Russia to ‘Blockade’ Azovstal

Russia to ‘Blockade’ Azovstal

Russia to ‘Blockade’ Azovstal, G20 Summit Splits on Russia/Ukraine

Putin stops Azovstal assault. GL collective west silence. Putin’s BIG warning Sarmat ICBM. Update 2

“Mariupol is Russian territory” – Putin’s “Tombstone” to the Azovites: “Let not a single fly fly from the catacombs”

“Let them die of hunger and thirst”

The tombstone of the Azovites who survived the heavy bombardment of Azovstal was laid by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who canceled the Russian raid on the catacombs of the industrial zone, simply asking to block the area so that “not a single fly could fly.”

The president of Russia ordered their slow death as there will be no humanitarian corridor for them.

The goal is for them to start starving and either die of hunger and thirst or to go out and surrender.

“Let no one go out”

Putin called the Azovstal cataclysmic operation inappropriate, saying the reason for canceling the attack was to save the lives of the Russian army.

“We do not need to enter the catacombs, it is necessary to exclude the industrial zone in Azovstal so that not a single fly can fly ,” said the Russian leader.

This means that the Russian troops will keep it surrounded, waiting for the rest of the Ukrainian soldiers to surrender.

Putin congratulated Soigu on the success of the occupation of the city. In fact, he stressed that Russia guarantees the lives of Ukrainian soldiers who will leave the Azovstal plant and noted that Russian troops will treat them with respect.

He specifically said to S. Soigou:

“I thank the Army for the liberation of Mariupol”

“I do not think the raid on the industrial zone is a good idea. This is one of the cases where saving the lives of our soldiers is a top priority.

We do not need to enter the catacombs, we just need to block all the exits so that not a fly can fly.

And of course to ask them to surrender, to lower their weapons voluntarily.

Russia guarantees the right to life, we will treat them with dignity and in accordance with international obligations.

Anyone injured will receive medical attention.

Thank you for the liberation of Mariupol, give my congratulations to our forces and organize an award ceremony for those who took part in the operation “

“Mariupol is Russian territory”

It is noteworthy that Andrey Turchak from Putin’s party, “United Russia”, visited a class in Mariupol and told the students that “victory will be ours, the enemy will be defeated.”

“Mariupol is the territory of the Russian Federation,” he told a schoolgirl.

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Azovstal was excluded

Sergei Shoigu arrived in the Kremlin with a report on the progress of the military operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine. The Russian Minister of Defense informed Vladimir Putin about the occupation of the important port and the industrial city of Mariupol.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told Putin that Azovstal, with Ukrainian fighters and foreign mercenaries, had been “safely shut down.”

Russian troops and Donetsk units have taken full control of the city of Mariupol. This was announced by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russians estimate that the number of excluded Azophites is about 2,000.

Shoigu told Putin that 1,478 Ukrainian troops had already surrendered to Russian forces who had surrounded the huge plant.

Russia’s Defense Minister stressed that Russian soldiers have blocked any exit from the factory.

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What has happened to the civilians

In his briefing to Putin, Shoigu also referred to civilians. According to him, 142,000 civilians have already fled Mariupol.

The Russian minister stressed that the situation in Mariupol is calm at the moment and, in fact, pointed out that the civilians can now begin to return.

According to the Russian Defense Minister, during the fighting for the city, more than four thousand Ukrainian soldiers were killed, more than 1,400 surrendered.

According to the Minister of Defense, despite the opposition of the Ukrainians, more than 142,000 civilians were evacuated in Mariupol and all the hostages in the port were released.

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