tell you that I really thank God for you.

And a hero and brave I mean, there’s so many things that I could say to describe you.

All of them, good.

Thank you so much for coming here.

We really appreciate your time today.

Thank you.

Retroviruses Pseudotyped with the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Spike Protein Efficiently Infect Cells Expressing Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2

September 2004

Journal of Virology 78(19):10628-10635

Infection of receptor-bearing cells by coronaviruses is mediated by their spike (S) proteins. The coronavirus (SARS-CoV) that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) infects cells expressing the receptor angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2). Here we show that codon optimization of the SARS-CoV S-protein gene substantially enhanced S-protein expression. We also found that two retroviruses, simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) and murine leukemia virus, both expressing green fluorescent protein and pseudotyped with SARS-CoV S protein or S-protein variants, efficiently infected HEK293T cells stably expressing ACE2. Infection mediated by an S-protein variant whose cytoplasmic domain had been truncated and altered to include a fragment of the cytoplasmic tail of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 envelope glycoprotein was, in both cases, substantially more efficient than that mediated by wild-type S protein. Using S-protein-pseudotyped SIV, we found that the enzymatic activity of ACE2 made no contribution to S-protein-mediated infection. Finally, we show that a soluble and catalytically inactive form of ACE2 potently blocked infection by S-protein-pseudotyped retrovirus and by SARS-CoV. These results permit studies of SARS-CoV entry inhibitors without the use of live virus and suggest a candidate therapy for SARS.

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