Satanism and the New World Order: Reflections on how we ended up where we are today

Satanism and the New World Order: Reflections on how we ended up where we are today

I have now completed reading Fr. Malachi Martin’s novel “Windswept House” which has given me many reasons for reflections on the events of today and how we came to be where we are today.

Both my state of physical health and accelerating events has led me to hurry to get my thoughts out as quickly as I can.

I may well return to this topic when further thoughts occur to me.

For several years a friend has been talking about a novel by the late Malachi Martin, called “Windswept House”. I have until recently been unable to access it and indeed was not so drawn towards it as every time I listened to old interviews of Fr. Martin I was somewhat repulsed by the reactionary nature of his political views, partially because I was looking through the prism of previous assumptions.

Of late, however, because my views have been modified over the past year or so, I have felt an inner urge to read this novel, and I was never quite sure why. Several attempts to find a copy online led me to order the actual book online and I have been working through difficulty in concentration and feeling like sleep every time I sat down to read.

Such is the natural progression of my physical condition that I felt a degree of urgency and resisted the occasional urge to give up and move on to something else. Now, I have completed the novel I can talk about the novel and what it means for me.

Windswept House” starts with the Third Prophecy of Fatima, a prophecy which was revealed to three girls in Fatima, Spain in 1917, but kept secret by several popes. It involved the need to convert Russia ;if this did not happen many misfortunes would befall the world.

It also described an event in 1963 that was the Enthronement of the fallen angel, Lucifer in a double ceremony in the Chapel of St. Paul in the Vatican and in South Carolina.

I have discussed this in a previous item:


Most of the events take place in the early 1990’s and have the collapse of the Soviet Union and the build-up to the formation of the European Union but discuss a spiritual battle within Catholicism between much of the elite of the church who want to destroy all vestiges of traditional Catholicism and a minority that wanted to maintain the tradition of the past 2,000 years.

In the book the papacy of Pope John Paul 11 (the “Slavic pope”) is seen as the main obstacle to the formation of the New World Order. For these forces to succeed the present pope needed to be moved aside and a papacy that was friendly to the new order had to be installed.

What becomes clear is that the forces of Evil who enshrined Lucifer in the Vatican use language to hide not only their intent and even their very existence. While engaging in a plot to remove the pope and introduce a luciferian agenda they couch it in Biblical terms and in terms of “modernisation” and “unity of the church”.

While they are tearing the guts out of the church and introducing a rampant homosexuality and pedophilia into the clergy they talk about a “Common Unity Vote”. In getting rid of the pope they do not want to abolish the papacy but to bring it into line with their agenda.

The pope is portrayed sympathetically by the author but even the traditionalist forces are frustrated by the inability of the pope to do anything to stem the move towards the New World Order and the destruction of traditional values by up-and-coming satanic forces.

In my mind this has resonance with a much lesser man, Donald Trump who failed abjectly to support those who were trying their best to save his presidency and put his trust in his old mate who effectively sold him down the river through his own incompetency.

Fr. Martin said that his novel was 95 percent factual and couched in a novelistic form. In terms of Pope Paul 11 he did not resign and also did not get his fervent wish to visit the former Soviet Union.It was his successor, Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Ratzinger who evidence suggests was overthrown in a coup and was succeeded by a globalist, apostate pope, Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio who has undone all the traditions of the Roman Catholic church like nobody else, even the Second Vatican Council which marked the beginning of the rot by replacing the unifying Latin mass by its vernacular form.

Whilst reading this novel various reports have come my way indicating that a real coup of the type described in “Windswept House” have come my way’

From 2015 – 


From just 2 days ago 

“I Personally have No Doubt that Obama did in fact Orchestrate the Vatican [Pope Benedict] Coup, and… Obama/Francis Partnership”

This explains the position of traditionalists in the church

Archbishop Viganò Addresses the Catholic Identity Conference 2020 (Francis & the New World Order)

Archbishop Viganò makes his first on-camera appearance in two years, addressing the crisis in the Catholic Church and specifically the connection between Vatican II and the revolution of Pope Francis.

I have to make it clear at this juncture that I am not a Catholic and the traditional dogmas opposing modernist agendas have been rather repulsive to me. But I have come to reconsider just a little bit and now see that despite its huge Shadow the Catholic church has been a unifying influence that has, until recent years, protected its flock against straying too far into immorality.

Perhaps I can best explain it this way.

I have always been rather agnostic in the debate about abortion.

I always saw it as a moral choice that every woman has to make who confronted with an unwanted pregnancy.

That would remain my position were it not for what I have learned about moves to not only make full-term abortion legal but to encourage it.

That is what I see in the NZ government when minister Andrew Little denies claims of full-term abortion which removed any provision for having the procedure earlier than 20 weeks, leaving the decision up to the woman and her doctor on the grounds that there is “no such thing”

National MPs’ full term abortion claims ‘silly’ – Andrew Little

That is precisely what these people (and I class Andrew Little as one of them),do. They get you to adhere to an original liberal position and before you know it find reasons to take the law several steps further.

They also lie, as in the case of Little’s statement.

I recall someone saying recently in an interview that politicians in the past did not exactly speak the truth but did not tell outright lies; now the lying is routine.

If ever there was confirmation of what I am talking about it is here:

UNICEF Report Says Pornography Not Always Harmful to Children

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 14 (C-Fam) A UN agency is again immersed in controversy for a recent report suggesting there is no conclusive evidence that children exposed to pornography are harmed.

So, it is not that I have become a reactionary but the world itself has changed and we are being confronted with changes that earlier would never have been acceptable, and are asked to believe in a Woke agenda that takes the glue that has held Western civilisation intact (with whatever evils that brings in its wake) for 1,000 years, removes the rudder for ordinary people and replaces it with a godless, human -based agenda that but lead to the catastrophe that we are seeing right now.

Rather than trying to remedy this move to catastrophe I believe they are accelerating it. In fact the move to the Abyss is being accelerated with every passing day.

I don’t care Who or what you believe in – whether it is Jesus or Mohammed, or Buddha – we all need to believe in SOMETHING that is bigger than ourselves; we need to be in awe of the sheer Mystery of Life that remains despite every technological or scientific advance.

Without that faith, that sense of human frailty that sense of Wonder we are adrift and I think that is by design.

We have seen a gradual whittling away of everything that gives humans a sense of anchoring, of their sense of a place in the Order of Things over the time period that is described in Malachi Martin’s novel until now that process is accelerating at a rate that would have been hard to even imagine, let alone comprehend just a short time ago.

This novel has given me some tools towards understanding what we are living through, a process I think we all have to go through if we are not to be left defenceless and bewildered by what is happening around us. That, along with the parlous state of my health which gives me a decreasing window of opportunity for clear thinking and writing gives me a sense that the forces of Darkness are circling around me.

If I look out the window everything seems pretty much as it should but it does not take very long for me to realise that things are anything BUT normal and we live in perilous time.

Apart from speaking my dark thoughts aloud and taking time for long and careful reflection (and indeed, protection against these Dark Forces) I do not know what else to do.


One thought on “Satanism and the New World Order: Reflections on how we ended up where we are today

  1. Robin, good review, thank you. It seems like our wild speculations from the past are coming true. 1963 was also the year Kennedy was murdered by US intelligence agencies, and their crony Lyndon Johnson was installed.
    Are you able to tell us what your diagnosis is? I’m having some of the same symptoms, and dread being sucked into the vortex of Big Med.

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