Russian Duma member:”The introduction into Russia of QR codes is a coup attempt”

Russian Duma member:”The introduction into Russia of QR codes is a coup attempt”

Some people need to wake up from thinking everything is absolutely hunkey-dory in Russia and to seperate Russian culture and politics from the geopolitics.

Some home truths are coming out indicating that things are not going as well as some people might think. 

A note to people who ask me to provide proof from an original source.  The link was there so readers were just as capable as me to find out where it came from.

For what it is worth,Mikhail Delyagin is an establishment MP who comments mostly on geopolitics

Duma deputy: “Protect yourself and Russia from a coup d’état!”

Russian lawmaker issues video appeal to the nation. Will anyone listen?

Edward Slavsquat,

19 November, 2021

The war unleashed against you and Russia by the mafia of vaccinators is just beginning.”

It’s a horribly abused phrase but we would probably describe this one as a “must-read.”

First, a bit of background.

As things currently stand, Russia is scheduled to be completely QR-coded by February. It seems the original plan was to rush the relevant legislation through the State Duma, but lawmakers had second thoughts after their social media accounts were flooded with furious denunciations from their constituents. The QR bill has now been sent back to the regions for further review; the State Duma is expected to take the issue up again on December 14.

Enter: Duma Deputy Mikhail Delyagin. He’s a member of A Just Russia — For Truth. You can read about their platform here. While technically an “opposition party,” Just Russia can hardly be described as hostile to Putin. Delyagin himself seems to think Putin is not involved in what he describes as the imminent “coup d’état” threatening to dismember Russia.

Delyagin’s profile on the Duma’s website

What is Delyagin’s message? Basically: if we don’t stop QR codes, Russia is finished.

Below is a rushed (and incomplete) transcript of his remarks. He used the term “V-section” instead of “vaccination” to bypass the YouTube Thought Crime Algorithm (a strategy that he explains at the very start of his talk); we have taken the liberty of replacing “V-section” with “vaccine.” Delyagin also uses the German term “ausweis” (“identity card”) as a euphemism for digital “health” passes—again, apparently to circumvent the Big Tech censors.

(Regarding the translation: If you have any improvements you can suggest, or think we mistranslated something, please let us know so we can make necessary corrections/additions. Thanks!)

What to do before December 14 to save yourself from apartheid and vaccination, and Russia from a coup (Nov 16, 2021)

(YouTube description: Dear friends, you have relaxed—and the war unleashed against you and Russia by the mafia of vaccinators is just beginning. This is not about medicine, this is not about public safety—this is about the demand for you to give up your mind and become obedient mindless animals. How long does a cow live— remember? And now say “moo!”)

Hi to everybody. My name is Mikhail Delyagin.

I am a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Today I’m going to speak about the coup d’état. Most likely a coup attempt. This coup is being attempted by introducing [QR] codes [across Russia].

So, it is already known that a digital ausweis system will be introduced. This was announced on Friday evening. Resistance rose very quickly. On Saturday and Sunday, I received several hundred, more than 300 different applications from different citizens.

I have received many personal messages and comments. I am grateful to the speaker of the State Duma, because they acted according to the law. In the circumstances of a coup d’état (revolution) they act according to the law, it is something like resistance. I expected, when I read all this madness, that all this state power is being abolished in our country, all power is being transferred to the sanitary doctors. And the governors are obliged to obey them implicitly, they can only complain about them. I already expected that this Thursday such a decision would be made in four readings.

If we are talking about the abolition of regional power, let the regions tell us their position, that they are for self-elimination— that all these problems are too complicated, let there be external [centralized] management.

Until December 14, there will be a discussion with most of the district assemblies, the authorities that are under the influence of United Russia, who will try to answer earlier than December 14. That is why it is necessary not to relax but it should be considered that parliamentary requests are 30 days by law.

The Ausweis

If you want to protect yourself and your children—let’s talk later from what—then do not forget that every day for 30 days, you are in self-defense mode.


You have the opportunity to defend yourself, since the regional authorities do not want to do hara-kiri for themselves—they do not want to give up their powers, even those who belong to United Russia. You have a list of deputies for your regional assembly. You have their social networks, find them. Write protests there every day. Write protests to your governors, your regional governments, major health departments, or ministers of health.

