See your future – in China

See your future – in China

JUST IN —— A Chinese woman is smashing a robot in the hospital. Because now in China’s hospitals, make the doctor and all medical examination appointments are all done on the robots, very few nurses left to help the patients. Many find it a frustrating process

China Seeks to Use WHO Pandemic Treaty to Expand Its Social Credit System Globally: Advocate

According to Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, China seeks to use the WHO’s proposed amendments and pandemic treaty to expand its social credit system globally.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is pushing for a pandemic treaty and changes to the current International Health Regulations (IHR) to strengthen its position during medical emergencies. Additionally, these suggestions expand the definition of emergencies to encompass prospective danger, not just actual injury. A definition of “One Health” that includes all occurrences in the biosphere that might affect human well-being is provided in the draft treaty. The WHO director-general will have sole authority to make decisions on this matter. Countries will be required to ratify the WHO accords.

Littlejohn said that if the amendments and the pandemic treaty are passed in the form they are currently in, “the WHO would move from being an advisory body to being a compulsory body that the words nonbinding is suggested to be deleted.”

“So there would be a regulatory body and an enforcement body,” Littlejohn told “China in Focus” on NTD, the sister outlet of the Epoch Times.

Wipe Out Sovereignty

Littlejohn pointed to the One Health approach, saying that it would destroy national sovereignty as it allows the UN organization to determine if there’s a health risk based on their assessment that there’s a pandemic or a potential pandemic.

In that case, the WHO could move in the concerned country not just based on a human pandemic or germ but also animals, plants, or the environment, according to Littlejohn.

“So it basically covers every facet of life on Earth, and they would have the power to declare a potential health risk, and then they would have the power to tell us how to handle it” regarding requirements for quarantine, vaccination, etc.

“So that is where our personal medical freedom or personal sovereignty would be destroyed,” she noted.

Littlejohn said there’s a section in the treaty about censorship of misinformation and disinformation, that is, anything that counters what the WHO is saying, enabling the agency to identify people who disagree with them.

“So they will be surveilling us. And they also want to censor us,” she said.

“This surveillance system is very similar to a new vaccine passport or a digital ID, which is being pushed out by the UN and also the World Economic Forum (WEF),” she added.

Expand China’s Social Credit System

In her opinion, it also resembles China’s social credit system that was in place during the pandemic.

The health QR-code system in use throughout China’s three years of extreme zero-COVID measures is seen as a surveillance tool of the regime.

The color of a code on your phone determines whether you are allowed to leave the community grounds, eat in restaurants, or even be admitted to a hospital to give birth.

Codes were allegedly turned yellow or even red (indicating infection) for citizens who complained about the strict pandemic measures.

The rights advocate further noted that the WHO had downplayed information that could reflect negatively on China.

“They followed China’s lies, that there was no human-to-human transmission, that we should not stop flights from China because that’s somehow racist, etc. … They just parroted China’s lies, and so many people got sick. And so many people died because of the mismanagement of the World Health Organization,” she said.

Given the communist regime’s power over global organizations, China could seek to duplicate its surveillance approach in other countries worldwide.

“China has way outsized power in the World Health Organization, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum; and so, of course, they want to impose the China model, which is the social credit system on the entire world,” she said.

“And [CCP leader] Xi Jinping has said that he wants to have a major hand in constructing some kind of global governance. And I believe that they’re doing that through the World Health Organization, and this parallel track of China’s social credit system through the surveillance, and the social listening, and the central bank digital currency, trying to track the entire world in like a Chinese style Gulag,” she added.

American Sovereignty Declaration

As all 194 nations in the WHO will vote on the amendments by May 2024, Littlejohn urged concerned American citizens to sign the American Sovereignty Declaration at She said that it is an effort to defend our national sovereignty and our personal medical freedom from threats posed by the World Health Organization.

Littlejohn also suggested that citizens alert their senators and congressional representatives about the scheme “because this is something that our legislature really is asleep to; so it’s really important to wake them up,” she said.

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