Symptoms of reaction to Pfizer vaccine described on Radio NZ

Symptoms of reaction to Pfizer vaccine described on Radio NZ

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Need more info on this…….

Held Sat 17th, approx. 9am.

After Kim Hill’s introduction, the young woman mentioned she had recently had the vaccine and Kim asked, how was that. A long detailed explanation followed about feeling upset. disorientated. her brain not functioning properly, madness and no sense of place and panickyfeelings. Lasted for days and gradually reduced in intensity but still not normal. She then added several of her friendshad had similar experiences.
I understand that it has now been pulled off the air
I hope this is traceable or someone else also heard it
Chers Marie 
There is a long gap on the podcast. A whole interview has been removed.

3 thoughts on “Symptoms of reaction to Pfizer vaccine described on Radio NZ

  1. Am I surprised at this development? Not at all.
    Once a huge fan I now despise this woman and cannot stand the sound of her voice.
    But the same is true for RNZ National in full. I have been a loyal listener for about fifty years. Now I turn them off in disgust at the continual editorializing and predudiced use of the English language to tell us what to think.
    Almost no one it seems “gets it”. Including my own children who resolutely refuse to read the articles you present and that I refer them to!
    What a sad and sorry state we are reduced to.


    I’m afraid it is worse than you can imagine. The evidence is accumulating that Covid is a biowarfare agent that will generate prions from exposure and take full effect up to two years later. The spike protein in the vaccine has the prion genesis sites too. It fits.
    The prion expert at WIV Wuhan Institute of Virology has gone missing.
    Prions lead to Mad Cow Disease, irreversible and fatal. % kill rate unknown, but as it was designed as a bioweapon, it could be up to 100%

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