Signs of geoengineering

Signs of geoengineering

Chemtrails in Wellington

This winter, up to now, has been cooler than the last three, partially because we do not have a hot blob in the Tasman Sea. 

I also have not seen the sort of skies I have the last couple of years whereby the skies have seemed to be washed out and when you look through tinted glass you can see why – a layer of thin, cirrus cloud that obstructs the sun.

The skies have had a clear quality since the covid-20 lockdown and it has been a joy to behold.

Until yesterday….

Travelling out to the farm where we keep our horses we saw these trails that extended right across the sky from horizon to horizon. They were difficult to photograph because,although we could not escape there presence when it came to photographing them they were either eclipsed by houses or hills and the only view we could get was close to the sun.

After taking these photos we spied another,  fourth trail that had not started to disperse and also covered the entire sky.

I am posting these photos because we are some distance from the military airports and I have been unable to see this phenomenon in the past.

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