Scott Ritter’s dire warning

Scott Ritter’s dire warning

I highly recommend you take the time to listen to this discussion between Garland Nixon, Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern

UKRAINE UPDATE (June 18, 2022) – with Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern

I have done a rough transcript of one part of the discussion

China is going to go to war. Is because they’re ready to go to war on their terms, and they are going to win decisively or to quote their Minister of defence “we are going to kick the Smithereens out of you….”

The Chinese are ready to go to war on their terms, and they are going to win decisively or to quote their minister of Defense: “We are going to kick the smithereens out of you.”…

I want to make a prediction here.

By the end of the year, China will have militarily occupied China’s going to war against Taiwan.

The decision has been made.

Why, is the Americans are the dumbest people on the face of the earth.

Because when the Chinese repeatedly call us up and say, “shut up, shut your mouths, don’t say another word, because obviously you haven’t read our Constitution and the laws attached to our constitution.”…

Russia doesn’t need military assistance. Russia doesn’t want military assistance in Ukraine.

This is Russia’s war. And they’re winning and winning big.

China, on the other hand, understands that a Pacific conflict will be bigger than just Taiwan….

If anybody thinks that Russia doesn’t have China’s back 100%, meaning that if it’s a war with China, it’s a war with Russia.

Russia will be involved…..

If there’s a battle in China in Taiwan, Russia will solve the Kuril problem once and for all.

And Japan will get a face-slapping like it’s never had before.

And the United States won’t be able to do anything about it, because our fleets gonna it’d be sunk in. the Pacific as we sail to to Taiwan’s assistance…..

And here’s the scary part.

I give the chance of the war in Europe going nuclear 0% because Putin is just waiting.

There’s every we don’t want to put it back up against the wall 400 miles that way and he’s moving this way.

He’ll never be up against the wall.

He’s beating you on every front.

NATO is literally emptying its armoury to support Ukraine, and it’s just like throwing good money after bad.

Russia is going to have when this is done, $20 billion worth of NATO’s finest military equipment in its possession. 

Thank you US taxpayer. Thank you French taxpayer.

We’re stupid.

There’s no chance of this going nuclear – none – from the Russian perspective.

Here’s where is where I really get scared.

The United States isn’t smart enough to keep the Pacific fleet in port.

We’ve never been that smart.

And we’re going to have to make a demonstration,  as China knocks the crap out of Taiwan, as it’s getting ready to do, it will not even be close.

The Taiwanese are not the Ukrainians. They can’t fight. They can’t sustain the fight. They don’t know how to fight. 

They will be slaughtered.

It will be ugly.

The Chinese will go in decisively.

There will not be a special military operation.

This will not be a Special Military Operation. 

They’re going to come in hard because they have to.

I think they’re going to come in hard because they have to this is an amphibious assault.

Once you start an amphibious assault you got to come in with everything and just keep it going. 

You know what we don’t have in an amphibious assault?

Normally in military planning, you have this thing called the withdrawal.

But you can’t.

in the amphibious assault 

Once you commit, it’s fight or die. 

They’re not saying “we’re going in, we’re coming out.”

No, it’s in all the way with everything.

It’s done.

That’s how you’re doing previous operations.

In the United States, they’re gonna say “send the fleet!”

And the Chinese are going to say “the fleet is not going to get anywhere close.

We’re gonna warn you.

Red line.”

It’s all sunk.

What happens when a nuclear power carrier goes down with 6,000 men and its battle group, by the way, so let’s just call it 14,000 dead Americans, that quick.

Do we accept it?

Or does  some idiot will say, “we have to make a demonstration. We’re going to fire that new W 762 low yield nuclear weapon.

We’re going to send a signal to the Chinese and take out take out a port city in Hunan province.


Nuclear weapon goes off in Hunan.

And the Chinese will go,  “oh, yeah, that’s okay.”…

Boom, Los Angeles is gone.

Boom, Shanghai is gone.

Boom, Seattle, Denver is gone.

And it’s over.

I give it over 70% chance of that happening.

Which means the world ends

The world’s goodbye.

And I said we’re going to war China’s going to war Taiwan by the end of the year.

We may be lucky to see the New Year.

I don’t mean to be alarmist. but we have morons in Washington DC. 



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  1. Scott Ritter?… Never heard of her.
    And you, the author of this piece of ignorant drivel, I don’t know who you are, either… but I do know WHAT you are- you’re obviously a clueless IDIOT.
    Only an idiot would foolishly undermine the power of the USA, on ANY level.

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