Stories of Pfizer vaccine injury are starting to come out in New Zealand

Stories of Pfizer vaccine injury are starting to come out in New Zealand

I am very pleased that there is an alternative to the NZFP and to Billy te Kahika and Vinny Eastwood that will appeal to a wider, and more conservative, audience, without the admixture of extraneous issues and conspiracy theory.

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First there was that brush with lockdown to begin with – vaccine failure, and a positive/not positive case swept swiftly under the carpet. But not before we’d been treated to a rather entertaining 1pm press briefing where the usual suspects got themselves in a right tangle trying to explain the situation.

 You have to laugh or you’d be crying –  on that note did you catch our Lockdown Bingo? We also wrote about the whole “low risk event” on our blog here “Science or Scientism?”.

 Fast forward to yesterday when we featured in the mainstream press.

 Repeating our name a dozen times, and taking great care to note that Voices for Freedom were not associated with “extremist ideologies”, the Herald ran a full-page advertorial about us.

 Normally you’d expect to pay upwards of $10,000 for this type of exposure. We got this for free.

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 They even managed to include this:

 [Voices For Freedom is] “concerned about the heightened levels of anxiety” that followed “misinformation and disinformation being spread by mainstream media over the past year” which created the possibility of “irrational responses”, and “ill-informed, rushed health-related decision-making.”

 We know, right?! Not another article in a major newspaper about Voices for Freedom? One could only assume that news is slow, or that we’re hitting a nerve.

 And we know that the news isn’t slow. 

 Because, this week, following hard on the heels of the “low risk MIQ worker” incident, there was more…

 Tuesday we woke to headlines of “Officials weigh up options for border workers refusing vaccine”. Barely 48 hours later on Thursday it was “Unvaccinated border workers to be barred from frontline roles”.

 AND… in between all of this we heard from “Jane”, a border worker suffering a severe injury after her Covid vaccine. Jane shares her troubling story as a border worker who did take the jab with disastrous consequences.  

 Peter Williams was one to take her story on Magic Talk Radio. Peter has been a brave voice of reason in recent weeks tackling the issues no one else will – please take a minute when you can to thank him (text 3920 or email: 

 Jane was followed by Dr Alison Goodwin GP, who explained informed consent and expressed her frustration at the lack of proper health advice offered over the past year.


 To his surprise, Peter then took a call from Kellie, one of many student midwives told that they must take the rushed experimental Covid-19 jab to finish their degree. (Kellie has a petition you might like to sign.)

AUT health science students have been threatened that if they do not get the covid 19 vaccine they could fail their degrees as they would not be allowed on clinical placement which is part of the paper requirements. The covid 19 vaccine is still on clinical trial and is not mandatory for DHB staff. This is not a debate on vaccines this is about giving students the right to decline the covid 19 vaccine, without it impacting on their studies, while no long term studies have been done. No studies have been completed for effects on fertility or mutagenic effects. Most of these students are low risk from covid 19 and are not frontline workers. Furthermore according to the governments covid 19 website it is too soon to know if the vaccine stops the transmission of covid 19. Some of these students are half way through their degrees and have worked hundreds of hours, spent time away from family and thousands of dollars to have it all for nothing unless they get a vaccine they do not feel comfortable having. This is not to say some may decide to have the vaccine at a later date when they feel satisfied that the benefits outweigh the risks for them personally and long term studies are completed. This is a decision that students should be able to make free of coercion.



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Image: Apparently, catching Covid after being vaccinated twice – is absolutely and most definitely not vaccine failure. Yeah, right.

Voices for freedom have a website HERE

And a Facebook page HERE


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