Signs of jamming of radar in Europe

Signs of jamming of radar in Europe

Over-The-Horizon Radar Jamming! (This Radar Detects Inbound Nuke Missiles!)

18 February, 2022
Massive jamming of radar is taking place continent-wide in Europe, including over-the-horizon radar needed to detect incoming nuclear missiles.

As shown above, massive jamming signals are being emitted.

As that began, a SECOND jamming signal hit on other long range frequencies as shown below:

As that second signal jamming commenced, a THIRD high-powered jamming signal erupted on yet a third frequency:

Not only is the over-the horizon band being jammed, but regular aircraft frequencies and the US High-Frequency Global Communications System (HFGCS) with which the United States communicates to all our military worldwide, are also being jammed.


 As soon as I found out about this, I notified several key people in my circle of friends/contacts, then took off immediately to the bank to grab cash money.

No one has ever done anything like this before, globally.  This is unprecedented, and dangerous beyond words.  Jamming over-the-horizon radar is a sign that one country is either actively launching – or going to launch – missiles, at another country.

Frankly, I’m more than a bit freaked out…..[ }

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