Russian media: Russia is ready to move troops deep into Ukraine: panic in Kiev

Russian media: Russia is ready to move troops deep into Ukraine: panic in Kiev

Russkaya Vesna is a Russian newspaper that I have followed from time-to-time. They seem to be quite close to the events in the. Donbass.

Россия готова двинуть войска вглубь Украины: в Киеве паника 

Russia is ready to move troops deep into Ukraine: panic in Kiev (VIDEO) | Russian spring

Russkaya Vesna,

1 April, 2021

The appearance in the Network of footage with the movement of Russian military equipment scared Kiev. Today, on April 1, the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine announced that Russia is planning an offensive deep into Ukrainian territory.

Dispersing the panic, Ukrainian intelligence notes that Russia intends not only to expand its military presence on the territory Of the republics of Donbass, where regular units of the Russian army will be introduced to protect Russian citizens in the LDNR, but also to move deeper into the “square”.

“In addition, an attempt to advance the Russian occupation forces deep into the territory of Ukraine is not excluded,” the main Directorate of the Ukrainian defense Ministry said in a statement.

They added that Moscow allegedly instructed its diplomatic missions around the world, as well as the media, to be ready to “cover and explain” special information to the world community. This information, according to the Gur of the Ministry of defense, will relate to the aggressive actions of Ukraine that led to “peacekeeping” measures that Russia will take in response.

In the Donbas, this information was received positively, ridiculing the frightened Kiev.

“The Ukrainian Gur is wildly burned from VIDOS with trains that move around our South. This is good. Let them get nervous. It is useful for them, ” writes military commander Mikhail Andronik in his telegram channel “Warrior of the 2nd category”.

“In Kiev, the tension of buns is not weak from fixing the echelons of the Russian army,” military commander Yuri Kotenok also commented on the situation.

Russian presidential press Secretary Dmitry Peskov also decided to calm the panicked neighbors. He noted that a country has the right to move troops within its territory at its discretion, and this is not a reason for fear, since such actions do not pose a threat to other States.

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