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Unless something major comes along I will no be covering covid for a while   JOE ROGAN PODCAST: HIGH PROFILE ‘BIG PHARMA SHILL’ REFUSES VACCINE DEBATE WITH RFK JNR DR. PETER HOTEZ WAS A FACE OF COVID-19 MRNA GENE THERAPY PROPAGANDA ON LEGACY MEDIA AT THE HEIGHT OF THE COVID ‘PANDEMIC CRISIS’.   Controversy continues over a proposed high-stakes vaccine debate between Hotez and Democratic Party presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jnr on the Joe Rogan podcast. The challenge…

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Is there someone worse than Fauci?

Is there someone worse than Fauci?

This is an absolute horror! The “Covidians” LOVE this guy and he’s worse than Fauci, Investigation of Dr. Peter Hotez Who is Peter Hotez? This doctor is on the short list to replace Dr. Fauci but is he any better? Or could he possibly be worse? In the second part of this series, we look at his track record from Ebola to Covid to Bill Gates. Yep, it’s all in there.

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