Russia-America prisoner swap – a fair deal?

Russia-America prisoner swap – a fair deal?

Russian Media Laughs At US Government’s Woke Trade For Griner Instead Of Whelan

While the Biden Administration does not represent half the country (some might argue far more than half) when it comes to principles, values, morals, intelligence, courage, common sense, etc., it unfortunately does represent all of us when it comes to the world stage and geopolitics. 

Millions of Americans are fully aware that the Brittney Griner prisoner swap for international arms dealer Viktor Bout is a bad trade, and that US Marine Paul Whelan, now imprisoned in Russia for two years, should have been included in the deal.  We all know that Biden’s agenda for this trade was based on winning woke points with his far-left base (and part of some unspoken arrangement with Saudi Arabia and UAE), but the prisoner swap is more than just foolish political gamesmanship, it is also an embarrassment for the US as a whole.

The Russian media acknowledges (and laughs) about the deeper meaning behind the trade and it’s hard to disagree with them when they argue that it symbolizes a display of internal ideological weakness.

Here are two articles on this.

I cannot vouch for the accuracy.

Mr. Brittney Griner summons Epstein crony Richardson to Russia to evade outing

By Yoichu Shimatsu

The notorious Olympics femmie champ swings them dreadlocks from near to far / ‘cuz this Nike fashion star clenching a Black Lives Matter fist has dethroned Bruce Jenner off the celeb list / Brittney at 6-feet 9-inches long still can flick as wrist though there’s just a lil twist / ding-dong! That may sound crude, even downright shady ‘cuz Griner’s a dude who looks like a lady. So take it from there, Usher bro’, and say “Yeah” if you scored with that tranny yet, tossin’ a free throw into the net.

Excuse me for this impromptu attempt at criminal abuse of poetry aka hip-hop on the theme of contemporary black ballet, because women’s basketball star Brittney Griner, the uppity cover girl of women’s athletics, who is really a man in drag, has been sitting inside a Moscow jail on a drug charge for his attempt back in February to board a plane with vials of cannabis oil. Got that?

Possessing the essence of marijuana inside a glass tube is a criminal offense across most of the world, except for 44 countries, with no exceptions not even for rock stars, A-list actors and sports figures. Cannabis possession for medical use (meaning in small quantity) is legal in 37 states of the USA but banned at the federal level. The American women’s basketball player was arrested in February during planned departure from Moscow airport with vials in her purse. Russia’s Federal Directorate for Drug Control has the American athlete listed as a suspect in large-scale drug-smuggling. Afghanistan and Turkey are major centers of hash oil production for the illegal Russian market.

If the same sort of smuggling was done in Singapore, sHe’d now be on the receiving end of an old-fashioned arse-whuppin’ because black lives do not matter inside a British-style prison yard. Indeed the hard driving Miss Griner needs a dose of reality from the waistline down.

Not a Credible Defendant

Why is the Biden admin trying to intervene for the release a fake female behind bars in faraway Russia? Does the U.S. Constitution obligate the White House to bail trannies of color out of every jail around the world? The man called Brittney Griner is hardly a patriot, being a vocal supporter of Black Lives Matter while Minneapolis was set afire by arsonists. Brittney has repeatedly walked off the ball court in public protest of the “racist” Star-Spangled Banner, a sure symptom of a chronic deficit of Vitamin A as in America, that is patriotism. Now when he gets into trouble abroad, the big sissy begs for help from the White House to save his adze from a drug charge? Russia is hardly cotton-picking lynch-crazed antebellum Alabama, not when Russian oligarch Iskander Makhmudol has paid Griner millions of dollars to play basketball in the Euro League, on an annual contract 4 times higher than the $200,000 she earns with the Phoenix Mercury WNBA squad.

As a celebrity forward for three basketball teams (in Arizona, Russia and China), Griner earns a million dollars a year and therefore can well afford to hire a lawyer in Moscow, a major world capital where there are offices of international law firms, competent translators and lobbyists. Why should U.S. taxpayers who are being mercilessly squeezed across the board by rising prices due to Biden’s costly war against Russian interests in Ukraine now have to pick up the bill for the State Department to “Save Brittney”, which is an odd name for a man who weighs 230 lbs. If anything, U.S. federal prosecutors, meaning the FBI, should be cooperating with the Russian FSB to investigate how an obviously male athlete has been allowed by his coaches and sports doctors with the Phoenix Mercury to pose as a woman to gain substantial contracts with championship teams in three nations.

