2 thoughts on “Steve Quayle survives ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT using gene-targeted bioweapons

  1. I’m really glad Steve Quayle is doing better. I like how he constantly comes back to the need for repentance to Christ. The power of prayer.

    At the same time, I watch “The David Knight Show.”
    He is the same way. Christ centered.

    David Knight used to be on INFOWARS… There is a reason David started his own show.
    It wasn’t for money. It was a moral issue he and Alex Jones have which extends to Mike Adams and others. (Not throwing the baby out, with the bath water)

    I recommend The David Knight Show.
    A lot the same information as HRR, Stew Peters, and INFOWARS. Without as much fear-porn. Or ads for phones/food. (Satellite phones can be shut down using military satellites, hacking, and be rendered useless. Just like the internet, the power grid, the food, exc.)

    It’s 3 hours, but after the broadcast they make special clips from pertinent sections.

    Thanks for posting this Robin, it’s good to hear that Steve is doing better. He says shocking things… I don’t disagree with. I’m going to Brighteon for the rest of the interview.

    I think more civil unrest, starvation + mass deaths from ADE are on the horizon. Probably a war too.
    Gerald Celente: “When People Lose Everything, They Have Nothing Left To Lose, And They Lose It”
    “When all else fails, they take us to war.”

    How is your health these days? I hope you are feeling as well as possible considering the many circumstances. Take care!


    1. Hmm, can’t find the extended part on Brighteon(Dot)com’s HRR page… Just this video.
      Maybe they will post it after the weekend.

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