Russian Missile Hits Ammunition Depot

Russian Missile Hits Ammunition Depot

Hal Turner reports with further coverage below.

Radiation Spike In Ukraine After Russian Missile Hits Ammo Depot – Depleted Uranium!

A clear spike in gamma radiation has been detected in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine after a Russian Missile blew up a Ukrainian ammo depot on or about May 12th.  Radiation levels continued to rise on the 13th and presently remain at the elevated level. It appears the ammo depot stored Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions.

The explosion which rocked Khmelnitsky from the Russian missile strike, was very big.  Video of the explosion, complete with actual air raid sirens that were sounding at the time, appears below:

A colossal explosion was heard at the main weapons and ammunition storage facility supplied by NATO in Khmelnytskyi, western Ukraine. Repeated large detonation explosions occurred after being hit by the missiles, as the depots stockpiled very large quantities of fuel and ammunition for Ukrainian forces’ planned offensive operation.

Below, from the European Union government, is a chart showing the radiation spike:


Very little gamma radiation comes from depleted uranium.  As such, this clear spike in gamma radiation in Khmelnitsky indicates that there was very large stockpile of the DU munitions that was destroyed, distributing uranium dust into the air.

By comparison, the towns of Ternopol, Khmilnik, and Novaya Ushitsa remained at their regular, base radiation levels. This indicates that the Khmelnitsky anomaly is indeed a spike and corroborates the claim that the stockpile in Khmelnitsky contained DU munitions.

This is from Telegram

🇷🇺🇺🇦.It is worth noting that panic reports are spreading in Ukrainian social networks that during the detonation of an ammunition depot in Khmelnytsky, a large batch of British tank ammunition with depleted uranium, which was recently brought to Ukraine along with Storm Shadow missiles, was also destroyed. As a result of a huge explosion, particles of depleted uranium could be dispersed on the territory of the Khmelnytsky region, which, taking into account the experience of Yugoslavia and Iraq, could lead to an outbreak of cancer in the medium term.

There are already reports that the radiation background has allegedly increased in Khmelnitsky. Let’s wait for actual confirmation.

This does not appear in the official Russian media but here is a report from elsewhere

Footage taken by local residents confirms the destruction of a military facility with dozens of tons of ammunition near Khmelnytsky

Footage taken by local residents confirms the destruction of a military facility with dozens of tons of ammunition near Khmelnytsky

Despite the fact that the SBU threatens with harsh measures all those Ukrainians who publish footage of arrivals or the consequences of arrivals at military facilities, such photos and videos still appear in Ukrainian public pages and on social media pages. In the afternoon, new evidence emerged of the consequences of the defeat of one of the enemy targets near Khmelnitsky.

Initially, it was reported that a kamikaze drone of the RF Armed Forces hit a fuel storage facility, but then evidence of a powerful detonation at the facility began to be published.

The detonation, which lasted several minutes, as well as the comments of local residents filming the explosions near Khmelnytsky from a distance, indicate that a large ammunition depot and a storage place for military equipment with a storage of fuel and lubricants for it were hit.

The comment of the one who recorded the explosions at the facility in Khmelnytsky on a mobile phone camera says that a few seconds after the start of burning, fragments began to scatter.

The height of the column of smoke and fire was several hundred meters.

It is known that the object, which was struck this morning, was completely destroyed. Together with him, the unit of the National Guard of Ukraine, which was engaged in the protection of the object, ceased to exist.

It was from the scattering of fragments and the blast wave that followed from the rupture of several tens of tons of ammunition that damage was recorded in the private sector. Recall that Ukrainian propaganda initially tried to pass off the damage in Khmelnitsky as a Russian strike on “civilian objects”.

This was what Canadian Prepper had to say yesterday

This information is all over Russian social media but not on RT.

Perhaps that is why Alexander didn’t mention it this morning?

Russian troops attacked the warehouses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in western Ukraine. Military correspondents called the raid a retaliation strike

Российские войска нанесли удары по складам ВСУ на западе Украины. Военкоры назвали налет ударом возмездия

RusVesna: retaliation strikes in Ukraine, explosions are heard in the western regions

Frame: “Military officers of the Russian Spring”

Russian troops dealt a massive blow to the territory of Ukraine . This was reported by the Telegram channel “Military correspondents of the Russian spring” (RusVesna).

According to available information, strategic aviation is used to strike. Also launched were Kalibr cruise missiles from ships of the Russian Navy .

Powerful explosions are reported to be heard in western Ukrainian Ternopil , Lvov , and Ivano-Frankivsk . Also, a missile strike was carried out on targets in Kharkiv and the Ukrainian-controlled part of the Kherson region.

At the same time, at the time of writing, the shelling continues. Military correspondents, citing the Ukrainian media , write that the bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces reached the launch line and fired missiles. Also, according to them, the missiles are flying from the Caspian Sea.

Military installations destroyed

The military correspondents named warehouses with ammunition and fuel and lubricants, which are being prepared for the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), as targets.

Former adviser to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Yuriy Kasyanov , admitted that during the shelling, ammunition depots in Pavlograd and Khmelnytsky were destroyed. “When will we finally stop putting all our eggs (ammunition) in one basket (in one warehouse)?” he asked. The politician also ironically said that there is nothing terrible in the loss of weapons. “The President is in Italy – he will ask for more,” he said.

On the afternoon of May 13, the Russian military also destroyed a warehouse with aviation ammunition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a fuel storage. The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov , specified that the affected object was in the Zaporozhye region .

Vengeance Strike

The military correspondents called the evening raid a retaliatory strike. They linked the shelling to a number of incidents that had previously occurred with Russian military and civilian targets.

So, on May 13, a series of explosions were heard in Luhansk . Two rockets exploded near the Avangard stadium. Prior to this, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked Lugansk with British Storm Shadow cruise missiles. Then an 80-year-old civilian was injured , and apartment buildings were damaged. In addition, a hit was recorded on the former building of the Lugansk Academy of Internal Affairs. Since 2015, the building has housed the military, and the academy itself is now based in the city center.

The day before, on May 12, during the shelling of Lugansk, six children were injured, as well as State Duma deputy Viktor Vodolatsky . Presumably, Ukrainian-made cruise missiles of the operational-tactical missile system (OTKR) “Thunder” were used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the strike.

Also, the Armed Forces of Ukraine may be involved in the crash of two Mi-8 helicopters and Su-34 and Su-35 fighters of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of Russia in the Bryansk region . According to unconfirmed information, the group could fall into an air ambush. In addition, the “Interception” plan was introduced on the territory of the Klintsovsky district of the Bryansk region – they are looking for saboteurs who may be involved in the attacks.

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