Russia as a member of the international Club

Russia as a member of the international Club



Against the backdrop of Vladimir Putin’s statements about the end of the unipolar world, “our” ministers Anton Siluanov and Mikhail Murashko, on the eve of the G20 summit in Indonesia, are doing exactly the opposite – betraying national interests and swearing an oath to this very unipolar world of globalists, where dubious supranational organizations distribute directives to states. The World Bank specially gathered in the format of an online conference all adherents of the upcoming Pandemic Agreement under the auspices of the World Health Organization in order to consolidate the main role of this structure in the fight against pandemics and the construction of the global “Sanitary Shield”. And we again clearly heard that “our” Ministry of Finance is ready to finance this, and “our” Ministry of Health is ready to promptly implement all WHO standards in Russia and exchange our medical data with “partners” for the sake of “victory over infections”. And all this is in opposition to the appeals of professional doctors and scientists, social activists, the people and a number of State Duma deputies about the need for our country to withdraw from the WHO as soon as possible. With such performers, we will not succeed in any multipolar world.

Already today, on November 15, another gathering of globalists called the G20 summit will begin on the island of Bali, the whole essence of which comes down to assurances from the authorities of the countries of the “civilized” world to follow the “green” agenda, sustainable development goals and the UN Agenda 2030, the “digital transformation” of all spheres of life of states for the sake of greater “transparency and openness” (the agenda of the World Economic Forum and the World Bank), “tolerance, gender equality and inclusiveness” and other well-known mantras of the multipolar world, which is planted with fire and sword all over the planet by the hands of the Anglo-Saxons and their satellites . Moreover, their obligation to report on what has been done and is planned is fixed in the same type of declarations in English, written in terrible Newspeak with a bunch of synonyms and poorly translated combinations.

And what about “our” ministers Murashko and Siluanov? Nothing special – by their actions they again confirmed that our country does not have any sovereign agenda and ideology. On the eve of the big G20 gathering, with the support of the World Bank, a conference was held with the participation of the heads of health and finance of key countries, where they vowed to participate in the creation of the Pandemic Fund, as well as to coordinate their actions in unison. Those. our state in the future may finance projects similar to the supposedly research laboratories of the Pentagon in Ukraine with the testing of the most dangerous pathogens,whose work was coordinated, among other things, by the WHO. Through the efforts of our army, on the one hand, we kind of bring them to clean water, make loud statements to the whole world about the inadmissibility of using such bioweapons, and on the other hand, we participate in projects to create the same “pandemic control” laboratories under the auspices of the same WHO . Amazing, isn’t it?

Finance Minister Siluanov said at a joint meeting of the heads of finance and health ministries of the G20 countries that he considers it possible to create a global sanitary shield to combat threats in the healthcare sector.

“We believe that a similar (to the federal project Sanitary Shield – ed.) sanitary shield could be built at the global level,” Siluanov said.

Also, “our” minister stressed the need to prevent the fragmentation of the global health system and maintain the central role of WHO in it.

Health Minister Murashko went even further than his colleague, saying that “Russia supports the G20 proposal to extend the mandate of the Working Task Force on Health Emergency Preparedness and Response.” That is, work on the adoption by all countries of the world of the Pandemic Agreement. Please note that all parties to the geopolitical conflict in Ukraine continue to work on these documents day and night – for them, the hot conflict does not seem to exist. As one of the main tasks of the working group, Murashko called “strengthening cooperation between the G20 and international partners in improving preparedness and response to infections.” That is, against the backdrop of covid, the suppression of outbreaks of which no one seems to stutter about, international partners have now set out to always jointly respond to any infections.

“We see the WHO as a coordinator of international efforts in the field of healthcare,” Murashko emphasized.

Of course, who else can you see? The same Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, through the mouth of Minister Sergey Lavrov, literally in May 2022, in the midst of our break with the West after the start of the NWO, declared Russia’s loyalty to the leading role of the WHO  and its readiness to fulfill its directives. As you can see, now this general line has become even fatter. In fact, Siluanov confirmed the intentions of the Government to invest money in the projects of the WHO and the World Bank, and Murashko announced the readiness to build in Russia a system of preparedness for new pandemics (that is, a system of tests, vaccinations, laboratories for the study of pathogens, etc.) that is organically integrated into WHO projects and constantly interacting with it.

We are already very tired of repeating ourselves, but let’s remind these gentlemen and their employers for the hundredth time: “our” ministers signed up for the leadership of an organization whose main sponsors are the United States, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the United Kingdom – probably our best friends in this difficult time, in their opinion. With the very WHO, which recently published a manual on the recognition by the governments of all countries of the world of the “third sex”. The same WHO that advocates for the early sex education of children, the complete removal of all restrictions on the “right” to infanticide, as well as the early vaccination of children without parental consent. The same WHO that recognized transgenderism and, indirectly, pedophilia as the norm in the updated ICD-11. And “our” Ministry of Health, by the way, saluted and planned a whole policy of processing the brains of Russian doctors in order to implement the pseudoscience of perverts in Russia.

In general, everything is extremely clear to everyone, but it is not clear who exactly and when exactly will put an end to this coven of emissaries of the unipolar world in the Russian government and elite. If this is not done as soon as possible – if we do not leave the WHO, do not stop appearing at all these “big twenty” – from our sovereignty, and after it – from Russia in general – nothing will remain. And no pieces of paper about the protection of traditional values ​​and the prohibition of propaganda of sodomy, which poorly cover up the coven of lovers of the “third sex” from “our” Government, will not save.

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