Write to local party organizations, primarily United Russia. Write to deputies who will not immediately turn off comments.

Each of you must defend yourself, because there is no one else to defend you. Yes, I and my like-minded people are doing something, we will perform if they don’t turn off the microphone, and so on. But your life and the life of your children are in your hands. And you are quiet.

[Duma Speaker] Mr. [Vyacheslav] Volodin, allows you to protect yourself, gives you 30 days. And you don’t use it. I don’t see any protest from people, they don’t defend themselves like that! If they are trying to rape you, and you folded your hands, do not be offended that you were raped.

This is just the beginning! Today we are talking about how to raise fierce hatred, as some commentators write, in accordance with Article 282 of the Criminal Code, to create a social group of power. Otherwise, the people who “come” will be liberals, either complete fascists or liberal fascists who will start with shootings, as liberals are supposed to do. Look at how liberals pine for fascism, for Pinochet. Remember how today’s liberals—like [RT “journalist”] Mr. Krasovsky—want to beat up people in the streets and shoot them according to wartime laws.

Anyone who doesn’t want to subject himself to a medical experiment is a deserter. For wartime deserters, it’s a firing squad, that’s what they’re talking about. They are not exaggerating, it’s not a fictional image. The former science fiction writer [Sergei] Lukyanenko, wrote on his Facebook that he dreams of storm troopers breaking down apartment doors at night and forcibly vaccinating people—this is not a fictional image.

That’s everyday life. When they tell you that you have to be beaten on the head to immobilize you, it’s not an artistic image. That’s what they want. I have no qualms about not trusting a few dozen once respected authority figures. Power is being handed over to a few sanitation doctors. Governors can only complain. All court cases on the issue are overturned.

As we have noticed, on April 15 the Supreme Court was considering a class action lawsuit filed by medical and legal scholars to the effect that it is unnecessary to add an unknown disease to the list of highly dangerous ones. Here you have statistics, medical data, doctors’ confessions; Denis Protsenko admits that 70% of his patients die of nosocomial infections, the consequences of treatment. And no one cares about anything, people obey. That’s the position. That’s why the courts are abolished. The executive branch is essentially abolished.

Unvaccinated Russians are already being herded like animals

I will say nothing about the legislature. In the 90s, under Yeltsin, the external management of global banksters was carried out through the IMF and through [Russian oligarch Anatoly] Chubais. Now under Putin, external management will be done by Big Tech, social global platforms, and Big Pharma through the WHO. Exactly the same management. Our mortality rate is already higher. Our death toll will already be higher this year than it was in the 90s. It’s already worse than in the 1990s. They didn’t experiment on you in the ’90s.

Let me remind you that full-fledged [vaccine] clinical trials are not even planned. Those trials won’t end until next year. These are clinical trials under a very abbreviated procedure. No one justified the shortened procedure. And what’s more, the results of stages that have already been passed are being withheld from the medical community.


You and I are also going to be judged for daring to speak the hard truth. It’s not about medicine, it’s not about public safety, it’s about a coup d’état and experiments. For example, the veterinary profession strictly forbids vaccination of pregnant females with decades and centuries of proven vaccines! Why? Because fetal loss is bad for agriculture. It is forbidden!


The current outbreak has something to do with official propaganda, because Ms. [Anna] Popova, the head of the Rospotrebnadzor, the chief sanitary doctor of Russia, said that people who have exposed themselves to medical experiments, exposed themselves to vaccination, these people are contagious, just like ordinary people who take care of their health.

It is a rarity when the claim of Russian officials is not only not just confirmed but amplified by the most famous journal The Lancet, which published a detailed article about the data and research, namely people who have exposed themselves to vaccination, who have put themselves through experiments, are not just contagious, but contagious just like normal people who take care of their health.

[Gamaleya Center Director] Alexander Gintsburg says, “I don’t wear masks because it’s bad for me, I have to strengthen my immune system.” Where’s the logic in that? So people should wear masks, but he doesn’t?

Gintsburg: masks for thee, but not for me?

