Synthetic Biology: Are Xenobots Inside Covid-19 Vaccines?

Synthetic Biology: Are Xenobots Inside Covid-19 Vaccines?

Today on TRUNEWS, scientists recently achieved a breakthrough in the new field of synthetic biology. In early 2020, a team of University of Vermont scientists and Harvard University took stem cells from frog embryos and converted them into nano-sized living robots. The never-before-seen type of replication in organic robots created in a laboratory-derived from living cells could have revolutionary applications in the development of new medicines and vaccines.

Rick Wiles and Doc Burkhart have more on this Nephilim-science news story. Airdate 12/8/21

UK Funeral Director reports on the high number of heart and immune death

Elon Musk: Chips Will Be Implanted in Human Brains in 2022

Today on TruNews, billionaire Elon Musk hopes to implant a microchip into a human brain in 2022. His company Neuralink has been developing a device that could allow people to control a computer with their thoughts.

In early 2021, Musk showed reporters a monkey named Pager that had brain machine interface microchips placed in each side of the primate’s brain. The monkey was able to control the paddles of Pong game using its brain signals.

The tech mogul hopes to offer a full brain interface that will boost human intelligence.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 12/7/21

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