Rick Wiles is on fire today

Rick Wiles is on fire today

Canadian Pastor Arrested for Protesting Queerification of Children

A Canadian pastor who protested against wicked, deranged sexual perverts hosting a draq queen story hour at a library in Calgary was arrested and charged with hate crimes. Officials threatened to lock him up in prison for six months. As usual, the city’s timid, cowardly church pastors ran for cover and abandoned the pastor who was in great need of support. Doc Burkhart and I have shocking videos to show you today about the well funded, coordinated campaign to defile the tender minds of children, toddlers, and infants by exposing them to vile, lewd dancing by sexual perverts

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 3/09/23

2 thoughts on “Rick Wiles is on fire today

  1. Interestingly, Tucker Carlson’s follow up today on January 6th deals at length with how US leaders reacted to his show earlier this week – thanks for posting it here. He said weak men are vicious men and you can’t get weaker than today’s generation of men, in politics and in the pulpit.

  2. My prediction – this trend normalizing trans-sex is just a step along the way to normalizing trans humans.

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