SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Game of Variants’ with Dr. Vernon Coleman

SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Game of Variants’ with Dr. Vernon Coleman

An interview with the “old man in a chair” – Dr.Vernon Coleman

Listen to “Episode #397 – ‘Game of Variants’ with Dr. Vernon Coleman & Phil Zimmerman” on Spreaker.

This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE on ACR, as host Patrick Henningsen covers the the top stories internationally. In the first hour we’ll connect with guest and best-selling author Dr Vernon Coleman, to discuss the latest Vaudeville episode in the ‘global pandemic’ narrative, as the globalists unveil the latest ‘variant of concern’ designed to keep the planet in lockdown and pave the way for their Great Reset technocracy agenda. Later, in the final segment of overdrive, we’ll be joined by a special guest, comedian and actor Phil Zimmerman, for a look at the mad world that’s still unfolding around us. All this and much more.

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