Russia attacked dams and reservoirs in Ukraine

Russia attacked dams and reservoirs in Ukraine

Russia strikes Reservoir Dam; Sends water Surging downstream

The Russian army launched a missile attack on Kryvyi Rih (Krivoi Rog), the hometown of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. There were two attacks, the local administration did not announce in which parts of the city the defeats took place.

Military observers tweeted that Tu-95MS strategic (and nuclear) bombers attacked dams and reservoirs in Ukraine with Kh-101 missiles, which have a range of 5,500 km and carry 500 kg of explosive warheads. The deputy head of the presidential administration in Kyiv, Kiril Tymoshenko, announced that a total of 8 rockets were fired at Kryvyi Rih. 

Some missiles hit below the waterline of the dam across the Ingulets river.  The impact severely damaged the dam and the water level in the Ingulets river is now surging – severely as seen in the video below:


Electricity and fresh water is now cut-off in Kryvyi Rih.

This is now the second large demonstration of what Russia is capable of doing to Ukrainian infrastructure; the first being missile strikes against electrical stations a few days ago.

Unlike the electric grid, which was re-routed, there’s no way to make a quick fix to this dam.

Every 3rd soldier in the Kharkiv offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a citizen of a NATO country

The offensive operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (and NATO) in the Kharkiv region was planned by the US military command. About 200 units of heavy military equipment and up to 9,000 soldiers were involved in last week’s offensive.

Reportedly, forensic examination of the dead bodies from the Offensive reveal that one in three soldiers operating under the Ukrainian chevron was a citizen of a NATO member state.

These forces were 4-5 times superior to the units of the DPR, LPR and Russia that were defending their positions in the region.

The main goal of the Ukrainian offensive was a flank attack, encirclement and subsequent destruction of the Russian grouping in the area of ​​Balakleya, Kupyansk and Izyum.

The Russian command predicted the offensive of large forces of Ukraine and NATO in this direction. It was aware that it would be extremely difficult to contain Ukraine’s offensive with the forces that Russia had there. It was also virtually impossible to move sufficient reinforcements in time without weakening other areas on other front lines. Having assessed the risks, the Russian military decided to leave the weakly fortified positions and withdraw troops to new lines and straighten the lines of communication.

Before the start of the Ukrainian offensive, civilians were evacuated from the threatened settlements, who agreed to move to the territory of the Russian Federation.

From September 6 to September 11, Russian units retreated in an organized manner under the cover of specially organized units. Using mobile defense tactics, the Russian military destroyed the plan of Kyiv and NATO to encircle the Russian group.

At the same time, obvious mistakes were made by the Russian military. The area in front of the forward positions was not mined. Units on the front lines de facto comprised no more than 30 percent of the enumerated military personnel. The soldiers were not properly provided with anti-tank weapons. There were also front-line reconnaissance failures. As a result, the artillery cover of the withdrawal was ineffective in the first days of the Ukrainian offensive.

Russian troops were withdrawn to new positions along the eastern bank of the Oskol River with minimal losses. Meanwhile, both sides confirm that Ukrainian and NATO units have suffered significant losses in manpower.

It is expected that, within days, the official assessment of the Russian Ministry of Defense will be publicly acknowledged that the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine has definitively escalated into a state of war between Russia and NATO, with unpredictable results for all parties to the conflict.

This assessment is important because the Ukrainian/NATO side is the first, so far at an unofficial level, to engage in NATO’s direct war against Russia, while Russia  continues to operate with the term “special military operation”, continuing to use limited forces and means.

Given the new reality that this is, in fact, an actual war between NATO and Russia, military analysts in the Russian Army have suggested it will be expedient to limit and complicate the provision and supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the utmost. They have told their Russian bosses that all routes for the supply of weapons and material and technical means, bridges, railways and highways, places of concentration of troops and military equipment must be destroyed.

Key to the Russian military analysis is the assessment that the railway network of Ukraine must be completely de-electrified without the possibility of restoration.

It is widely understood within the Russian Ministry of Defense that no more offensive attempt by NATO forces should come as an unpleasant surprise to the Russian army. COVER INTEL reports that Mobile reserves of both ground forces and artillery, as well as aviation, must be created by Russia to instantly respond to emerging threats.

COVERT INTEL also reveals that the number of Russian troops should become consistent with the new threats that have emerged.