Speaking of Phoenix, instead of getting embroiled over the gangster haven known Ukraine, Washington and Moscow should be joining forces to fight the globalized mafia, wherever cartels and syndicates are operating against legitimate national interests. Indeed, doesn’t the Biden White House have more pressing issues to pursue, like drastically lowering the price of gasoline, heating fuel, eggs, baby formula and toilet paper, which are driving average American families in bankruptcy? Frankly speaking, at this point that perpetrator of criminal deception in sports does not matter, other than to a Moscow judge and Siberian prison warden.

Now here’s the capper: What was he-she (sHe) doing in Russia? Playing B-ball, of course, for the UMMC Ekaterinberg, champions of the women’s basketball federations in Russia and Europe. The team is owned by the Urals Mining and Mineralogical Company controlled by the Islamic Uzbek billionaire Makhmudov. While Americans are paying millions to ship weapons and mercenaries to Ukraine, Brittney was tossing free throws for the Russian military-industrial complex. Ekaterinberg, formerly known as Sverdlovsk, is the major research and production center for Russian weaponry. The UMMC owns and operates the Ekaterinburg Military Museum, a tribute to the Russian military-industrial complex for its service to the Soviet Red Army and the present Russian Armed Forces. The UMMC cache makes Grinder a poster girl for Russia’s weapons sales, for instance to Africa and the Caribbean.

So if you, Mr. Biden, are really serious about getting the release of this multi-offense criminal in order to please those Black Lives Matter activists who torched downtown Minneapolis, just call it quits on arms shipments and financial aid to Ukraine so that the Kremlin cuts Brittney some slack. Throw in the towel and raise the white flag and kneel, because that’s all you’ve got left, Joe, after your botched foreign adventure by the Black Sea. You’ve earned zero pity, Mr. President, while your fast-dwindling support base holds its breath awaiting the impeachment, while your opponents are piling on the slam dunks.

Nearly Seven Feet Tall

Since her pre-trial detainment for a half-year in a Moscow jail, a strange transformation has been happening to Miss Brittney who’s been morphing into a macho man named Mr. Griner. Whassay, bro? Brittany is really a pre-op biological male right down to his bouncing balls during warm-up, meaning this fake female is in serious violation of ethics and contract law for posing as one of the gentler sex in the Women’s National Basketball Association USA.

His reversion in confinement to full-on man-dom, due to a lack of estrogen injections, is highlighted now by mustache stubble, a receding hairline, flat chest, hollow cheeks and those sunken eyes, just like your ordinary gangsta’ rapper in a prison cell. The kindness of his Russian hosts has permitted him to wear eye shadow and glossy makeup during his first court appearance this past week. Griner now looks like the zombie freak that he actually is, even uglier than Dennis Rodman in drag.

Dude Looks Like a Lady

This highest paid player in the U.S. Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) will soon be facing censure by shocked fans for hiding the fact that sHe’s a dude. When the facts of his male birth-identity are at last outed by his thus-far silent and sullen family, the USA Olympics movement will have to suffer the ultimate disgrace of forfeiting gold medals for women’s basketball at the Rio and Tokyo Olympiads on grounds of Griner’s sexual deceit, so reminiscent of that era pf fake-female East German shot-putters. America’s loss is a gain in gold for Serbia at Rio 2000 and France at Tokyo (2020, delayed play in 2021). This fallout out of nowhere for President Biden’s anti-Russian tirades is just starting, because the White House has run out of leverage worldwide, as shown in his flop in Saudi Arabia. Don’t you get it, Joe, about bird migration? Everything that has to do with Ukraine goes south, including your presidency. It’s your next Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Griner’s only feasible aid for his mercy plea to the Russians is the arrival to Moscow of a social pariah like Bill Richardson. The former Energy secretary and UN ambassador for the Clinton admin also happens to be a crony of that pimp to pedophiles Jeffrey Epstein, who did not die in prison. Obviously a message-bearer for Biden, the Cartel Democrat Richardson is there to propose a not-so-secret deal, a prisoner trade of Victor Bout in exchange for Griner’s release. That’s tempting for Moscow since Bout was the greatest all-time global arms dealer, whereas Brittney is the leading scorer in women’s basketball. That’s like trading hot barbecued ribs for stale peanuts. The proposed deal is so lopsided, it makes one wonder whether Griner was on some sort of clandestine mission for the CIA or Tony Fauci, like spreading COVID or AIDS or a bad case of acne as a WMD. Don’t touch that loose basketball before decontaminating it with a diaper wipe!

