South Australia has 1 person in hospital with Covid-19 and just forced hundreds of diners and their families into “medi-hotels” under supervised quarantine

South Australia has 1 person in hospital with Covid-19 and just forced hundreds of diners and their families into “medi-hotels” under supervised quarantine

Daily Expose,

23 July, 2021


Two-hundred-and-sixteen people who dined at a city restaurant or a winery in Adelaide, South Australia on the weekend of the 17th / 18th July have been forced to go into medi-hotels alongside members of their households for a minimum of 14 days of supervised quarantine after a few of the diners tested positive for Covid-19.

The state’s Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier said the extreme measures were needed because both venues were super-spreader sites and it was assumed there would be more COVID-19 cases emanating from them. But South Australia’s Covid-19 dashboard shows that as of the 23rd July 2021 just 1 person is in hospital with Covid-19 and they are not even in intensive care. To date the state has recorded just 4 alleged Covid-19 deaths throughout the entire pandemic.

A brother and sister aged in their 20’s who dined indoors with other family members at Tenafeate Creek Wines in Adelaide’s north-eastern outskirts on Sunday afternoon were the two latest positive cases reported in South Australia on Thursday. This took the total number of cases in the Modbury cluster to 14, seven of them linked to the winery.

It also brought the total number of active cases in South Ausrtralia to just 25. This is despite up to 25,000 people getting tested every 24 hours.

The other alleged hotspot is the Greek on Halifax restaurant in the Adelaide central business district, where positive cases have been reported from a birthday party on Saturday night.

State Premier Steven Marshall said it was simply too early to predict whether a seven-day lockdown due to end on July 29 would be enough to stop the delta strain outbreak, but he was encouraged by just two new cases up until late Thursday morning.

“It’s really too early to say that,” he said. “Hopefully, over the seven-day lockdown period, we can stop it dead in its tracks”.

Professor Spurrier said 53 of the 91 diners identified at the Greek On Halifax had been tested thus far.

Only 34 test results of people at the Tenafeate Creek winery on Sunday afternoon out of a total of 125 have been returned.

Professor Spurrier said she was working on the assumption that they were at a very high risk of testing positive, hence the order to go into a medi-hotel, along with their households. “This is very critical for me,” she said.

That’s the problem with assumptions, they cause unnecessary harm when they turn out to be wrong. Especially when made by a professor who seems to want to enforce tyranny on the general public. That was very telling by her statement that it was very critical to her that hundreds of families are forcibly removed from their homes and sent to medi-hotels under supervised quarantine.

State Premier Marshall said the SA community understood the seriousness of the situation and would do the right thing and remain patient even though there had been extensive waiting times at testing sites.

Medi-hotels, Quarantine camps. Concentration camps… what’s the difference? The South Australian law states that any person undertaking supervised quarantine in a “medi-hotel” room must not leave the room except in an emergency situation and must take reasonable steps to ensure no other person enters their room.

It also states that when food is delivered to the room they must “wait for at least 3 minutes after the delivery occurs before opening the door to collect the item” and they must also wear a mask when doing so.


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