Wednesday morning, the country of Armenia invoked Article 4 of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CTSO) which calls for all member countries to come to the military defense of Armenia as neighboring Azerbaijan commences military attacks against Armenia.  The world now has a SECOND war front, after the ongoing Ukraine front.

If one of the Member States suffers aggression (armed attack menacing to safety, stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty), it will be considered by the Member States as aggression (armed attack menacing to safety, stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty) against all the Member States of this Treaty.   Article 4 of the CTSO is akin to Article 5 of the NATO Treaty.

In case of aggression commission (armed attack menacing to safety, stability, territorial integrity and sovereignty) to any of the Member States, all the other Member States at request of this Member State shall immediately provide the latter with the necessary help, including military, as well as provide support by the means at their disposal in accordance with the right to collective defense pursuant to article 51 of the UN Charter.

The Member States shall immediately inform the United Nations Security Council on the measures taken on the basis of this article. When implementing these measures, the Member States shall adhere to the relevant provisions of the UN Charter.

(the article is as amended by the Protocol on amendments to the Collective Security Treaty of May 15, 1992, signed on December 10, 2010)

Azerbaijan commenced artillery shelling and mortar fire into Armenia about 48 hours ago.  Several hundred Armenian troops and Border Security force are already dead.

Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan stated the Armenian side has 105 killed in action with hundred more injured including civilians.


Adding to the troubles, the country of Georgia is holding an actual public referendum on whether or not Georgia should re-open its war with Russia!

The leadership of Georgia can organize a nationwide referendum and ask the question: do the Georgians want a war with Russia.

Giorgi Kobakhidze, chairman of the party, made such a statement at a briefing in the office of the ruling Georgian Dream party.

“Let the people say whether they want to open a second front in Georgia against Russia,” Mr. Kobakhidze emphasized.

He promised that the authorities “will act as the people say.”

(HT NOTE:  At the time they spoke about this, the situation in Armenia did not yet exist, so Georgia was speaking as if THEIR country would become a “second” front.   Now, with the situation in Armenia, if the people of Georgia vote to open a new war with Russia, that will be a THIRD war front!)

The politician expressed hope that the Georgian people “will bring clarity, whether he agrees with the statements of Ukrainian politicians about the need to involve Georgia in the war or with the position of the authorities of his country.”

This is how Irakli Kobakhidze responded to the statement of Fyodor Venislavsky, representative of the President of Ukraine in the Parliament, who advised Georgia “to take concrete steps to liberate Abkhazia and South Ossetia.”

Earlier, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov, as well as advisers to the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak and Oleksiy Arestovich, publicly addressed Tbilisi with similar advice.

“They all directly said that the opening of the second front in Georgia is highly desirable,” the head of the Georgian Dream recalled at the same briefing.

Hal Turner Analysis and Editorial Opinion

All of this is the underhanded work of the collective West: in particular, the European Union and the United States/NATO.   Turkey backs Azerbaijan. So does Israel.  Turkey is a NATO member.  Israel being a welfare client of the United States, has to do what the US tells it or they lose their $3 Billion+ a year in free U.S. money and their little country, that can’t even sustain itself, fails.  So The trouble with Azerbaijan and Armenia is a direct result of Turkey and Israel doing what NATO and the USA instruct them to do.

Through Turkey and Israel, Azerbaijan got told to re-commence war attacks against Armenia BECAUSE Russia backs Armenia.  The US and EU  __want__ to bog Russia down in multiple wars.  As such, what is now taking place is all deliberate.  It is all the deliberate exacerbation of old grievances, into war.

Step by step, the US and EU are deliberately inciting, fomenting, and facilitating what will very soon become World War 3.

I have a suggestion: Maybe some of the people who are doing these things, should become victims of their own war?   They know who they are . . .  and so do we.  Maybe it could be like Seth Rich; they become a mugging victim that no one investigates?

