Second “Proxy War” Brewing Between US-Russia: Niger, AFRICA

Second “Proxy War” Brewing Between US-Russia: Niger, AFRICA

This was the best commentary I have seen so far.

Africa just SHOCKED the world with this and Putin is watching

The unipolar world order is crumbling faster than ever before just look at Africa which just shocked the world this weekend with country after country standing up to Western imperialism. Russia President Putin has made military deals and trade deals all across Africa and protestors are raising Russian flags across the continent. No wonder the west is on high alert sending weapons and troops to the border of Niger. Africa is on the brink of a revolution

Reinforced by this article by Hal Turner

Second “Proxy War” Brewing Between US-Russia: Niger, AFRICA

On July 26, a military Coup d’Etat took place in the country of Niger.  Democratically-elected President Mohamed Bazoum was taken under arrest by his own Presidential Guards and is now in confinement.  Bazoum was pro-U.S./EU, especially France. His Guards do not approve of the tight control exercised by France over Niger, and they see Niger’s future as aligned with Russia. 

The scalable map below shows the country of Niger – which is DIFFERENT from the other African nation named Nigeria. 

Reading from a statement, Colonel Amadou Abdramane, seated and flanked by nine other officers, said defense and security forces had decided: “Put an end to the regime that you know due to the deteriorating security situation and bad governance.”  He went on to say Niger’s borders are closed, a nationwide curfew declared, and all institutions of the republic are suspended.

The soldiers warned against any foreign intervention, adding that they will respect Bazoum’s wellbeing.

Land-locked Niger, a former French colony, has become a pivotal ally for Western powers seeking to help fight “terrorists” and insurgencies, but they are facing growing objections from the new juntas in charge in Mali and Burkina Faso.

Niger is also a key ally of the European Union in the fight against “irregular migration” from sub-Saharan Africa.

France moved troops to Niger from Mali last year after its relations with interim authorities there soured. It has also withdrawn special forces from the nearby country of Burkina Faso amid similar tensions.

Within days of taking power, Niger’s military DENOUNCED “Cooperation Agreements” with France, allowing French troops to be in the country.  Specifically, Niger invoked a 30 days notice within the Cooperation Agreements telling the French their military must leave. 

Here is the machine-translated letter (Page 1 only as it is relevant) from Niger to France telling them to leave:

The French REFUSE to leave.

France Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna said bluntly “The possible departure of French soldiers in Niger is not on the agenda.  All the efforts of the international community are aimed at forcing the junta

to abandon its dangerous adventure that is detrimental to Niger and the region.” 

At the publication of this story on August 8, 2023, there are about 1,500 French soldiers inside Niger. The French contingent has been in Niger continuously since 1979.

Dangerous Adventure?

So what is the “dangerous adventure” referred to by the French Foreign Minister?   Well, when the military coup took place, thousands of regular citizens in Niger came out in SUPPORT of the troops and one man sized-up the situation almost perfectly.   He said,  “Niger has Uranium, Diamonds, Gold, and oil, yet we live like slaves.  This is unacceptable.”  Here’s the video:

It’s THAT simple.  The people of Niger see the natural wealth their nation has, but they do not benefit AT ALL from their own natural wealth; France takes most of it!

For instance, Niger has a lot of Uranium.  It is mined and shipped to France . . . which then gets seventy percent (70%) of its electric power from nuclear power plants.

Similarly, in another former French colony in Africa, Mali, the people there observed this inconvenient truth:

@lulamaandersonWhere does France get all it’s gold while they don’t have a gold mine?#SAMA28#SAMA28#knowafrica#tiktokthatshau#putin#bricssummitsouthafrica#russia🇷🇺#vladimirputin🇷🇺#southafricatiktok#southafrica#southafricantiktok🇿🇦#african#africanparents#breakingnews#breakingnewssa#BreakingNewsSouthAfrica🇿🇦#greenscreen#ukrainetiktok#ukraine🇺🇦#france🇫🇷#greenscreen♬ original sound – Lulama Anderson Reloaded


So France has no Gold mines, but has over 2400 TONS of gold in its Bank vaults.   Mali has 860 Gold mines, but NO GOLD in any of its Bank vaults.  So where is France getting all its Gold? Simple; they take it from Mali!  The people of Mali, get no benefit from THEIR own natural wealth.

People in Africa have had enough of this type of thing going on, while THEY are forced to live like slaves.  

The military in Niger has taken a bold first step to break the status quo.  France is not happy.

Turns out, Europe is not happy, either.   But there isn’t much mention about WHY Europe is unhappy.   So I did some digging and . . .

Well, well, well . . . . Lookie, lookie here:


Turns out that Niger is right in the path of . . . .  a proposed new OIL and GAS pipeline ! ! ! ! !

It would run from the well established oil/gas fields in nearby NIGERIA, up through Niger, through Algeria, where it would meet existing pipelines to supply Europe with Oil and gas.

CHEAP oil and gas.

But with the Russia-Ukraine conflict ongoing, and the hideous “Economic Sanctions” placed upon Russia by the US and Europe, Russia signed military agreements with a number of Africa nations.  Here’s a map showing the nations on the continent of Africa, that have signed military agreements with Russia:


– including Niger — and now, suddenly, that whole pipeline thing. . . . just isn’t happening for Europe.

As long as Europe continues to intentionally harm Russia, it seems that Russia will continue to fight back.

So now we see that Russia has gotten in the way of European plans — again.    Just like happened in Syria.

