South Africa in collapse

South Africa in collapse

2. City Power has an average turn around time of 2 to 3 days for grid repairs. They don’t have the manpower, supplies nor funds. And they’ve already used this year’s budget. 
3. We’re seeing an increase in coordinated attacks on water, power and comms infrastructure. 
4. Looting is no longer just a daily thing, but is also now becoming more structured with guerilla planning involved. 
5. Our roads no longer exist. Anything that is state run is crumbling. 
6. Police fire and hospital resources for the state don’t exist and are also slowly disintegrating. 
7. ESKOM – South Africa’s only power producer – is averaging 50% or less power output. Plunging massive parts of our country into rolling blackouts. 
8. Grant recipient’s outnumber tax payers like 10 to 1. (Need to work out that number, but it’s definitely up there. They offer nothing to society.. just leaches. 
9. The decay in general amazes even me. Roads are shot. Infrastructure is collapsing. Anything that isn’t bolted down is stolen, and what is bolted down is grinded off. 
10. The cost of living is insane. Fuel is expensive. Medical aid is a luxury that most cannot afford. Food costs are going through the roof. I myself can literally barely pay for new fucking pants. 🤦 
11. The SA government now wants to put through EWC and NHI. Expropriation Without Compensation where land is taken from rightful and legal land owners and given to the “previously disadvantaged”. NHI is some national health thing where you use the government for medical aid. 
12. Our Navy, Army and Airforce are done. Troops are buying their own boots.. army bases are being looted for copper.. vehicles and machinery are being canabilised for parts. 
13. Our murder rate is higher than the death rate in Ukraine’s current conflict. Higher than an active war zone. 100′ of rapes a day.. 1000’s of kidnappings every month. 90 hijackings a day. Farmers being murdered like flies in the most brutal ways imaginable. 
14. The only form of public transportation that is operational is the taxi industry. Their mafia tactics have ensured that over the years, they’re the only ones who will operate. They burn and kill anyone who gets in their way. 
15. Our rail is dead. Almost the entirety of South Africa’s rail system is non operational. 
18. Highest unemployment rate in the world at around 35%. 
19. A chicken coup is more secured than our border. Millions cross every month illegally. Most of our border isn’t fenced off.. and the parts that are, are literally just barbed wire on the fucking ground. 
20. Sewage. Everywhere. In the streets. In the rivers and oceans.. flowing through our fresh water dams too.. just everywhere. 

4 thoughts on “South Africa in collapse

  1. If this is all true, wow, I feel terrible for the people of SA. I had no idea it was getting to be THAT bad there.

  2. Boy, I just came back from a 4 week tour thru ZA, staying in Cape Town currently. Yes, the country is not in a good shape, but it is less than half as bad as you say. Actually, compared to almost all the rest of Africa, with a few positive exceptions like Namibia or Botswana, it is a pretty easy going country with the usual African problems, like crime, corruption, unemployment and all the other typical socialist nuisance. If you wanna see real African hell, I’d recommend Kongo Kinshasa, Nigeria, South Sudan or Burkina Faso. Good luck!

  3. Hmmm… It comes to my mind that apartheid wasn’t bad at all, and that Nelson Mandela was a strict Communist like Soviet style.
    In USA there live a lot of such people…

    Isn’t SA not one of the BRICS states? They should kick SA out!

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