Russian media: Ukraine officially declared war with Russia and put forward demands

Russian media: Ukraine officially declared war with Russia and put forward demands

From Russian media

Ukraine officially declared war with Russia and put forward demands (PHOTOS) |  Russian spring

Russkaya Vesna,

30 March, 2021


Today, March 30, the Rada adopted a historic resolution on the “escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict.” For the first time in an official document, the definition of an armed conflict, and not of Russian aggression, was used. 

The Ukrainian parliament voted on a statement referring to an escalation in Donbass. The MPs claim that it testifies to the continued “disregard by Russia of its obligations to resolve the conflict peacefully.”

“The current escalation in Donbass testifies to the continued impudent disregard by the Russian Federation of its obligations to resolve the conflict peacefully, including the Minsk agreements and agreements reached within the framework of the Normandy format, and its intention to prevent stabilization of the situation in the conflict zone and to achieve any progress. on all tracks of the negotiation process, “- said in the document adopted by the Rada at an extraordinary meeting held today.

“Today’s actions by Russia are actually aimed at destroying all efforts to end the conflict and peaceful reintegration of the occupied Ukrainian territories,” Ukrainian parliamentarians say.

Condemning the “continuing aggression of Russia”, the parliament stressed that Russia “is responsible for the violation of international law and the commission of war crimes in the course of the Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict.”

In this regard, the Ukrainian parliament appealed to the international community and put forward a demand for Russia.

Russia was demanded to “immediately cease hostilities and unswervingly observe the ceasefire, fully fulfill its international obligations and withdraw from Ukraine its army, mercenaries, armed formations, which it leads, provides and finances.”

The international community and parliaments of other states Kiev urged to continue to put pressure on Russia.

308 MPs voted for the resolution, with the exception of the deputies of the Opposition Platform – For Life faction, from which there was not a single vote. 

It is noted that before the vote for the resolution, the Rada heard a report from the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Ruslan Khomchak, who said that Russia was allegedly increasing its military presence at the Ukrainian borders.

This situation was commented on by the author of the Donetsk Telegram channel “Makarenko.Live”:

“The Rada has adopted a draft statement, which says that the war in Donbass is a Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict (an international armed conflict, that is, a war).

You will be surprised, but this is the first time. Earlier it was called simply “Aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine”.

This statement completely blocks Kiev’s implementation of the Minsk Agreements, since the parties to the conflict are clearly defined in them – Kiev on the one hand, LPNR on the other (see paragraph 2 of the Package of Measures).

Today in the parliament they officially declared, at the highest level, that the parties to the conflict are Ukraine and Russia. “

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Kiev gave the go-ahead for offensive actions in the Donbas

Kiev gave the go-ahead for offensive actions in the Donbas | Russkaya Vesna

The Ukrainian side continues to sabotage its commitments under the measures signed on July 22, 2020 to strengthen the ceasefire regime. Kiev on March 27 published its “list of obligations” to establish a comprehensive truce, from which the ban on offensive and reconnaissance and sabotage actions, as well as the ban on the use of any aircraft, disappeared.

This was reported to Russkaya Vesna by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Donetsk people’s Republic.

“This sabotage consists not only in the increased escalation on the contact line, in the shelling of our territory, because of which civilians are killed and injured, housing buildings and infrastructure are damaged. We are struck by the fact that Kiev, even in the most elementary and unencumbered issues, seeks to distort and replace the essence of the agreements reached.

This is exactly the situation with such a basic and simple step as publishing agreements that were signed not only by representatives of Donbass and Ukraine, but also signed by mediators represented by the OSCE and the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian authorities were not even initially able to cope with this action without twisting, the need for which, moreover, was fixed in the measures themselves: on July 27, 2020, when these agreements were supposed to enter into force, a distorted list of measures was published on the website of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, in which one of the measures was withdrawn, and the other two were submitted in an incorrect version.

This is not the end of the story with the publication of false information: on March 19 of this year, the list of measures was completely removed from the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of defense.

And on March 27, it was published again, but this time an even more twisted version: two measures were withdrawn, and the content of one of the measures was published incorrectly.

Thus, the Ministry of defense removed from the list of measures the ban on offensive and reconnaissance and sabotage actions, as well as the ban on the use of any aircraft, and also decided to abandon the creation and operation of a coordination mechanism for responding to violations of the ceasefire regime with the assistance of the JCCC in its current composition.

In other words, just by this unilateral refusal to publish these measures, it can be concluded that Ukraine is not going to implement the agreements in their current form, although these two measures are among the fundamental ones.

At the same time, both on our part, on the website of the DPR people’s Militia Department and on the OSCE website, the list of these measures was published exactly in the version in which these agreements were signed, and since then it has not changed in any way. Moreover, on the website of the DPR people’s Militia Department, in addition to the list of measures, they also published an order banning the opening of fire.

We strongly recommend that the representatives of Kiev stop wasting time on senseless attempts to distort and rewrite the essence and content of the agreements signed on the Minsk platform, and instead pay attention to their direct implementation.

We are publishing a reliable list of measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime in order to refresh the memory of the Ukrainian negotiators of the text of the agreement that they signed on July 22, 2020:

“In connection with the agreements reached on July 22, 2020 at the talks of the Trilateral contact group in Minsk, we are moving to a full and indefinite ceasefire.

All military personnel of the people’s Militia are prohibited from using any weapons from 00.01 hours on July 27, 2020.

On behalf of the Head of the Donetsk people’s Republic, The Department of the people’s militia issued a corresponding order “on compliance with the ceasefire regime”.

In addition, personnel were instructed in all units, as well as a list of additional measures to strengthen and control the current indefinite ceasefire regime, ” the DPR foreign Ministry said in a statement.


Amid the escalation in the Donbas, the heads of the General Staffs of Russia and the United States held secret talks

Amid the escalation in the Donbas, the heads of the General Staffs of Russia and the United States held secret talks | Russkaya Vesna

Chief of the General staff of the Russian armed forces, first Deputy Minister of defense of the Russian Federation, General of the army Valery Gerasimov, and head of the joint chiefs Of staff of the US Armed forces, General mark Milley, held telephone talks, during which they exchanged views on issues of mutual interest. However, they agreed not to disclose the details of the conversation.

This is stated in a written statement issued by the official representative of the knsh, Colonel Dave Butler.

“The two leaders exchanged their views on issues of mutual interest,” he said.

“In accordance with previous practice, both sides agreed not to disclose specific details of their conversation,” Butler added.

We note that this conversation took place against the background of rumors about a possible offensive by the Ukrainian army in the Donbas, as well as statements by the AFU command about the concentration of Russian troops on the Ukrainian borders.

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