Switzerland to cancel all covid measures with immediate efect.

Switzerland to cancel all covid measures with immediate efect.

The Federal Council is relaxing the measures against the corona virus and lifting the mask requirement in many places. How does the population react? Nau.ch asked.
saragregory and joelle interview

Sara, Gregory and Joelle give their opinions on the Federal Council’s decision. – Nau.ch / Drone-Air-Media.ch

the essentials in brief

  • The corona measures in Switzerland are largely lifted.
  • With a few exceptions, the Federal Council declared the end of the mask requirement on Wednesday.
  • This decision is well received by the Swiss population.

The Federal Council heralds the “Day of Joy” on Wednesday. The state government is lifting many measures against the corona virus. Masks are no longer compulsory, only on public transport and in health facilities.

It’s a step back to normality. Many restrictions for unvaccinated people are also eliminated.


Federal Councilor Alain Berset communicated on Wednesday about the approach to be taken in the fight against the corona virus. – keystone

Nau.ch asked the Swiss population what they think of the Federal Council’s decision.

“Glad to be out and about without a mask”

Sara and Gregory from Zurich welcome the decision of the state government . “This is how we get back to normality,” says Sara. Gregory adds: “It has already limited our freedom.”

The fact that masks are no longer compulsory in the shops is something special, says Sara. Gregory is relieved: “You can see that the courses are mild. It’s totally okay, I’m glad we can finally be out and about without a mask.”


No longer needed for a visit to the restaurant: the Covid certificate.
Federal Councilor Berset

Federal Councilor Alain Berset has communicated extensive easing.

“I think it’s time for life to get a little more normal again,” agrees Joelle. She is curious how it will be now. The Zurich woman is not afraid of infection due to the elimination of the mask requirement. “I think it’s good that we’re going to try it again without it.”

“You don’t know what’s coming”

Joelle finds it unproblematic that unvaccinated people are allowed back into the restaurant . “It’s been like this long enough.” The people who refused would certainly have their reasons. “They should again have the right to participate where vaccinated people are also allowed.

Beatrice finds the lifting of all measures a bit hasty. – Nau.ch / Drone-Air-Media.ch

Beatrice from Zurich is more reserved. “I would have liked it if you had done it step by step and not everything together.” From their point of view, the communication could have been better. “You don’t know what’s coming and I actually don’t think wearing the mask is that bad.”

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