Something HUGE is in the air

Something HUGE is in the air

The Upcoming, World-Changing Event

SEP 18, 2023

Something HUGE is in the air, something that will forever alter human history. A lot of people are sensing it. There are countless videos, podcasts, blog articles, interviews and comments on the Internet talking about it; talking about the big event, or big change that lies just ahead.

Opinions vary quite a lot on just what the VERY BIG event is.

Nuclear false flag attack(s) in the U$$A, Inc.?

Military coup and show trials of prominent figures in the U$$A, Inc.?

Blitzkrieg military defeat of the Pentagon/NATO/Japan/Taiwan/South Korea/Australia by Russia/China/Iran/North Korea?

Spectacular collapse of the dollar?

Spectacular sudden collapse of U$$A, Inc. government/global power façade?

Big comet impact?

Mega-volcano eruption?

Massively destructive mega-earthquake?

Massive, astonishing, global appearance of giant UFOs and E.T.s?

Two or more of the above within a relatively short time frame?

Something else entirely? – – like a phase change in our base reality? a startling distortion in the time-space continuum that causes mass panic and societal confusion?

I really don’t know for sure, though I concur that a variety of truly large, history-changing events do lie in our near future.

Interestingly, a couple of readers of this substack recently wrote to me, independently calling to my attention the numerous times over the years that the date, September 23rd, has appeared in movies, TV shows, comic books, and other venues of popular culture, in the context of major, headline-making events.

September 23rd is this coming weekend. Will a major, dramatic event occur next Saturday? While I do not know one way or the other, there are people on the Internet who are talking about it. We’ll find out if there is anything to it this coming weekend.

Then there is the massive, national, FEMA emergency alert in the U$$A, Inc. on this coming October 4th at 2:20 pm. This is the sort of alert that is issued only in the case of severe crises such as nuclear missile attacks. Will there be a nuclear attack on October 4th? I have no idea. We’ll find out in two and a half weeks what happens on October 4th – – or not.

In addition, there are the recent findings of Dick Allgire’s remote viewing group and Clif High. Using very different methodologies they both have detected a major event or disruption of some sort that lies in our near future – – say the next few months – – that will be very dramatic. Clif High is saying that his analysis indicates that it will have 13 times more emotional release valence than the infamous 9/11 attacks, 22 years ago.

You can watch the conversation between Dick Allgire and Clif High here:

And then there are the many Christian prophets and prophetesses on the Internet who are alleging that the Lord is telling them of the imminent destruction of the U$$A, Inc., the imminent outbreak of nuclear war, the arrival of massive fleets of UFOs and E.T.s, earth shattering mega-earthquakes, famine, plagues, economic collapse, and much more.

In other words, through their religious lens/filter they are being warned of many of the same things that others are perceiving via remote viewing, ayahuasca visions, sifting through reams of Internet chatter, or deep meditation.

For my part, the mere fact that the Feds are staging a massive, national, FEMA emergency alert on October 4th at 2:20 pm Eastern Time is enough to clue me in that something really BIG is on the way, and the Feds are either in on it, or have foreknowledge of it.

2 thoughts on “Something HUGE is in the air

  1. Something huge coming?
    29th maybe?
    Or the reality behind the C19 vaxxes.
    No-one is ready, except those BEHIND the 1%.

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