Turning to the digital ausweis. So it turns out that in terms of infecting people it is meaningless. A person who has exposed himself to the vaccine infects others just as much as a person who has not exposed himself to the vaccine. There is an argument that a person who has exposed themselves to vaccine gets sick less. Well, yes, there are obituaries on social media all the time about people becoming disabled. But that’s not a statistic.

There is a statistical study, published by news agency on October 14, showing real statistics, an article by scientistsThey take the most vaccinated region of Russia, and the least vaccinated region of Russia, compare, there is no significant difference in morbidity and mortality. And the difference that scientists consider insignificant is in favor of the less-vaccinated regions and against the more-vaccinated regions.

The article Delyagin refers to. source:

You don’t like the statistics about Russia? The current hurrah-patriots don’t like these statistics, they don’t like Russia. Okay, colleagues! Gunder, a specialist in medical statistics, worldwide, does research, says there is a link between vaccination and adverse outcomes [in the United States]. The average correlation is 0.4, but it’s positive. The more vaccinations, the more experiments on people, the more negative outcomes. If vaccinations had a positive effect, the rates would be negative, but the rates are positive!

And there are no systematic studies done by institutes, no one is doing them. They are forbidden.

I can die. And no one will pay attention to it. I can infect others, as long as I have not been subjected to a medical experiment, from the official point of view, which ignores The Lancet, which ignores all science, as in primitive times, like in the Middle Ages. But no one is interested in that either. So the digital ausweis, like the yellow stars on the Jews, are not about medicine.

Hitler’s Nazis also talked about public hygiene. One of the themes of the anti-Semitic, anti-Slavic and anti-Gypsy propaganda was about public hygiene. But it was not about medicine. It is a requirement to obey without question. Man must give up reason. Man must become an animal. As the purely probable and their supporters tell us explicitly. As soon as you start comparing data, you get banned from YouTube. As soon as you pay attention to the opinion of professionals, Rospotrebnadzor requires you to write denunciations, this is an official letter.

Rospotrebnadzor (federal agency for “consumer protection and wellbeing”) head Anna Popova

I wrote a request to the Prosecutor’s Office to the Investigative Committee: Gentlemen, these denunciations are coming now. What you can say, what you can not, because I will tell you what they responded. If they answer anything at all, of course, but most importantly, we are required to give up reason and become animals!

They are already talking to us in the same way they usually talk to animals.
The state now speaks so boorishly to the people. This is how they talk to the population of the occupied territories, who for some reason do not understand that they are occupied.
 If you think you can get away with it, you can’t. You will be deprived of any rights. Up to and including the right to leave the house. As for the anti-vaxxers. You will not be allowed to use trains, planes, you will not be allowed to buy anything except food and simple medicines. Yes, you will be able to use delivery services where they are available, after a while you will be banned from going out, we’ve been through this many times in different countries.

Then they will start to experiment on children, as they do in some regions, for example in the Ulyanovsk region. Some parents agree. But soon it will be compulsory to vaccinate children, not only children, but adults as well. Maybe before they experiment on you, you will be hit on the head with a stick, so that you will pass out and worry less. It’s for your own good, it’s a concern. The Ukrainian Nazis used to say about the Russians: they live so hard that you have to kill them just out of mercy. to interrupt their suffering.

This vaccinist propaganda, it is not much different from the Nazi propaganda! Compare, they are the same people! And the most important thing is that a coup d’état is now underway!

What constitution? Forget about the criminal code. Forget about the law in general. When they start conducting experiments on children, parents will begin to defend their children, who have guns in their hands, who don’t have guns with whatever they have, a nice, nice man will explain that any atrocity will be under the law because that is the law!

Just as in Hitler’s Germany, there were criminal laws, so we have now, the abolition of legal (as many think) power. And after this who will believe that the government is lawful? Who in our country is responsible for everything? Putin?

The resentment and hatred of people towards the social group of power, that is, those who make the vaccination and those who do not make it. I have acquaintances who have been vaccinated once and say, no, we won’t do it again, we have antibodies. If he is a boss, he is allowed, but if he is a common person, they start to persecute him and ruin his health. Because doctors say that you cannot have a vaccine if you have high antibodies. For the bosses it is taken into account, but for ordinary people it is not taken into account.

Occupied Moscow

What laws? What constitution? But if this roller can’t be stopped, don’t think that you did the experiment on yourself and you are saved.