So why does Biden’s NSA need to send that arms dealer back to the Russians? So that Bout, with his Ukrainian connections (being one himself), can sniff out where all the American weapons bound for Kiev have disappeared to, in all likelihood by that mafiya crook Zelensky in exchange for billions in cash and blood diamonds from Iran, Venezuela, the Houthis, African despots and remnants of the Syrian Caliphate. Victor Bout is the only individual with the underworld connections to recover the misappropriated U.S. arsenal and thereby avert American embassies and military bases abroad from being bombed and rocketed with our own weapons by jihadists, vengeful dictators and the Black Lives Matter chapter in Nigeria. Oh, and bet-cha ten-to-one that on the return flight Richardson tries to pick up where Epstein left off at those modeling agencies in Paris and Budapest to hire “rising star for an upcoming Netflix series”.

The WNBA should be censured by the Olympics movement for its dismal failure to ascertain sexual identity in one of the worst cases ever of gender deception. His coaches, doctors and league officials must have all been complicit in the deceit. Hormone tests can be evaded with long-term low-dosage estrogen therapy, but why weren’t X-rays of his (nonexistent) uterine region done to detect the lack of ovaries and bone structure inconsistent with women’s hips? From his marital history with Glory Johnson that ended in fatherhood of twins, his gonads and penis were intact throughout his marriage with Glory Johnson, a female power forward with the Tulsa Shock (now the Dallas Wings) and now the Atlanta Dream. DNA tests on his pair of daughters should be court-ordered to expose that “lesbian marriage”, which was actually unholy matrimony of a tranny man and a misguided woman. On the bright side, the Griner twins might just might turn out to be the superstars of women’s basketball in the future, similar to how the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, have dominated pro tennis, although without the overbearing father, played by Will Smith in the role of “King” Richard. (The Academy Awards punch at Chris Rock proves that Dr. ML King’s vision for Black Americans has been wrecked by pride, greed, lies, deception and in many instances by criminal motives.)

After a nasty divorce in denial of his fatherhood, Griner may have opted for surgical castration and a transsexual fake vaginal operation, which in itself does not stand as medical proof of womanhood earlier, at the time of his joining the Mercury. Therefore, if X-rays show the absence of a womb and ovarian tubes, “Brittney” has to pay back the Phoenix franchise, which could well be followed by a district court to return all ticket income to defrauded fans. Frankly, it would be more sensible for the owners to sell off the franchise to transfer liability to a wealthier new management. The Jewish team owner Robert Sarver is known for a revolving door of employees in the front office, colorful language aka swearing, and passing around XL size condoms at his staff meetings, indeed a man who can appreciate Griner’s slam dunk.

Other casualties of this emerging B-ball scandal include, of course, the complicit Phoenix- Scottsdale feminist sorority, which gave its blessing to the secretly hetero Griner-Johnson “lesbian” nuptial. Not a peek was heard about his demands for her to abort those two embryos conceived with his sperm. Another loser in this scandal is Black Lives Matter, which was avidly supported by Griner and Johnson, to the point of walking out during the national anthem.

Indicative of a psychological disorder, premature dementia, Griner had the temerity to accuse his wife of bedding another man. The spousal battering was solely intended to protect his con game, a gender deception that went ignored due to fan frenzy and the league’s fear of ordering an overdue medical investigation of the league’s top-ranked player. There are probably many other biological men in the WNBA, nestled like bugs in a rug going after the money, thanks to corrupt coaches, team doctors and crooked owners. The WNBA games are overrun by young punks with tattoos, shaven heads and bling earrings like their idol Dennis Rodman. Sure, some of these thuggish players could be female overdosing on testosterone injections, but there a dozen who look the kids from urban outdoors ball-courts, the pajama boy type that Barack Obama liked to overnight at the White House. A thorough investigation of the entire WNBA is needed by respected gynecologists to flush out the fake femmes from the females.

This scandal goes to show that in many physically demanding sports women are nowhere close to being on par with their male counterparts, and that cannot be changed by feminist propaganda. Biological difference is a fact of nature and not a matter of choice, a real-life barrier that enforces heterosexuality by natural law. There are limits to human will, which should be respected and accepted. Don’t try to be what you’re not or end up cursing God, nature and fate, which drowns you in a Bermuda Triangle of hopelessness. Feminist extremism is thereby a dead end.

