SECRET HOLOCAUST: Are millions of vaccine victims disappearing into mass graves?

SECRET HOLOCAUST: Are millions of vaccine victims disappearing into mass graves?

I am getting more unsettled and concerned by the day.

Here is an an article asking disturbing questions. Michael Snyder is a little more conservative than Mike Adams and asks the questions rather than serving up the answers.

Where Did All The People Go?

Economic Collapse Blog,

14 September, 2021


Why are companies all over the world suddenly desperate for workers?  In my entire life I have never seen anything like this.  When the labor shortage started in the United States, a lot of people blamed overly generous government handouts, but that doesn’t explain why the exact same thing is happening in nation after nation all over the globe.  There aren’t enough factory workers, there aren’t enough truck drivers, there aren’t enough port workers, there aren’t enough employees to properly staff our stores, and the shortage of doctors and nurses is becoming a major crisis in some areas.  During normal times, we were always told that the global economy was not producing nearly enough jobs for everyone, but now for the very first time we are facing an enormous worldwide labor shortage.  It is almost as if millions upon millions of people suddenly disappeared from the system.

Earlier today, I was stunned to learn that a new survey has discovered that 69 percent of global companies are having a hard time finding enough people to hire…

A survey of nearly 45,000 employers across 43 countries showed 69 percent of employers reported difficulty filling roles, a 15-year high, according to employment-services provider ManpowerGroup Inc. At the same time, 15 countries — focused in Europe and North America — reported their highest hiring intentions since the survey began in 1962.

Just a few years ago, any company that was willing to pay decent wages would be absolutely flooded by job applications.

But now everyone can’t stop talking about the “shortage” of workers.

So where did all the people go?

Normally, global supply chains run as smooth as butter, but now they are in a complete and utter state of chaos.

And the biggest reason why they are in a complete and utter state of chaos is because there simply is not enough workers for them to operate as they usually would.

On a very basic level, we need people to make stuff, pack stuff, ship stuff, transport stuff, unload stuff and sell stuff.

Every step along the way, shortages of workers are causing major headaches, and now we are being told that this supply chain crisis “will last well into next year”

A supply chain crunch that was meant to be temporary now looks like it will last well into next year as the surging delta variant upends factory production in Asia and disrupts shipping, posing more shocks to the world economy.

Manufacturers reeling from shortages of key components and higher raw material and energy costs are being forced into bidding wars to get space on vessels, pushing freight rates to records and prompting some exporters to raise prices or simply cancel shipments altogether.

But if we had enough people to do all the jobs that needed to be done, this crisis could be resolved very rapidly.

So where are they?

As inventories get tighter and tighter, that is invariably going to drive up prices.

Earlier this week, one of my readers emailed me about the shortages and price increases that she is seeing in her local area.  I asked her if I could share this with all of you, and she said that I could…

You can’t find frozen turkeys, frozen hens, frozen cornish hens…the supply chain HAS indeed been cut. There was 1…just one box of oatmeal on the shelves of our local food store that are normally stocked through the gills with food. Prices are higher…tomato sauce, in a can: what used to cost $0.99 cents last year now costs $1.50. Chicken drumsticks—we usually throw a bunch in a crockpot with some bbq sauce and put it over rice for our kids, they love it….chicken drumsticks, last year were $0.89/pound….now they are $ 1.39 per pound. We only buy meat that has been reduced….a rump roast, for instance, was marked down from $18 dollars to $7….that’s a huge price cut, so we look for deals like that. But they are hard to find!!! Everything is higher, packaged in smaller boxes and cups and there is not much of it. We all knew this was coming….it’s going to get worse, for lots of people who don’t know what’s happening. We have goats for goat milk and meat if we need, chickens for eggs and we’ve put back lots of produce we found on sale over the summer, in the freezer to booster our garden. It’s shocking how much just is not there…the shelves are empty, moved closer together, and bare spots are everywhere in grocery stores these days.

Unfortunately, what we have experienced so far is just the beginning.  Global food supplies are going to continue to get tighter, and that is going to continue to drive up food prices.

Another sector of the economy where the labor shortage is having a big impact is in the healthcare industry.

