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Prime Minister of UK Urgently RUSHED-OUT of Conference by Aides

UK prime minister Rishi Sunak has been rushed out of the room by his aides during the middle of the launch for forests partnership at COP27 Conference in Egypt.  Video below.

From the Sun


Nuclear-armed Navy submarine aborted top secret mission due to life-or-death fire beneath the waves

A NUCLEAR-armed Navy submarine had to abort a top secret mission because of a life-or-death fire beneath the waves.

HMS Victorious was carrying Trident 2 missiles when the electrical blaze broke out.

The £3billion Vanguard-class nuclear submarine shot to the surface as the captain declared “emergency stations”.

Every member of the 130-plus crew, including those off-duty, was ordered into action.

Naval sources insisted the fire was swiftly contained.

One said: “Every seagoing member of the Royal Navy is a qualified fire-fighter. This ensures that our ships and submarines are able to respond to incidents swiftly and efficiently, assuring operational outputs are not affected.”

Eleven (11) EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES Transmitted to US Military Today

The US Military transmitted an astonishing ELEVEN (11) Emergency Action Messages (EAM’s) to US Forces worldwide today.  Usually, there are NONE.  When something is up, there may be three.  Today there are eleven . . . and counting.  Six since 3:45 PM eastern US time today.

There is all sorts of “chatter” on intel circuits about a “British submarine.”  Some intel saying a sub suffered an electrical fire while others are HINTING . . . 

that a submarine may have not only been fired upon, may have sustained rudder damage.  THIS IS ***NOT*** Substantiated.

UPDATE To Submarine Claim 5:57 PM EST — 

One of the British Navy’s Vanguard-class nuclear submarines was forced to abort a “top secret mission” after it sustained fire damage, yesterday (Sunday) article published by The Sun.

According to the outlet’s sources, it took the efforts of the entire 130-plus crew, including many who were off-duty, to put out an electrical fire aboard the HMS Victorious, which was carrying Trident 2 nuclear ICBMs at the time of the incident.

While the fire was reportedly contained relatively quickly, the emergency situation declared by the ship’s captain forced the ship to shoot to the surface at an undisclosed location in the North Atlantic to vent out toxic fumes.

A Navy source reportedly explained to The Sun that “every seagoing member of the Royal Navy is a qualified fire-fighter,” and that this ensured that British ships and submarines were able to quickly respond to such incidents without affecting operational outputs.

Nevertheless, the damage caused by the fire prompted the submarine’s captain to abandon an unspecified “top secret mission” and order the vessel to return to base at HMNB Clyde in Faslane, Scotland. 

Intel circuits earlier were claiming a British jet was fired upon with live ammunition by a Russian military jet somewhere around Ukraine, but that was a singular report and it, too, IS ****NOT**** substantiated or corroborated.

We do know that earlier today, British Prime Minister was urgently rushed OUT of a Climate Agenda meeting taking place in Egypt.  He subsequently returned to the conference.

Whatever is taking place, there is all sorts of bizarre speculation and absolutely zero corroboration.

I thought you should know things got suddenly hectic this afternoon.  

In addition to the EAM’s, numerous P-8 Poseidon aircraft launched off all three US coasts (Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf) and are in the air along with several E-6 aircraft.

Something appears to be “up.”

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