Russia foils a terrorist attack in Kherson as Putin withdraws troops

Russia foils a terrorist attack in Kherson as Putin withdraws troops

 Interview with George Eliason

At least nine people have been detained in the Kherson region on charges of attempted terrorist attacks. These men were part of the Ukrainian SBU, a known terrorist organization, according to the U.S. State Department. Is this normal warfare or something darker? We speak to independent journalist George Eliason about it.

2 thoughts on “Russia foils a terrorist attack in Kherson as Putin withdraws troops

  1. A further thought. Hal Turner spent much of last week warning that the Russians were evacuating Kherson of civilians and he was concerned that this portended something very bad – a false flag, a tactical nuke etc. The deadline for completion of that evacuation was November 7th. Well, here we are, just a few days alter and the military are following suit. Nobody seems to be joining the dots or would know what the pciture was if they did so!

  2. This is 4 days behind, but it doesn’t matter, as it’s not critical. Of course, we don’t really know what the next moment will bring, but we can’t be surprised (or disappointed) if it ends up as much more of the same with only a few twists and turns.

    As for Russia’s recent evacuation, it seems people were caught off guard despite warnings. Putin the ex-spymaster doesn’t always think logically (as he shouldn’t, because where possible he should keep as many factions as possible guessing and thus would ensure a good supply of varied opinions to confuse most of the world). This doesn’t mean Sol or I agree with what he gets up to, and we feel it’s 100% reasonable that Ukrainians fight to defend their country.

    My friend Sol, whom I mention a lot, usually doesn’t provide me analyses (though I think he goes through mental manoeuvres for himself as a sort of exercise, and has no interest in a media presence). His sole confidence is in the special dreams, signs, omens, etc he receives that have circumvented his own volition.

    From time to time, however, he does venture (for my benefit) a few premonitions that are based partly on his own cognition and partly inspired. For interests sake, here’s one of that type he’s offered which concerns, not Russia, but China (which he and I have both discussed), and partly old and partly new.

    The old being that it corroborates an actual prediction made long ago by a long-deceased historical figure. And the new being that it matches fully the potential the prediction still retains for manifesting in a real future event —- i.e., the likelihood that China will become a democracy.

    The old of it is not novel, because it arose from the unconscious of Edgar Cayce (of Virginia Beach, USA), possibly more than 80 years ago. He’s the one famous for his diagnoses of people’s health problems for which he would, from a trance-like state, offer remedies to promote healing (seems back then he never got into trouble with health authorities).

    And he also made numerous predictions regarding coming world events (that are known to have come true); Sol and I are familiar with Cayce’s story from ages ago. Of course, probably a great number of skeptical people consider such arcane matters to be utter nonsense and won’t hesitate to say so.

    Sol on the other hand has a special reverence for Edgar Cayce, and intuitively has honed in on one prediction which he feels is highly relevant for the current time and impending future. This is the new of it, the prediction that China in the not too distant future will shift to a democracy; the signs, Sol says, are already visible now.

    One is the common understanding among China observers that Xi Jinping has a lock on the leadership of China for life. The reality of Edgar Cayce’s prediction (which coincides with Sol’s own of the intuitive variety; and thus not of the prophetically received) even though readily visible, will remain hidden amid the great cacophony of crazy goings-on competing for consumption by modern life.

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