Sunday musings

Sunday musings

Have you ever had the experience of lying in bed, determining to get up only to fall into reverie and after an indeterminate period of time?

That is what has been happening to me more and more.

For twelve-and-a-half years, since I started a blog called Seemorerocks I have devoted just about every day of my life, even on public holidays and when I was in hospital. If I came across something my first thought was always to share it with those who cared to look.

That has now, more or less come to an end and I rarely have the energy to do this. On the rarer occasions this happens the obstacles are becoming  more-and-more frequent, either through some technical failure or other or by AI censorship. I can get into the flow of posting and then it is as if some entity has become aware of me and at first I cannot save my work, or the formatting suddenly goes wonky. Then I find I cannot sign into my WordPress editing page.

It has all just become too difficult. 

In the past I would get angry and determined and look for a work-around to get round the unseen censors. 

Now, I have no energy – physical or mental for that.

The last time I had this energy was in the winter when I spent 2 or 3 intensive months writing up my autobiography.  All that came with comparative ease – the writing if not the editing. I have always been big on receiving what I think are Divine messages.  

The clear message was that I would have the energy to write the book – and nothing more.  There was a sense of urgency to complete my task before my energy ran out.  As was told to me, so it happened.  Almost within the day I had a bad urinary infection (or that was the way it was diagnosed by the seriously-limited medical system).. The infection went away but the developing weakness came in its wake.

So, now, more-and more, I am surrendering to that.

Something happened the other day that shattered me in a way I have not experienced since I parted ways with Guy McPherson.  For a while, I have become aware of the nature of Dr. Robert Malone and it was thrown into relief with the events around the disappearance of Karen Kingston and the suing of Peter and Ginger Breggin.

The other day I was alerted that Rick Wiles of TruNews had interviewed Dr. Malone and praised him, even asking his auduence to pray for Dr Malone.  Pray for the biggest bully in the Freedom movement, the most divisive figure of them all?! This is too much for me and I have yet to find it within me to listen to the broadcast and I cannot find it within myself to listen to TruNews.

Both Rick Wiles and Robert Malone are powerful men within their own spheres,next to which Guy McPherson seems just a pathetic asshole. I have no idea how Rick is to deal with personal but I am getting an idea.  I cannot escape the suspicion that there might now be a financial link between the what may be two bullies.Who am I to know?  In any case, it has destroyed my trust which has been eroded over time with their coverage of events of events in Ukraine which has left more and more to wish for while they cover domestic political events which Rick Wiles once vowed and declared he would not do, so corrupt and so far gone is the constitutional republic. 

In short, they have become less relevant to me.

Where am I taking this?  

I am still waking up in the morning and “doing the news” which I am currently parking, primarily on my Telegram account but also on “X” (Twitter), something that may also come to a halt if Musk starts charging users. However, I no longer have the energy to take it any further and doing this blog is one short step from being defunct.  I cannot guarantee that I will not have something more to say but I suspect that this will become rarer.

I have to admit to an increasing sense of despair. We are heading towards an election in New Zealand and all the woke parties in parliament are in total denial of the dire state of the country. Only one party that has any chance whatsoever of winning a seat in parliament is standing against this and saying things more or less how they are.  People say our side is winning but how many people will die or be maimed from the false vaccines, how many children will succumb to trafficking cartels or be maimed by sex change operations encouraged by the State; how many trees will be sacrificed,or whales? 

I suspect all of us with any sensitivity are being ground down. But that is the way the Cabal means  it to be and it is getting worse. But, more and more, I feel that is someone else’s battle and all that is left to me is to grieve, to prepare mentally for what is coming down the tube and surrender to God’s will.

But,hey, the sun came up (even if it’s not shining) and there is always something to do. 

My horse is waiting for his meal.

I shall go on as best I can as generations of people before me have done.

Thy Will be done.

Those are my Sunday musings.

2 thoughts on “Sunday musings

  1. Thank you Robin,
    Your efforts have helped many more than you will ever know and shaped the path ahead. I pray your wisdom and determination to know the truth takes you to the ome and only true Jesus of the Bible. (Many come in my name but are another Jesus )
    May God bless you, guide you and keep you on the rest of the journey we call life (and your family)

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