Lately, I have been coming across lots of stories about people dying because they can’t get the care that they need.  Just before I started writing this article, I came across a heartbreaking story about a 70-year-old woman in Canada that dropped dead after a six hour wait in a local emergency room

Bonnie Marie Hall was with her 70-year-old mother — Susan Tasson — when she died early Wednesday in a Kamloops, B.C., hospital emergency waiting room after a six-hour wait for care.

Hall says her Ontario-born mother had an infectious laugh and a “warrior” spirit. She had three sons and two daughters, loved her grandchildren and had lived in Kamloops since 1987.

“Nobody wants to die in a waiting room. Nobody,” said Hall.

Nobody should ever have to die that way.

But it is going to keep happening, because there is an acute shortage of healthcare workers right now.

All over the nation, the shortage of nurses has become a really big deal, and new mandates are just making things even worse

Hospitals are struggling to comply with the state’s nurse staffing requirements as pandemic-induced burnout has exacerbated an already chronic nursing shortage nationwide.

But burnout isn’t the only thing compounding California’s nursing shortage: The state’s new vaccine mandate for health care workers is already causing headaches for understaffed hospitals before it is even implemented. Some traveling nurses — who are in high demand nationwide — are turning down California assignments because they don’t want to get vaccinated.

There is a serious shortage of doctors as well, and this is a phenomenon that we are witnessing all over the globe.

For example, over in the UK it is being reported that there is a “shortfall of more than 50,000 doctors” right now…

The NHS may be unable to cope this winter because of a “frightening” shortfall of more than 50,000 doctors, the head of the British Medical Association has warned.

Here in the United States, our healthcare system has never been so close to a state of collapse.

In fact, one doctor recently wrote an article in which he claimed that it has “already collapsed”

As a resident physician who has only trained in an era of COVID—I was asked to consider graduating from school early in April 2020 to help with medical staff shortages—my time as a doctor has been defined by working in a system that has already collapsed. The American health system I work in has featured limited personal protective equipment, oxygen shortages, and the construction of field hospitals in convention centers and parking garages. Last winter, many hospitals across the country instituted crisis standards of care, forced to ration health services based on criteria that few people envisioned would be used outside of a mass casualty event, like a terrorist attack. Today, hospitals are full in much of the country, with patients requiring an ICU being airlifted thousands of miles in search of a staffed bed. These are not features of a health system that is approaching failure. These are features of a health care system that has broken down spectacularly, forcing doctors and patients to climb through the rubble looking for help.

But just like every other industry, if we had enough people to do the jobs that needed to be done, we would be fine.

In all the years that I have been writing about the economy, finding enough workers has never been a problem.

Yet here we are in the middle of 2021, and all of a sudden there are millions and millions and millions of empty jobs all over the globe.

Once again, there is a question that I must ask.

Where did all the people go?

This is a question that everyone should be asking, because the people that are currently running things are not telling you the truth.

SECRET HOLOCAUST: Are millions of vaccine victims disappearing into mass graves?

Image: SECRET HOLOCAUST: Are millions of vaccine victims disappearing into mass graves?


(Natural News) We now have a disturbing new theory emerging that deserves a real investigation. I credit this to Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog, who asked in a recent article, “Where Did All The People Go?”

As Snyder points out, the global shortage of workers — now widely reported across the world — can only really be explained if a large number of working-aged adults are no longer with us. In the United States, with the US Supreme Court striking down the CDC’s unconstitutional eviction moratorium, people need to work in order to pay rent (the free rent has stopped). And with covid stimulus payouts having ended in most states, people can’t support themselves staying at home and not working… especially with food inflation driving grocery prices through the roof.

As Snyder points out:

There aren’t enough factory workers, there aren’t enough truck drivers, there aren’t enough port workers, there aren’t enough employees to properly staff our stores, and the shortage of doctors and nurses is becoming a major crisis in some areas.  During normal times, we were always told that the global economy was not producing nearly enough jobs for everyone, but now for the very first time we are facing an enormous worldwide labor shortage.  It is almost as if millions upon millions of people suddenly disappeared from the system.

In today’s podcast (below), I asked the rest of this question: Is it possible that hospitals are systematically murdering people and secretly disposing of their bodies in order to cover up massive covid vaccine deaths?

