Russia Destroys Satellite Uplink Station outside Odessa, Ukraine – all NATO Gear inside

Russia Destroys Satellite Uplink Station outside Odessa, Ukraine – all NATO Gear inside

Russia has destroyed the Satellite Uplink Earth-station of the communications center of Ukraine.

Hal Turner,

18 October, 2022

To destroy it, a special operation was organized by the Russian Army. After first pinpointing its location, it was hit using high-precision weapons. 

The destruction of this earth station – at least for the time being – has totally shut down Ukraine’s secure government communications network, and has stopped the flow of NATO intelligence to Ukraine’s government distribution network. Military planners are no longer able to get real-time intelligence via space satellite communications with NATO!

This creates extremely serious problems for the Ukrainian government to organize operations and secure communications.

“In the area of ​​Palievka settlement, Odessa region, the communications space station of the Government Communications Center of Ukraine was destroyed, ” the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation said during a routine briefing.

According to the Russians, “ the consequences of the impact will be seen after the last pass by the Sentinel-2 and WorldView spacecraft.

Intelligence community information is that the earth station was fully outfitted with NATO secure communications gear, and all NATO targeting data passed to the Kiev regime through this center. Its destruction is a massive blow to the Ukrainians.

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Critical situation in Ukraine: Breaks in electricity, water supply, heating!

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