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  1. Have a request:

    I am sending through my response to Nicky Hager’s attack (bottom link) on freedom fighting kiwis (both video with nz protest footage & written open letter)

    I would love this published anywhere possible as I can only assume this attack was ‘pay for say’. Very disappointing for someone who gave evidence at Julian Assange’s trial!

    My letter:

    (reading it out with protest footage in background!)

    Offending Article:


    – – – – –

    My YouTube channel is small but I am founder of Candles4assange (twitter fb .com) who list protests, co-founder FreeAssangeNZ as well as being a former academic who taught Agenda 21 to architecture students. I am now horrified by this agenda after nearly 4 years full time on this propaganda battle – the wider agenda has come horribly to light.

    I did a rogue speech in nz parliament once which got widely picked up and retweeted by Kristin Hrafnsson. Wikileaks Editor in Chief.

    https://youtu.be/PD9ojHYKM1U (there is another 2 min version without the music)

    I’m also doing music activism with my violin and gradually laying down all the songs on a brand new YT channel. This one is the EU database of adverse reactions in alphabetical order.
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    Thank you so much. Let me know if i need to edit /shorten anything for publication. i am happy to do so.

    Alex Hills

  2. Swiss COVID deniers lost that referendum by a FULL third margin.

    Robert Kennedy Jr. is also a US citizen and was in Switzerland in November. The only way a US citizen can enter Switzerland is by proving they’re vaccinated along with a negative PCR test.

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is FULLY VACCINATED.

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