Scott Ritter and The Battle of the Donbass

Scott Ritter and The Battle of the Donbass

A reader pointed my attention to this comment

Gonzalo – a survivor contemplating the premature end of his life – asked a very important question at the end, and I share his concern. What will prevent the crazies from forcing the hand of the Pentagon in a suicidal escalation, as they did with the Banksters in imploding the USD reserve system through robbing the Russian forex reserves and total economic warfare? This was the most VIP question of this discussion.

Scott was rational and said the front-men neocons, a bunch of rabid two-bit punks, would be rapidly put in their place by the Pentagon. Scott comes from a rational era of order, with clear defined hierarchies and chains of command.. But is anything clear nowadays? Except that Satan rules in the West? And should the current pentagon leadership inspire such confidence?

Lastly, he may not fully appreciate the psychology of the madmen. As Russia has gone full in, divorcing the West for our lifetime, so the West has gone full in and cannot retreat.. There is no planned de-escalation on the menu, vis-à-vis Russia, short of either surrendering it or annihilating it. Why assume they will fold with a whimper? And that the correlation of forces do not favor the crazies atm to overcome the sane in the Pentagon? Obama pruned the Pentagon quite nicely for such days.

The Russians know it. It is reflected in the resolve of the entire population. It is reflected in Russian actions in placing their strategic forces on open alert and in holding their best forces on stand-by for US/NATO. It is reflected in their Foreign Minister’s words today, “Russia seeks to end US-dominated world order – Lavrov.”s

Here is a another interview

Scott Ritter – Kiev, Mariupol, False Flags

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