Remember the Europeans wanted to run a gas pipeline from the Middle Eastern country of Qatar, up through – among other countries – Syria, but Syria said No.   

So what did Europe and the United States do to Syria?  That whole uprising which began in 2012 that tried to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad.  Remember Hillary Clinton telling the world that Bashar Assad was “a brutal Dictator.”  Remember how the “Free Syrian Army” seemed to spring up out of nowhere, with heavy weapons, brand new Toyota Pick-up trucks, and tons of food supplies from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and more?  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the West sent in paid mercenaries, under the guise of “ISIS” (yes, you know, the guys who cut off people’s heads) to try to overthrow Assad.   

Assad went to Russia for help, and Russia came to Syria and smashed the crap out of ISIS.

So Russia and its ally, Syria, smacked down Europe’s effort to make an end-run around Russia, to get gas from Qatar, and that ended up blowing up in Europe’s face.  Bashar Assad survived the attempted overthrow and still leads Syria to this very day.

Next, the West started trouble in Ukraine – overthrowing its democratically-elected leader, Viktor Yanukovich, and installing a puppet Regime. Why? Because the West (U.S. and EU) want to install US missiles in Ukraine so they have only about a 5 minute flight time to Moscow. 

Russia said “No.” 

The West said “too bad, we will bring Ukraine into NATO and do it anyway.” 

Russia told Ukraine “no” you cannot join NATO because we cannot tolerate missiles with a 5 minute flight time to Moscow.   

Ukraine said “too bad, we’re gonna join NATO and put NATO missiles here.” 

The Russians said “Oh yea?  Here, meet the Russian Army.”

Now the whole US-EU-inspired Ukraine thing is blowing up in their faces, too.  Ukraine is losing so badly it can only be a matter of weeks before they collapse.

So what is the West doing right now? Starting crap on the continent of Africa.

Who did the US send to Niger just days ago?   Under-Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland.  You know, the same one we sent to Ukraine when we overthrew it’s President. 


Yea, her.

Maybe I’m biased but it sure seems to me that wherever that woman is sent, death, destruction, and war soon follows.

This week, she was in Niger.  

You know what Niger told her?   “We don’t want your LGBTQ Foreign Aid Money.” 

But wait, there’s more.   The Foreign Ministry of Niger then sent a letter to the US State Department reiterating that Niger does not want US Aid money and then told the State Department “We don’t want your money, why not use it to start a weight loss program for Victoria Nuland?”

Yes, they actually said that!

So the very same people who brought us the Syria war, who overthrew the Ukraine President, who started the Ukraine war, are now in Niger on the continent of Africa.

Guess where this is going?

No, you don’t have to guess; everyone seems to know already . . . Here’s the Flight Radar for Africa.  Somehow, all the commercial airlines, already know that Niger is now a “No Fly Zone.”


Wagner Troops from Russia are already in the Capital City of Niamey, Niger, at the request of the Niger military, to protect the Capital city.

Why would Wagner PMC Troops from Russia be there so fast?   Well, when the Niger coup took place, guess who France, the EU and the USA turned to for support?


I can hear you saying . . . . . . “Uhhhhhhh.  Who?”

ECOWAS  —- the “Economic Community oWest African States.

It’s sort of like the African version of the “G-7” and deals with issues like trade and such.

ECOWAS publicly gave a deadline of Sunday for the guys in Niger to restore the President or face military action!  The deadline came and went, but no military action.

How could ECOWAS threaten military action if it is just a trade association?   Well  . . . . it is headed by a guy named Bola Tinubu.  This guy:


This guy has a VERY INTERESTING Background: Laundering millions of dollars for . . . . wait for it . . . . Chicago Heroin Dealers!

Here’s the Docket info:


Now . . .  forgive me for asking . . .  but how and why would the French and American governments put a guy like THIS in charge of the Economic Community of  West African States?   HMMMMMMM. Maybe because he launders money?  Maybe the bigshots inside the US and French (and maybe other) governments, NEED some money laundered??????

THIS is the type of person our governments are working with!  A Money launderer for Chicago Heroin dealers rubbing elbows with the Biden regime in the US and the Macron Regime in France.  THAT is the type of people we have running our governments, folks! 

One cannot help but wonder how a Chicago Money Launderer got in touch with the Biden regime.  Maybe the former President, Barack Obama, who is from Chicago?????  Just wondering is all.

So now, with this guy Bola Tinubu threatening military action, the guys in Niger have to worry that the Asian Heroin Cartels and their pals from elsewhere in the world, might start sending “mercenaries” to Niger to shake things up a bit?  Maybe THAT is how Bola Tinubu could threaten “military action?”

Clearly, the pieces are already moving rapidly into place for what seems to be Proxy-War #2.   On the continent of Africa.

But this time, the US and the EU don’t have a lot of ammunition or weapons — or troops — to spare because they’ve thrown most of it away on the lost cause of Ukraine.   HMMMMM, what might that add-up to?

Well. . . it’s Africa . . . .  You know, where the detonation of Tactical nukes won’t matter very much . . . .

The so-called “Main-Stream” media hasn’t told you this.  I have. 

Because I think the public should know when its  incompetent public servants are starting yet another war.

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  1. What honest man or woman could blame the Nigerians for wanting a healthy piece of their own pie?

    She-devil Victoria Nuland. A one-woman nation wrecking crew. You can tell she’s a member of The Tribe by the trail of destruction she leaves…and by the bottom half of that ugly nose mounted on that evil face.

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