Social unrest around the world

Social unrest around the world

In France

In Argentina

3 thoughts on “Social unrest around the world

  1. The French had a National strike that was 10 days in… A while ago.
    I can’t remember. At least a week or 2 ago. Oh my, thank the French for being tireless.

    Argentina has been off the MSM radar, even more than Peru. South America is a total mess! But the media is schtum.

    I have videos of Chile. 7 days of rioting. (The file says 10/25/2019) It was close to that date.
    Militarized police, water cannons, rubber bullets. Molotov Cocktails, barriers constructed out of tires/metal/trash. It was/is crazy!

    Once upon a time. I remember Police being helpful. Not imposing, not threatening.
    Not dressed in military issue gear, throwing elders out of their wheelchairs, cuffing and dragging them away. (As if they’re a threat.)
    It takes one officer, maybe 2 to escort a disabled person, out of a protest/riot. (Kettled) area.
    Normally the sight of a wheelchair would make people careful, and respectful.
    Not anymore! UGH!

    1. Serious question here.
      How expensive is it to host my own site? (Approximately) Not a blog on another platform? Which can be censored/removed easily.

      I have lots of old videos removed from YT. I don’t have a cell or use twitter/FB or anything. But I would love to post old videos I’ve saved. So people can remember some of what has been deleted from major sites.

      I’d like to share them. But getting a site up and running is no easy task. Plus viewership. It would be neat if I could link a video clip to this site.
      (But that opens a door for hackers and goofs.)

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