With us in Russia, it’s simple, if a person gets coronavirus, they understand that if they are lucky enough to live in a region where medicine hasn’t been destroyed yet, they will probably be cured. Most are cured. Thank the doctors. But if he has complications after the vaccination, he will not be treated, because no one knows what to treat for. At best, they will try to alleviate the symptoms, but what causes those symptoms, who knows?


This is an apartheid regime! A coup d’état! It’s even worse in Europe, I agree! Do you admire Europe? Why is it a bogeyman to you? Excuse me, an ideal? Since when did we become such low admirers of the West? Patriots used to go there like Ukrainians, only with different slogans. They used to say that there are gays, transgender people in Europe, so first change your own children, and then turn to Europe without thinking! Or make their wages like in Europe! Start worshipping Europe by raising wages. The oligarchs and the budget have enough money for that. No, everything is decided in favor of profit! This is my hypothesis of a coup d’état. Please consider my conclusion as an official statement of the actions of the rulers of power which give the impression of an attempted coup d’état.

“Never again”?

Colleagues, if you agree, join in. Explain to your deputies in the regions, deputies in the state Duma, senators, officials in personal letters, every day… I think many of them don’t want a coup d’état.

[Vyacheslav] Volodin, the speaker of the State Duma, said: No Putin, no Russia! It seemed like a beautiful artistic way to me at the time. When I saw these bills, I realized that this is not an abstract image. It was a way to make a Maidan and destroy Russia. Because Russia will not be glued together by the West, like Ukraine.

When these feral oligarchs come to power, when this feral medical mafia comes to power, Russia will not exist! There will be no one to defend Russia! If Putin signs this law, who will defend Putin? I’ll name two dozen, but what about the rest? Help yourself, protect yourself and Russia from a coup d’état!

Mikhail Delyagin: “The introduction into Russia of QR codes is a coup attempt”

Михаил Делягин: «введение в России QR-кодов является попыткa

«введение в России QR-кодов является попыткой госпереворота»

Russia is discussing the possibility of introducing QR codes on an ongoing basis

В России обсуждают возможность введения куар-кодов на постоянной основе,

11 November, 2021


On November 11, 2021, a message appeared on the Web that bills on coronavirus QR codes are going to be adopted on the territory of the Russian Federation. Not all citizens of the country liked this news. People don’t want to have a QR code system with them on an ongoing basis.

QR codes might be introduced on a permanent basis in November 2021

The fact that the government of the Russian Federation has developed two bills that will determine the procedure for introducing QR codes in the country confirming immunity to COVID-19 when visiting public places, traveling by train and flying on airplanes, several sources reported at once, citing people in the government. One project deals with catering and the other with transport.

Representatives of the operational headquarters for combating coronavirus infection COVID-19 confirmed the development of bills. The message is short and lacking in details. The report said that the operational headquarters is working on these bills together with the relevant departments. This means that QR codes can be entered into the Russian Federation on a permanent basis, only with their help a person gets into any institution.

Recall that QR codes are issued to vaccinated Russians, as well as to those who have had covid in the past six months or have passed a negative test for coronavirus infection. Not all Russians like this idea. People think that introducing QR codes on a permanent basis is a bad decision that will affect the lives of citizens.

People from Russia are against the introduction of QR codes

Citizens of the Russian Federation in social networks reacted to the information about the possible introduction of QR codes on an ongoing basis. According to users, this cannot be done, because this can be regarded as a call for compulsory vaccination. By the way, compulsory vaccination is already in effect in one of the country’s cities – St. Petersburg.

Users even wrote an open letter, which was addressed to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and the head of the operational headquarters Tatyana Golikova. People write that the introduction of QR codes can shake the entire system, people will be offended. The letter says that it is worth partially canceling the introduction of the QR code system so that people can live in peace. At the moment, it is known that the letter has not yet been answered.

Users of social networks also write that the QR code system needs to be improved, in addition, people say that it is necessary to tackle other problems, and not devote all the time exclusively to QR codes and compulsory vaccination of Russians.

Compulsory vaccination to be introduced for the elderly in 14 regions

Обязательную вакцинацию от COVID-19 для пожилых ввели уже в 14 регионах


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