It’s no longer unbelievable that hospitals could be engaged in covering up mass deaths of vaccinated patients

In any previous year, I would have thought such an idea was a wild conspiracy theory, but after watching hospital administrators and marketers admit on a recent zoom video that they were going to alter covid patient numbers in order to “scare” the public into getting more vaccines, I now know that hospitals are murder factories run by anti-human lunatics posing as doctors and administrators. They have zero interest in helping people or preventing deaths. Rather, they are now openly working to maximize covid hospitalization and death numbers among the unvaccinated, and it seems they’ll stop at nothing to achieve it.

Logically, they would also do anything to cover up the deaths of vaccinated patients. Do you have any doubt they would lie and commit health care fraud in order to hide the truth about vaccine deaths from the public?

A recent video out of Australia features a local man accusing hospitals of treating vaxxed patients with ivermectin in order to save their lives, while simultaneously putting unvaxxed patients on ventilators in order to murder them and increase deaths among “unvaccinated.” Watch it here:

We don’t have proof that the assertions made in this video are 100% true, but I ask you this question: Would it surprise you if they were?

The answer for most people now is, “No, not at all.”

It’s now obvious that many of the doctors, nurses and hospital administrators have zero disregard for human life and are merely trying to push their covid cult agenda no matter what the cost… even if it means murdering innocent human beings and chucking their bodies in a dumpster (or an incinerator) in the hospital parking lot.

Big Tech silences anyone mentioning covid vaccine injuries or deaths

To further enforce the cover-up, Big Tech is silencing or even de-platforming anyone who talks about someone they know being injured or killed by vaccines. Thus, the channel through which vaccine deaths would normally be shared has been completely shut down. You are only allowed to say good things about covid vaccines, not critical things.

So it’s entirely plausible that millions of Americans could already be dead from covid vaccines and there would be almost no public mention of it. The media is completely controlled by Big Pharma, and the tech giants suppress any such speech. Those are the two ways most people get their information.

Meanwhile, hospitals and county officials could be easily ordered to fudge the numbers and cover up all the covid vaccine deaths, in exactly the same way they fudged all the numbers last year and claimed everybody was dying from covid (while claiming all the hospital beds were full) while no such thing was happening.

The one area they don’t fully control is the comments section for published stories

If this “secret holocaust” were taking place, we should find evidence of it somewhere, perhaps in corners of the internet that aren’t fully controlled by Big Pharma and the vaccine enforcers. Comment sections for published stories might provide precisely such a venue.

What do we see in the comments for stories about covid vaccines?

As LifeSiteNews recently reported, “TV station asks for stories of unvaxxed fatalities but gets deluged with jab death and injury stories.”

While the ABC News affiliate was trying to push a narrative of unvaccinated people dying from covid, what they got instead was a now-reported 180,000+ comments from people sharing stories of vaccine injuries and deaths.

If nobody was dying from the vaccines, how would this be possible? From the story:

“I don’t know anyone who died from covid but I do know a 37 year old who got the vaccine and died of brain aneurysm 8 days later,” wrote a Facebook user under the name Maximilien Robespierre.

Immediately below, Richard Smother shared, “My coworkers daughter (12 years old) had to be rushed to the ER after she collapsed an hour after her second shot.”

Krista Evans shared, “I know 3 people personally that died shortly after being fully vaxxed. All the people I know that have had the China virus, had very mild flu-like symptoms so why the hell would anyone get poked with this poison???”

Becky Burch commented, “An Aunt died a week after the shot. The family never thought much about it until visiting with another cousin who had family die after the shot with the same ‘strange’ issue…not sure of the details. Now, they think it was the shot.”

Besides deaths, the testimonies of side effects from the jab cover a wide range of injuries and symptoms, from heart attacks and blood clots to digestive issues to loss of sight and movement.

“My mother had a heart attack 4 days after receiving her first vaccine. She now has a blood clot in her lung,” Jessica Mauldin commented.

Juli Smith wrote, “My neighbor died from the vax, the funeral is next week. My mom can’t feel her arms and legs. My BFF has been in ER several times with debilitating headaches. My mom and BFF doctors don’t correlate the two but the timing makes it suspect. My hubby’s doctor refused to let him test for covid antibodies. These doctors are complicit.”