As for resorting to chemicals to change one’s birth sex, that is a cop-out and admission of defeat. An out-of-control pharmaceutical industry and so-called “sports medicine” are quick to prescribe painless transformation but the monstrous risks are eventually unbearable, which is why Bruce Jenner is now shying away from cameras. If you take a sure-fire medication to change yourself, it’s your own choice and you must live with the consequences, dear Miss Frankenstein.

Other Olympic sports also need to improve their medical inspection procedures to eliminate sexual deception in this era of multi-million dollar player contracts. For instance, how many female goalies are actually male soccer players? There is certainly one loud-mouthed ego-maniac with unladylike conduct on and off the pitch (the soccer term for playing field). The sexual deception goes way beyond sports to entertainment, media, the press, public relations, lobbying and charities. The proliferation of transsexuals as a fad arising from evermore sophisticated surgery has created hordes of fake women with a self-serving attitude, expensive tastes and a criminal mindset. The number of violent altercations between trannies and unsuspecting male lovers is soaring, and on the other side of the field, lesbian women dating transsexuals of both genders goes unreported other than on the missing persons list when a body is found floating down a river.

Another indicator of Griner’s criminal behavior has been the non-appearance of his parents and older brothers in his defense, raising the question of whether the family secret has been kept due to the basketball player’s lucrative sports scholarships, huge annual salaries from the Phoenix Mercury and an off-season international career with women’s basketball teams in China and Russia, along with a modeling contract for Nike as it’s first “lesbian star” and an award from McDonald’s. Either duped or dazzled, all of these accomplice organizations and institutions now must face up to their role in public deception abetting financial fraud, now that “their girl” sits in a Russian jail on a drug charge.

Father of Twins

The clues to Griner’s posturing as a woman were obvious to all but the self-blinded narcissist feminists of Phoenix, a region renowned for me-first Scottsdale leeches and lesbo male haters. His first marriage was with fellow WNBA Mercury player Glory Johnson, which according to the timeline of mutual rancor was prompted by her pregnancy and his strategy to pressure her to get an abortion. A month after the nuptials, Phoenix police responded to a brutal fist fight between the two in their suburban home. A month later, in May 2015, the WNBA suspended Griner and Johnson for seven games each after Griner pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charges, a slap on the wrist for a local sports idol. Both were also required to complete 26 weeks of domestic violence counseling.

The marital dispute was due to Johnson’s pregnancy with twins, fathered not by some unnamed male interloper aka Mr. Anonymous as falsely claimed by Griner but by his own ding-dong. The couple later stated, falsely, that the babies were conceived with in-vitro fertilization by a “sperm donor”, which in reality came via the testicles through the penis of Brittney Griner “herself”, a most generous donation indeed. On the day after the announcement of pregnancy, the big lady with testicles intact filed for an annulment, citing duress, which was denied in a court of law. Johnson birthed twin girls in October, supposedly “16 weeks (4 months) premature”. What a fraud, when the cover-up began months earlier soon after the pregnancy. The deceitful couple divorced the following June, obviously with the ex-wife paid generously for media silence. Griner’s next “lesbian” marriage occurred two years later. This charade was absurdly transparent yet neither the Phoenix Mercury nor ESPN dared report on the obvious fact of Griner’s sexual fraud in blatant violation of fan trust and, by the way, league rules.

An official inquiry is long overdue, with firings and criminal penalties for all coaches and league officials who participated in the Griner pseudo-female cover-up. It would not be surprising that after fathering the girls, Griner opted for chemical castration to evade WNBA league investigation, but that surgical procedure cannot generate a uterus and ovarian tubes. Griner under his Rastafarian dreadlocks has had a thuggish influence over women’s basketball aka the ghetto style increasingly dominated by shaven-headed lesbo-types with a unisex gangster esthetic. On the B-ball court and in the locker room there’s no visible difference between girls and boys, which makes it all the easier for young men to pass as women. Many of these players have swollen throats, artificially inflated by injected fat and silicone putty, to hide an Adam’s apple.

The national female league desperately needs reform to suss out and remove guys in disguise, replace male coaches with women leadership, push for racial balance (since B-ball should not aspire to being a black ballet troupe), and find more appropriate women’s health-oriented sponsors than cholesterol-enriched fast-food purveyors like Wendy’s. I realize this sounds like etiquette lessons from the 18th century but the league’s name should be changed to the “USA Ladies Basketball Association” with proper training in a drug-free lifestyle, manners, dress code, monogamy and charitable activities. This is respectable society not a rumble in the jungles of the Congo.