Collective west wants Russian mobilisation. Finnish PM, sanctions for ordinary Russians. Update 1

Ursula reduced Russian gas to 9%. Zakharova, US diabolical plan for EU. Sanctions diet. Update 2

“Prologue To Third World War”: Kremlin Reacts To Security Guarantees For Ukraine

Ukraine wants a ‘NATO-esque’ bloc which can be called upon to immediately defend borders with Russia, which was proposed by a working group established by President Volodymyr Zelensky. Crucially it would include the United States and other NATO allies providing Ukraine with “security guarantees”.  Kiev officials stressed in unveiling the plan Tuesday that it’s not meant as a replacement for NATO, but as a legally binding alliance to be in place while Ukraine eventually pursues full NATO membership, as Newsweek describes of the proposal

The Kyiv Security Compact (KSC)—proposed by Andriy Yermak, the head of Zelensky’s office, and former NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen—would also establish a “multi-decade” plan of investment, military training, and intelligence sharing to bolster Ukraine’s defensive capabilities as the country pursues full NATO membership.

The Kremlin’s reaction has been swift and fierce, with Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev warning that it is “really a prologue to the Third World War” if it gets enacted. He described that nuclear holocaust would be the end result.

Dmitry Medvedev, via Shutterstock

According to a translation of Medvedev’s reaction in state media, which had been posted in a statement to Telegram, he blamed “dull idiots” from “stupid think tanks” for concocting such a “hysterical appeal”. Medvedev wrote:

“And then the Western nations will not be able to sit in their clean homes, laughing at how they carefully weaken Russia by proxy. Everything will be on fire around them. Their people will harvest their grief in full. The land will be on fire and the concrete will melt.

“Yet still the narrow-minded politicians and their stupid think tanks, thoughtfully twirling a glass of wine in their hands, talk about how they can deal with us without entering into a direct war. Dull idiots with a classical education.”

He said that already the conflict in Ukraine is sliding into unknown, unpredictable territory of escalation due to the West’s “unrestrained pumping of the Kiev regime with the most dangerous types of weapons.” 

He added to the statements as follows according to a translation

The Kyiv camarilla gave birth to a project of “security guarantees”, which are a prologue to the third world war. Of course, no one will give any “guarantees” to the Ukrainian Nazis. After all, this is almost the same as applying Article 5 of the North Atlantic Pact (Washington Treaty) to Ukraine. For NATO – the same shit, only a side view. Therefore, it’s scary.

Given the grinding conflict which is still focused in the east and south of the country, and with Moscow having vowed to “liberate” the Donbass, the security guarantees being proposed are unlikely to get off the ground anytime soon, given also it calls for a return to Ukraine’s pre-2014 borders and a return of all homes and property confiscated by the invading Russian forces. 

Many pundits in the West are meanwhile expressing concern that amid a largely successful Ukrainian counteroffensive in the northeast Russia could grow more unpredictable and desperate. There’s ongoing speculation that President Putin could declare a formal declaration of war, something which the Kremlin on Tuesday denied there is even discussion of at this point. 

Moscow outlines ‘diabolical’ plan by Washington to ‘enslave’ the EU

Maria Zakharova

Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry.
The EU is being prodded into selling itself into slavery on behalf of Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman says

Ukraine’s newly published proposal for Western security guarantees is an invitation for the economic self-immolation of the EU, according to Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The Russian diplomat believes that the proposed international agreement which Kiev released on Tuesday is an economic trap for EU nations set by the US with Ukraine’s assistance.

Most of the measures included in the document are already being implemented” by Kiev’s backers, but Washington’s EU allies are expected to pledge to keep the Ukraine aid money flowing for the foreseeable future, Zakharova said in an interview on Wednesday. If signed, the ‘Kiev Security Compact’ would mean “harsh slavery” for the bloc from which it would not recover anytime soon, she claimed.

“A total commitment to supporting the Kiev regime would simply mean immolation [for the EU]. And this proposal is addressed to nations that are debating how they can live through the winter,” Zakharova said, in reference to the energy shortages that EU member states are struggling to confront.

Developed EU nations face an economic and humanitarian disaster after taking directions from the US on how to respond to the crisis in Ukraine, according to the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman.

The situation is ironic, she believes, as the EU began as a group of nations that banded together for mutual economic benefit through the deregulation of trade. Now “they are being corralled together” so their lives will become “colder, poorer, and harder,” she said.

This is Washington’s diabolical plan to destroy what was previously called the common European space.

The Ukrainian security proposal was prepared by a group co-chaired by Andrey Yermak, the chief of staff of President Vladimir Zelensky, and former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

The 10-page document outlines NATO-like security guarantees for Ukraine by the US and its allies that would benefit Kiev until it formally joins the Washington-led military bloc. It also calls for continued military and financial aid for Ukraine by the guarantors.

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