If just 1 out of 20 people has already died from a covid vaccines, that would equate to over 16 million deaths across America

Check your own circle of family and friends: Aren’t you aware of at least one person who has died following the covid vaccine?

As I explain in today’s podcast, if just 1 out of 20 of your friends died following covid vaccination, that translates into a 5% death rate across the population, which would be over 16 million deaths in America.

We aren’t claiming the covid vaccine has killed over 16 million people (yet), but if nearly nearly everybody knows someone who died from the vaccine, the real number is almost certainly already in the millions.

It would be very easy to cover up these deaths, too, if a financial institution with ties to the government bought up all the homes previously occupied by now-dead vaccine victims. Sure enough, this is exactly what BlackRock is doing, as NOQreport writes:

…an April WSJ article that chronicles BlackRock and other money institutions buying up single-family homes as quickly as they can at rates higher than the average homebuyer is willing to pay. They’re buying them up at a premium, and that should concern everyone whether you’re in the market to buy a home or not.

It looks like BlackRock is buying up the excess inventory of homes in order to keep demand high while so many homeowners are dying and disappearing. A Twitter thread by @CulturalHusbandry adds:

Blackrock is buying every single family house they can find, paying 20-50% above asking price and outbidding normal home buyers. Why are corporations, pension funds and property investment groups buying entire neighborhoods out from under the middle class? Lets take a look. Homes are popping up on MLS and going under contract within a few hours. Blackrock, among others, are buying up thousands of new homes and entire neighborhoods.

Funeral director John O’Looney blows the whistle on mass deaths from covid

A very important interview with John O’Looney from Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services in the UK is spreading like wildfire across the ‘net. It reveals truly shocking, disturbing information about hospitals mass murdering patients in the name of “covid,” and shuttling a steady stream of bodies to funeral services.

Watch it here:


And of course, video platforms across the ‘net have long carried videos revealing FEMA coffins stacked in large numbers at various locations across America. Here’s one such video, via


A similar video about FEMA mass grave sites in Texas is also available on Bitchute.

It’s fairly obvious that FEMA is planning for mass deaths, and that this planning has been under way for many years. Thus, there already exists an infrastructure to cause millions of dead bodies to vanish into coffins and mass graves, all under the watchful eye of the US government which is waging biological warfare against the American people. This isn’t absolute proof that such events are happening, but it shows they are plausible and that the infrastructure is already in place.

In today’s Situation Update podcast, I discuss the growing realization that millions of people seem to be vanishing from our economy, leaving small employers high and dry with no one left to fill the now 10+ million job openings that are necessary to run the businesses that keep America afloat.

Listen and decide for yourself whether you think covid vaccines are already killing millions across America while a corrupt, treasonous government is covering it all up and silencing those who try to speak out. And ask yourself this important questions: If covid vaccines were perfectly safe and effective, why would Big Tech have to censor so many people who have witnessed people being injured or killed by those very same vaccines?

2 thoughts on “SECRET HOLOCAUST: Are millions of vaccine victims disappearing into mass graves?

  1. I’ve heard Dr. Vladimir Zelenko on the Highwire said something like: He believes ~30 Million worldwide have died. (Dolores Cahill said ~90 Million)

    I am very confident that there are millions of deaths worldwide, being covered up.

    I personally know of a man who collapsed and died ~1 month after a jab. “Heart attack” while gardening.

    He was 60-70. He was healthy and it was considered sudden/unexpected. The funeral homes are filling up with dead from “stokes, heart attacks, immune disorders, exc.”

    No one who has taken “it”, wants to admit the jab was a mistake. They won’t allow themselves to see the death of their loved one, as a result of the injection. Or the dangerous possibilities of their own oncoming/ongoing sickness.

    It’s happening where I live, in a city of 500 000.
    80% double shot, if you believe the Gov.

    I seriously hope that there were placebos. among the 400 000… Otherwise my home is likely to re-enter the 1800’s. (Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.)

  2. They are hiding the truth in false statistics. Now anyone who dies or has adverse reaction anytime after taking shot #1 is counted as un-vaxinated. And anyone who dies or has adverse reaction within 2 weeks of taking shot #2 is also counted as unvaxxinated.

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