Epstein’s Crony Appeals to Moscow

An even greater discredit for Griner is that the loathsome beast Bill Richardson, a crony of Bill Clinton and partner in crime with the elite pimp Jeffrey Epstein, has flown to Moscow on a mission to bargain for that faker’s release from prison. Epstein was a pioneer in pimping transvestites and transsexuals to wealthy patrons of his elite prostitution operation, which provided rich patrons with after-hours incentives at late-night parties after Victoria’s Secret fashion shows.

A nearly 7-foot tall transvestite is, of course, a pervert’s wet dream, and at the time of Epstein’s zenith, Griner would have still been in his 20s, a rising star off-court at discos and pool parties. Phoenix, Arizona, is well within driving distance of Epstein’s Zorro Ranch, just north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, where Richardson was governor.

The Richardson-Epstein-Clinton influence is the last thing that a gradually westernizing Russia needs at this moment of national identity crisis. Brittney Griner in Russia is a throwback to the 19th century popularity of Alexander Pushkin, the half-African novelist and social butterfly, a Mandingo in a Russian society fascinated with Orientalism and primitivism. The obsession with size for its own sake was a legacy of Turkic homosexuality from a nomadic horse culture that dominated the Russian peasantry for centuries, and still reigns in nearby Budapest bath-houses and among the Azov war-criminals of Ukraine. Griner in Russia is a lion in a cage, a source of amusement and biological speculation, a most demeaning type of sports ambassadorship by an American citizen. The fact that sHe pretends to be a female adds to the titillation at the sight of a monster-scale freak. Not long ago, the United States set the standard for cleanliness, morality and rational behavior to a benighted world, but that is no longer the case due to decadently corrupt politicians, a bent cultural establishment and timid self-censored news media. Cultural resistance to decadence is as urgent as political combat against another Weimar collapse of civilized values.

As for Richardson, he’s a low-down scoundrel whose governorship in New Mexico turned the state into a gateway for the Mexican drug cartel, for example, by transforming the small-plane airport in Grant County, south of Silver City, into a notorious heroin, marijuana and opioid transshipment center. Richardson exploited environmentalism to transform Indian reservations into shoddily managed oil fields that sprang leaks that have poisoned local aquifers. The Democrat crook also invited the CIA-financed Netflix to exploit the desert state for location filming on the cheap. During the filming of the Indiana Jones movie “The Crystal Skull”, he enabled the dynamiting of a local mountain in a fragile eco-zone, twice, for the closing scene of the mother-ship’s takeoff. Richardson had previously served as Clinton’s Interior Secretary, so we can assume blowing up mountains is part of “green” activism.

And then there was Gov. Richardson’s complicity in Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch, 3,000 acres north of Santa Fe, laced with hidden bunkers, some used for espionage on the state’s weapons facilities and others for transshipment of illegals’ DACA children and Indian youth onto sexual predator transport routes, including the Jimmy Alefantis-operated network of safe-houses in Virginia and Delaware. So now, to the rescue of darling Britney Griner, comes Bill Richardson, a match made in Hades that indicates some past connection between the B-ball star and the Epstein cabal.

If a prisoner swap, Briner for Victor Bout, is deemed too lopsided in terms of real talent, then the cheater Griner should be left to rot in a Russian prison and hopefully be sent to a hard-labor work camp in Siberia where he can practice his power dunk by breaking rocks. Instead there could well be an alternative to the gulag and a shame fest for the WNBA, and that’s teaming up Briner as a hit man working with infiltrator Bout to suss out and set up arms dealers, terrorist chieftains and drug lords for a hit, salt-and-pepper agents under sports cover like tennis-playing Robert Culp and Bill Cosby in “I Spy”. Now that’s a high-stakes game to bet on.

Bombshell – Prisoner-swapped Viktor Bout already worked for USA running weapons in Iraq

As you no doubt are aware, yesterday Joe Biden swapped a high-level Russian arms trafficker and former lieutenant colonel in the Russian army with a pot head LGBTQ basketball player who despises America.

Biden and the Democrats are using Ukraine as a money laundering slush fund, according to two sources who spoke to me independently (and who are about to go public with this accusation, most likely today or tomorrow).

They allegedly need a way to turn those weapons into cash to be laundered back into the pockets of the corrupt politicians who voted for the funding in the first place.

I was told yesterday that Bout is being released under one condition: That he work for the Biden regime to sell US-supplied weapons to black market buyers around the world (including the Middle East), effectively laundering weapons sales into cash for Democrats and the crooked Biden crime family.

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