Steve Quayle and Mike Adams talk coronavirus DENIAL, financial collapse and the opening salvo of World War III

Steve Quayle and Mike Adams talk coronavirus DENIAL, financial collapse and the opening salvo of World War III

I do not necessarily agree with some of the political conclusions here but that does not matter in the light of some of the other material here.

just posted a fascinating interview with Steve Quayle, where he and I
discuss coronavirus 
denial disorder,
financial collapse and what looks to be shaping up to World War III.

Quayle is an author, filmmaker, publisher, researcher and long-time
radio host. He runs which
is a really strong news aggregation site that focuses on independent
media, not mainstream media sources.

spoke two days ago about the growing 
denialism of
the coronavirus pandemic, where pro-Trump independent media outlets
are now pushing straight-up communist Chinese propaganda, saying
China has already recovered and the virus is no big deal. (That line
is directly out of Beijing.)

also talked about the accelerating financial collapse and how this
all turns into World War III.

apologize for the audio quality not being very good on my side, but
Steve’s audio is great, and he’s the one you need to listen to
with this interview anyway.

it out here and share everywhere

alert: Financial 

system collapsing, food 

supply collapsing, 

hyperinflation coming, guns 

and ammo wiped out, 

military martial law

leaked… details

Image: URGENT alert: Financial system collapsing, food supply collapsing, hyperinflation coming, guns and ammo wiped out, military martial law plans leaked… details


March, 2020

this very short, as things are developing very rapidly. If you can’t
handle the reality of this situation, don’t read the following
overview. To those who can’t handle 
words, you
need to accelerate your adjustment curve or you won’t survive:

  • We
    are upgrading our preparedness recommendations to 
    food and critical supplies. This is not some sort of self-serving
    statement, since our own store 
    has anything left to sell

  • The
    financial system is cratering. Banks will begin to fold soon. Many
    deposits will be wiped out. Some are moving into T-bills (US
    Treasury), even knowing the dollar will lose a lot of value this
    year due to monetary debasement. “America will end as we know it.
    I’m sorry to say so, unless we take this option,” – Bill
    Ackerman,, imploring Trump to shut down the entire nation
    for 30 days.

  • Pensions
    are being wiped out right now, exactly along the lines we’ve been
    warning about for years (see for
    historical articles). If you had exposure to the bubble stock
    market, those assets are being eviscerated by the day. Expect an 80%

  • Real
    estate will begin to crater soon. Expect a 40% plunge on average,
    nationwide. Unemployment will skyrocket to Great Depression levels
    in less than 90 days. This is not a drill.

  • The
    “free money” insanity being pushed by the Trump administration
    will result in 
    price inflation
    America, putting us on the path toward a Venezuela-type scenario and
    more money printing goes to insane levels to bail out everybody and
    everything in the economy. Dumpster diving for food, the national
    sport of the failed state of Venezuela, will soon be commonplace in
    many US cities.

  • The
    food supply is cratering in many regions, with food distribution
    hubs gutted, and many local retailers cleaned out. City dwellers are
    “hunting” for grocery stores in rural areas that have more
    anticipate gun battles over food to commence soon

  • Speaking
    of guns, every round of ammunition and every firearm in America is
    just about gone as of today. Retailers still have some supplies, but
    wholesalers are wiped out everywhere. If you didn’t arm up before
    now, you will have to pay a sweet premium to acquire anything in
    this area.

  • More
    and more experts and even CDC officials are now openly talking about
    “millions of deaths” in the USA over the next 18 months. It’s
    no longer a conspiracy theory. “The new coronavirus could kill
    millions across the U.S., said Dr. Kathleen Neuzil, director of the
    Center for Vaccine Development at the University of Maryland’s
    School of Medicine.” –

  • Gold
    and silver supplies are VERY difficult to acquire now (physical),
    even as spot prices for silver are cratering. But real-world “bid”
    prices for physical silver are much, much higher, and that’s even
    if you can find physical silver rounds anywhere.

  • Once-secret
    military control plans have been leaked to the media, describing the
    total military lockdown of the USA. The plan names are “Octagon,
    Freejack and Zodiac.” From
    “The three most compartmented contingencies – Octagon, Freejack,
    and Zodiac – call upon various military units in Washington DC,
    North Carolina and eastern Maryland to defend government operations
    if there is a total breakdown. The seventh plan – codenamed
    Granite Shadow – lays out the playbook for extraordinary domestic
    missions that involve weapons of mass destruction.” (In other
    words, tactical nukes deployed in America.)

  • The
    masses of unprepared, oblivious, clueless sheeple are about to lose
    their shit. Expect looting, robberies, and “gang”-level raids of
    grocery stores and pharmacies soon. Law enforcement will be very
    quickly overrun. Chaos is about to commence. Prepare your chest rig
    with level IV ballistic plates.

is NOT a drill. This is NOT a hoax. And this isn’t going to be over
in a month. Some independent media outlets have been 
by the communist Chinese
push the “hoax” narrative so that Americans are late to get
prepared as the financial collapse commences.

America has begun to fall, the Chinese may launch a land invasion of
America. All those in California who still have AR-15s and 30-round
magazines, gear up for defense of the homeland against invading
communist troops. That’s the conclusion of JR Nyquist in this
interview that you need to watch:

Why the coronavirus will CRASH the market even more

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