Rumours of hard lockdown in New Zealand in August

Rumours of hard lockdown in New Zealand in August

From Godlike Productions

These are rumours but rumours should be listened to in totalitarian societies.

Something WEIRD is happening in New Zealand. Next Lockdown incoming. Rolling power cuts.

There were a few “leaks” suggesting apparently NZ would go back into hard lockdown in August.

I’ve been following the online news sites to look for any curated pieces that would allude to the government getting things in order. Whether that be news of potential outbreaks, strange stuff going on or something out of the norm.

These things have happened recently.

  • Google has said they are upgrading their presence in NZ. Full refurbish of their headquarters here.
  • Google have said they plan on having one of their engineering teams relocate to live and work in New Zealand, to work on a secret AI/Privacy project…
  • Larry Page was allowed into the country for “a sick kid” it was announced he wasn’t a resident when the enquiry started, but then now he is. Billionaires do what they want so no suprises there.
  • So something is going on with Google and NZ.

Anyway here is where it gets a bit more depressing.

For the first time since I can remember there are rolling power outages… the excuse was that too much demand on power.. however winters have been getting more and more mild, so it doesn’t add up.

Again another excuse to get people that depend on always on power to get their generators ready.

Next my wife works in childcare and they got a broadcast email from the government asking who would potentially be able to be emergency care providers if we went into a hard level 4 lockdown.

This has never been requested before..

Some serious SHTF is going down soon and it all smells a bit fuky to me.

The Third Largest Google DNS router is located in CHCH NZ. It is located there outside of the USA so the US government can tap every communication without breaching their own citizens rights.

The Building is described as a CIA spy hub and is directly opposite the Router building.

Most of the current US politicians also have secret residences in NZ.

It is going to be where they all hide during the conflict which destroys the western world.

NZ is a series of Islands and can be completely isolated from the rest of the world.

Whether it be Biological warfare or nuclear NZ will serve them well.

Would not be surprised if it became the new location for the UN. Lots of worlds leaders have secret residences there. A few rockstars as well. Insiders who know just enough.

If you are an ordinary person it is hard to get immigration to NZ.

Kim Dotcom paid 10 million as a NZ government bond deal. Larry did the same.

That is al it costs to get in there.

This appeared on Facebook

I have my doubts about this, however am passing this on

Rolling power outages across North Island as electricity demand reaches ‘all-time high’

9 August, 2021

Areas across the North Island have been plunged into darkness on Monday night after demand for electricity reached an all-time high.

Transpower, which owns and operates New Zealand’s national grid, said in a statement posted to social media earlier Monday evening it did not have enough generation to maintain the demand.

“Insufficient generation has been made available to meet demand and manage a secure system.

“As a result, Transpower in our capacity as managers of the power system (the system operator) has asked the distribution companies to reduce load across the country.

“Different companies will do this in different ways, some manage via load control on hot water, some manage via customer disconnections.”

The situation was expected to be resolved by 9pm when peak demand passes.

WEL Networks, which operates in the Waikato area, said the outages will not impact individual customers for more than four hours.

“As a precautionary measure, all medically dependent customers are advised to action their back-up plans or go to Waikato Hospital if required.

“We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding, and we will keep you updated.”

Unison, which operates the electricity network that serves the Hawke’s Bay, Taupo and Rotorua regions, shared the following message:

“Unison is currently responding to a Transpower request for electricity lines companies nationwide to reduce load on the national grid.

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