Revealed: Hillary Clinton’s connection with satanist, Saul Alinsky

Revealed: Hillary Clinton’s connection with satanist, Saul Alinsky

Rigging 2024: Dems Arrest Leading Candidate for President

Trump Derangement Syndrome was on steroids today in Washington DC. Hysterical Democrats once again arrested former President Donald Trump in a desperate attempt to prevent him from being re-elected in 2024.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 8/3/23

I managed to track this down using a Russian search engine

Gore And Clinton Early Careers Said Funded By Communist Money

By Rick Wiles

American Freedom News

October 27, 2000

A member of the Russian Duma has obtained documents from the Russian government showing that the early political careers of Bill Clinton and Al Gore were financed by communist money.

Aleksey Mitrofanov, a leader in Russiaís Liberal Democrat party, submitted a request to the Federal Archive Service in Moscow for the documents. His actions were reported on October 5 by the Ekho Moskvy news agency in Moscow and translated by BBC News in London.

In a letter to Vladimir Koslov, Director of the Federal Archive Service, Mr. Mitrofanov specifically requested information about the Soviet Unions relationship with the late Armand Hammer, an American industrialist, and U.S. Senator Albert Gore, Sr. BBCs monitoring of the Russian news report said Mr. Mitrofanov wanted documents about the decisions of the Soviet Politburo ìoncerning cooperation and relations with president and chairman of the board of directors of Occidental Petroleum Corporation Armand Hammer and the member of the board of directors of the above company and former Representative from Tennessee, Albert Gore, Sr.î

Mr. Mitrofanov told Moscows Ekho Moskvy radio, ìI already have the information. My purpose is to get it officially.

According to BBC, the Russian legislator told reporters in Moscow that the documents being sought would throw light on the mechanism of supporting Armand Hammer and former Representative Albert Gore, Sr. by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Mr. Mitrofanov charged that the Russian communists were behind the Senator Albert Gore’s opposition to the Vietnam War. Vice President Al Gore’s father was one of the most vocal opponent of President Lyndon Johnson’s American involvement in stopping the communist takeover of South Vietnam. The Russian Duma member also charged that the Vice President’s father also was instrumental in stopping a FBI investigation into Armand Hammer’s business dealings with the Soviet communists. Speaking of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Mr. Mitrofanov declared, ìIn fact, they were financing Gore’s coming out against the Vietnam War as well as Gore’s assistance in closing an FBI investigation against Hammer.î

Mr. Mitrofanov also charged that it is common knowledge in Moscow ís political circles that President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore received money early in their careers from Armand Hammer. That money, says Mr. Mitrofanov, was laundered by Hammer from the Soviet communist party. ìThe incumbent President Bill Clinton also started his political career on money given by Hammer, or, in fact, on Soviet money, stated Mr. Mitrofanov. Everybody knows that Hammer got his most profitable contracts in the Soviet Union on Politburo decisions, he said. Moreover, the BBC report said that Vice President Al Gore, Sr. also started his career on Hammerís money.

Interfax Russian News reported on October 25 that Mr. Mitrofanov told fellow deputies in the Russian State Duma that he had received a reply to his request for documents in the Russian archive. He stated that he was in possession of a reply concerning contacts of the Politburo of the Soviet Communist party’s Central Committee with well-known American businessman Armand Hammer and Senator Albert Gore, Sr.î

He told the Duma deputies, ìThis document is classified and the deputies who would like to read it may do so in exchange for a written statement promising not to disclose its content.

Rick also mentioned a thesis written on Saul Alinsky

Hillary Clinton’s 1969 Thesis on Saul Alinsky

Hillary Clinton’s Hero And Mentor Saul Alinsky Wrote A Book Admiringly Dedicated To Lucifer

Hillary Clinton’s hero is a man who dedicated a book to Lucifer, Dr. Ben Carson said in a scathing criticism Tuesday night at the RNC in Cleveland.

Hillary Clinton’s hero is a man who dedicated a book to Lucifer, Dr. Ben Carson said in a scathing criticism Tuesday night at the RNC in Cleveland.

“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!” Isaiah 14:12 (KJV)

During a speech in support of Republican party nominee Donald Trump, the retired neurosurgeon said America should think about whether it wants someone whose mentor Saul Alinsky dedicated his book, “Rules for Radicals” to “Lucifer, the original radical who gained his own kingdom.”

“The secular progressive agenda is antithetical to the principles of the founding of this nation,” Carson said.

Clinton followed the community organizer closely throughout her college career, even dedicating her senior thesis to his left-leaning ideas of political subversion. The Bill Clinton White House later attempted to bury the thesis.

“This was someone that Hillary greatly admired and that affected all of her philosophies subsequently,” the former presidential candidate said.

hillary-clinton-mentor-saul-alinsky-rules-for-radicals-dedicated-to-lucifer-nteb-book“Recognize that this is a very famous book, ‘Rules for Radicals,’ and on the dedication page, [author Saul Alinsky] acknowledged Lucifer in an admiring way, saying he’s the original radical who gained his own kingdom,” Carson told CNN.

When host Chris Cuomo tried to argue the Alinsky connection was antiquated, Carson responded that Clinton personally knew Alinsky and was on a “first name basis” with him.

“We all have people who are our mentors. We all have people who we admire. As a college student at Wellesley, she was on a first-name basis with Saul Alinsky,” Carson said. “They were very close.”

Clinton insider Larry Nichols has also commented on Hillary’s fascination (or participation) with the Satanic occult.

Nichols recounted to Infowars last year a conversation he had with Bill Clinton, who told him Hillary was part of a witch’s coven that met in California. source

Trump Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Stop Democrats’ Campaign 2024 Prosecutions

Former President Donald Trump today asked the United States Supreme Court to intervene in the multiple prosecutions that are now underway. His legal appeal to the highest court comes amid rumors that a Georgia prosecutor is preparing to also indict Mr. Trump for his efforts to investigate alleged vote rigging in Georgia in 2020.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 8/4/23

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