Scott Ritter on Gonzalo Lira’s Latest Disappearance

Scott Ritter on Gonzalo Lira’s Latest Disappearance

I have been moved to write my own reflections on a fairly toxic video put out by Scott Ritter in which,in the face of events of the past few days he repeats his assertion that Gonzalo Lira is a  SBU asset.

Although this video was put out just a few hours ago he seems not to have heard of Mark Sleboda or even the Ashton- Cirillo creature.

What does Scott think?

That Gonzalo is sunning himself at an SBU resort writing his novel?

Or that whatever happens to him he “deserves” it?

He seems to be relying on an argument that what Gonzalo says “does not make sense“.

Does anything that is happening, especially the behaviour of the Ukrainian secret police “make sense“?

I can tell you what does not “make sense”. His contention that Gonzalo Lira has somehow compromised people is ludicrous. Every one of the people Gonzalo has spoken to has their own channel in which they express the very same opinions all based on what is in the public domain. I doubt very much that Gonzalo was able to act as agent provocateur and lure his guests to reveal some top-secret intelligence that would make them targets of the SBU. I don’t think Scott needed Gonzalo to get onto the Ukrainian nazis’ kill list.

Allow me to tell a story of my own;

In 1979, after getting married in Leningrad, my new wife, Natasha, wanted to get some stuff they had in their possession out of the USSR, including a painting by Cezanne. This was carefully packed but unfortunately Moscow airport had a new toy – an x-ray machine. When the KGB border guards could not see through the hand painted metal trays they did a search and found the painting. They detained me in a back room, did a full body search and intimidated my with threats that I wouid not be allowed onto my flight. By the time they let me go and onto the flight, which was evidently held back I was a shaking mess.

This was my personal experience with the totalitarian, communist state. 

On listening to Gonzalo Lira’s videos I had little difficulty believing most of Gonzalo’s story of being tortured in prison.

That is because I have my own experience to draw on and I can see that in 2021 the true heirs of the KGB are the Ukrainian SBU. Like their Soviet predecessors they would have no compunction to play cat-and-mouse with their prey. But this would make no “sense” to folk from erstwhile democratic countries.

Besides which you just have to look at the look and body language of Gonzalo’ latest three videos and compare that with the previous cocksure (and arrogant) persona in his previous videos.

He was clearly nervous, if not frightened. Is that compatible with a fantasist or a liar.

One other person who could see it was Hal Turner who had his own experience in a supermax prison in the US housing some of the top terrorists for essentially writing an editorial. Perhaps when he saw Gonzalo’s video he recognised himself?

I have not read Scott Ritter’s latest autobiography but I doubt he had the experience of being intimidated by the Soviet KGB. In fact, he may have unwittingly been wined- and-dined by them – who would know?

At the level of personality I can hardly tell them apart. Apart from some details their interpretations seem to have little to distinguish them.

Apart from that they both have dirt on them to the extent you can believe any of it. 

Gonzalo used to call himself Coach Red Pill,” (whatever that means), and has been slurred with Latinx sex tourist/manosphere grifter Gonzalo Lira” ,while Scott Ritter was sentenced and spent time in prison for sex crimes

Whose side are you going to take? 

Who do you “trust”?

None of this has any real basis in my mind. It’s all ego stuff.

It started when Gonzalo posted a video with a pretty vicious attack on Scott because he took umbrage at the correct  idea that the Americans were supplying weapons to Kiev. For that he said he had “stopped trusting” Scott Ritter.

Neither has ,to my knowledge, backed down or apologised to the other.  

In my mind, this latest video from Scott Ritter is the greater sin because he is attacking a man while he is down and unlikely, if reports from Mark Sleboda are true to be able to respond or even write a tweet or make a video in his life.

Does that mean I have “stopped trusting” Scott Ritter and will never listen to anything he says again?

Of course not!

He’s just another imperfect, flawed human being like all of us.

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